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I am NOT Responsible

getoffyourasspre-Coffee Dangers:

1. Making that first coffee

I just woke up and the first blog I read this morning had a wonderful post,All the signs point to me getting off my ass…..

That’s exactly how I felt before I got up. Visit the blog, there are some great posts there.

So, what could I do? I got off my ass and made coffee. That’s where the danger lies, as I was not fully awake I overfilled the filter, and now I have gritty coffee.

It has to be Monday!

My student just rang, cancelled class, so my weekend has been extended to four days.

See, it’s Monday!


Mondays are complicated.

I don’t really have anything yet to write about, but I just had to get off my ass and post about getting off my ass.

I am still having catmares. Twice last night I had nasty dreams about Clorinha and had to change my thoughts; left me quite distraught. That’s why, when I finally fell asleep I slept so late.


Clorinha stalking leaves in the praça

I have never suffered such angst at losing a fluffy friend before.

When it comes to life and death, I am usually at ease because I realise that it is the nature of things and don’t tend to get bitter and twisted about it.

Sunny day out there, cool, but sunny. Rain forecast for Wednesday.

It’s birthday month for me. I have birthdays on 8th, 12th, 16th, 29th and 7th & 17th of Sept. Then it’s all done until next year. I usually take the ex and kids to a pizza restaurant, but this year money is a bit tight, so planning a BBQ on the 30th in the praça in front of home.

Sharpening my penknife

Sharpening my penknife at a previous BBQ

Well, that’s an hour gone. Fortunately I got some posts in in the early hours, but must blog along.

Oh, regards I am not responsible…


This is NOT the way to clean your CPU!


I am Incurable

Yesterday, I had planned a post. I was determined that I would not miss writing a post.

But, alas, I failed… again.

Too much animal content

Too much animal content

Despite the best of intentions, I got sidetracked. It was driven by thoughts of my most popular blog becoming, almost, my most unpopular blog. Nether Region of the Earth was my first blog in 2004, it was then my only blog. I took matters in hand, and remade the blog NRotE II, and created a personal blog, and some others. Then came the disaster with Blogspot/Google and all was lost in 2011. I started again on WordPress and all was well until 26th Feb, and my blogs seemed to become invisible with NRotE III suffering the biggest downturn. Like today for example, it has had 3 hits at 2pm, and yesterday amassed 13 for the whole day. This is a blog that used to get 200+ up to 300 hits per day.

I began to wonder if I was having too much ‘animal’ content. I took the bull by the proverbial horns yesterday and split the animal content off to another blog.


This is the result. If you are so inclined, click on the banner to drop on over.

Yesterday became devoted to organising a new blog and associated widgets.

So the day was not lost. Today, I posted my last Caturday on NRotE III and my first on Some Animals are Crackers, ah different posts, double the fun.

Tonight I am taking ex and family out for pizza. An annual event to celebrate multiple August birthdays, 8th, 12th, 16th 29th and a couple in September, 7th & 17th. It’s cheaper to have one BIG bash than many little ones. There may be evidence, if I don’t forget to take the camera.

Four luscious pineapples

Four delicious pineapples

A couple of days ago, I bought four pineapples. I love pineapple juice, I haven’t made it yet. So far, I’ve had pineapple dessert, grilled pineapple, pork and pineapple sweet and sour and lunch today was grilled chicken breast with revamped leftover sweet and sour sauce and mashed potatoes. The new stove has been getting a good workout.

It’s a hot day, you’ll have to wait while I go and make some juice.

Delicious, and another pineapple top to plant. I can’t just throw them out, they grow so easily and look great as a pot plant, indoors and out.

The other week I posted about forgetting things on Genes, you know when you go into another room and stand there bewildered wondering why?

It happened to me yesterday. I went into the kitchen and did a couple of things, then wondered why I was there. Walking back through the door into the living room, I remembered, I went to get a drink of cold water. So I returned and got my drink. So it’s true what they say about event boundaries.

