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Talking to my Fluffy Nuts

Lixo P. Cat (alias Fluffy Nuts)

I am bilingual, actually if you include Spanish which I am rapidly losing contact with, then I am trilingual.

I often have conversations with Lixo, although I call him Fluffy Nuts, why, because he has.

It has been raining for 24 hours, he is bored and decided to get frisky around the house, hurtling from one sofa to the other, ricocheting off the walls, into the kitchen back through the lounge, under the bed all to attack my toes.

Ah, yes, where was I? Languages…

I have had contact with many languages in my time. Among them Dutch, German, Russian, Polish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Qechua and Romanian apart from the ones I speak now. The dictionary is telling me I spelt Qechua wrong, it is insisting that I put a ‘u’ in it, but then it’s an American spell-checker which explains everything.

Apparently bilingualism helps the brain.

Great post Being bilingual ‘boosts brain power’ here.

It says that “But against a backdrop of noisy chatter, the bilingual group were far superior at processing sounds.

They were better able to tune in to the important information – the speaker’s voice – and block out other distracting noises – the background chatter.”

Suddenly it dawned on me… Why American monolinguals vote for Regugnicans and Democraps; they can’t filter the verbal diarrhea spouted by either party.

Fluffy Nuts is back. I thought he had come in peace, but it was only seconds before he attacked me again by sinking a claw between my fingernail and skin. BRB. That shut him up. I had a crappy bit of rump steak in the fridge, diced up a couple of strips. He gets bored when house-bound. He loves to roam the park and local bar. But he has this innate fear of ‘wet’; Even if my hands are dripping from the dishes, it is enough to make him scamper for safety.

This is my last blog to post for the day. I am out of coffee, although it is not beyond the powers of reason that I should make some more.

Coffee is essential to good blogging.

One of my students had the audacity to suggest that I was addicted to coffee… I hastened to assure him that I was merely a dedicated coffee drinker. The impudence!

I know that you will all understand, being enthusiastic bloggers.

I am not addicted to coffee…

If I say it often enough, I will convince myself.

In reorganising my kitchen to accommodate the recycled cabinet on Sunday, I allowed the blender to fall. I discovered today that I had broken off one of the lugs that hold the cup in place. Damn! See, that’s the result of not enough coffee.

I am now going to go for a wander aimlessly through the blogosphere and see what I can find.


9 Minutes Remaining

The whole nine minutes

Yes, that’s it, just nine whole minutes.

The challenge is… Can I write a post in just nine minutes?

More to the point, can I write a logical, readable, coherent post in just nine minutes?

Even more pertinent, can I write a logical, readable, coherent post in just nine minutes AND make that cup of all essential coffee? You know, that quintessential blogging coffee…

Bilingual Kitten

Lixo is doing fine. Still no photo, but they will come. At the moment I am trying to turn him into a puppy. Both local shops are out of kitty food, have been for three days. So, I have him on puppy food and raw meat for the interim. If he starts to bark, I will stop the puppy food. How embarrassing would that be. to be sitting at the bar with a barking kitten sitting at your feet? I guess he would be bow-lingual…

Well, that’s it.

Nine minutes is up!

Time to get desmellified, brush what’s left of my hair, dressed and look like a teacher.


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