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Brandy and Benedictine

B&BYes, my beer o’clock yesterday was interrupted as I predicted with a B&B. Oh how delicious? I gave a neighbour a taste, well several actually, but one in particular who I know likes whisky. He approved, so I made him one which was much appreciated. When he asked for another, I told him that the cocktail would cost out around R$25 a glass, he nearly choked on the spot, but I did make him another and told him “Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho!” Later in the evening he took my two empty beer bottles and paid for them

zebuBTW I was drinking Black ‘n Tans yesterday. I have found a local ‘stout’ that is acceptable, not brilliant, but acceptable; so it was half Zebu and half Brahma.

It was moorish, not actually moorish as moreish.

I must get some more.

Hot and sunny again. Sitting here in my underpants (WARNING: Do not attempt the visual!) sweating profusely.

48 hours and Cloro has not piddled on the sofa. This morning I caught him just h was wiggling his bum into position and plonked him in the dirt box, which he was quite happy to use.

Why he insists on the sofa I have no idea.

Today there is a BBQ at the botequim. Reimundos birthday bash with live music. I’ll toddle over later and help him celebrate. Since my Dizzy Lizzy spells, I toddle quite well. Happy to say, she has stayed away and things are back to normalish.

Cloro’s latest toy, bubblewrap. That proves he’s a boy, boys just love bubblewrap. He discovered the delight after I stripped it off the bottles I brought home on Friday.

Washing day, when I stripped the bed, I found we had been sleeping with the following, one bread bag tie, one dessicated cockroach (he did manage) one piece of cellophane, a button and a cardboard toilet roll inner. I can’t wait until next week and see what turns up. Life is so exciting with a kitten.

The sun is over the yard arm…. beer o’clock


Just an Excuse

Friday 13th is just an excuse to lumber us with two Mondays in the one week. It’s a dastardly plan, one at each end. You suffer Monday, survive the rest of the week, slide down Humpday just to get back to Monday, its a cruel joke.

Yesterday, Fri 13th, was definitely a Monday. My trip to visit The Door was badly planned. I had not given any thought to this damned Rock in Rio and the access roads, which also happen to be main arterial routes, being closed. The traffic was mayhem.

benedictineGot my pay, eventually and went shopping. Found a bottle of Benedictine, of which I am partial, after I had already selected my customary two bottles of wine. Nearly choked on the price, R$134, that’s equal to five bottles of my normal wine price range. But such a rarity here that I couldn’t resist. Temptation is a terrible mistress.

I’ll be making a B&B later. Brandy and Benedictine, love the stuff.

Last night I was walking past the cocktail cabinet with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and ice, when I spied my bottle of Frangelico, couldn’t help but splosh in a generous measure. Quite pleasant, a new cocktail is born – The Orange Monk.

Cloro has pregressed… yes, from cockroaches to dragonflies. One flew into the house last night creating a terrible racket around the light. This was not missed by the ever-alert Cloro who was immediately transported to an intense state of the curious. For an hour his cute little head jerked to and fro following this strange apparition, until it flew too low, and that was the end of the story; one waggle of the feline hunter buttocks, pounce. I was lucky that he didn’t want to take it to bed, instead we slept together on the inner roll of the toilet paper. I don’t think I have ever done that before, it certainly wasn’t on my bucket-list.

Not Amora, but there wasn't a Blueberry image

Not Amora, but there wasn’t a Blueberry image

Throughout my life I have heard of the American passion for blueberries, jams, pies and the like. Last week searching the supermarket shelves for marmalade, I saw a jar of blueberry jam. Must try, said I.

The price was high, but one must splash out on little luxuries occasionally. R$10…

I must say, I wasn’t impressed. I’ve had it on toast twice now and would have preferred amora (blackberries) or black currant.

I won’t be rushing to buy it again; this is a oncer.

I am not impressed by Twitter’s latest move to be listed on the stock exchange. It piques me to think that other people will get financial benefits of the gullible Twits. I am seriously thinking of chucking it in. I have to get my head around it before making a decision. For me the internet is more of a hobby, and to think that other rich bastards are going to get richer on MY hobby more than miffs me.

Hot day promised, 34°C (94°F), I think that beer will be the order of the day.

Off to put more in the fridge.


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