I read yesterday that Nestlé was having problems with a downturn in profits. After my post Make you Fink on Friday yesterday dealt with companies responsible for making us fat, then doubling their profits for products that make us thin again, I was not at all sad about the news, I felt somewhat vindicated; and more than pleased as it would appear that people are learning these corporations are the real enemy.

Two... actually

Two… actually

I should blog along, I still have two blogs to go.



I forgot to mention that the last hafl glass of pineapple juices fisnished up as a pinã colada… double yum! You can tell by the typos… 🙂

I Waddled Home

Yes, I did, like a pregnant duck, I waddled home.

As with most arrangements and appointments in Brazil there is an aspect known as hora do Brasíl (Brazilian time). It’s an element of flexibility that suits Brazilians. Brazilians are rarely on time for an appointment, never early.

I had arranged to meet Shirley and the kids at the restaurant at 7pm, at the time of the arrangement I was to arrive about 7:15.

However, as typical for a Monday, my student cancelled for work reasons. I left home in plenty of time to have a wander around the stalls at the bus station to pick up a few trinkets, after all it was a birthday dinner for all.

My timing was perfect, I arrived at 6:59.

I’m known at this particular eatery, so a handle of frothless beer was soon at the table and I started nibbling. Actually, I was famished due to the fact that I had skipped lunch in anticipation. The chips (French fries) we close to cold, then a pizza tray floated past with lovely big shrimps; Oh yum! Had to have. Next were chicken hearts cooked in onion, nibble, nibble. Oh, and more beer.

So the time had advanced to 7:38, no sign of anyone. I rang; they were on Margarça highway in the bus, which meant another half hour at least.

Garlic pizza went past. Had to have. Little pieces of pork fillet, had to have. Another beer, mushroom pizza was on the way past, had to have.


Eventually everyone arrived. Kisses, hugs, little presents and a return to eating. I made the observation that Erick, the way he had his hair and wore his cap looked like a suntanned Neymar, the current flavour of the month in the Brazilian soccor team. Actually, Neymar is a brillant player, even Erick’s coy look when I mentioned this was just like the player.

I discovered that at six Emmylee had lost her first tooth, so she is on the way to growing up.

Eating and drinking continued, I discussed social politics of gossiped about where I used to live. The 16 year old neighbour is pregnant, her younger brother is up to no good, etc… and then it was time to go. Shirley and the kids had an hour bus trip home and I had a 5:30am wake up for class.

I didn’t sleep at all well. Thirsty from so much savoury stuff, I was up and down like a yoyo for water. Finally settling about 3am. I did not want the alarm to go off, but it did.

I can’t do these social events like I used to. The body complains. A sure sign that I am past my prime.

Later, my student has cancelled again, which means it’s beer o’clock!

I feel like a killer

No, not one of those serial types, although there are enough people in the world that would do justice to thoughts of such.

Rather, melancholy, like killing something with kindness.

Juniperus Procubens (Tuia Jacaré)

In a post a couple of weeks back I mentioned that I had become the proud owner of a bonsai, like the one on the right.

The instructions (it came as a kit) said to water twice daily, and I have, religiously.

But we are having a very dry spell at the moment with very low humidity.

Anyway, my little bonsai has developed three brown patches on its little branches, and I wonder if I am killing it with kindness, or the reverse, through neglect because of the low humidity.

Not a lot has happened worth mentioning, I have a new student, ergo more money.I am taking the kids out on their annual birthday bash tomorrow night with their mother. We do this yearly, because we all have birthdays between 8th Aug and 17th Sep, so I deal with it by having a pizza party at a local restaurant.

I can’t access Twitter, which narks me somewhat. Because I often use it as a source of posting ideas.

Later, I will write a Sunday Travel post, at least the idea is cogitating the grey matter, so you should be lucky.

Whoops, I did it again

From an old backyard BBQ five years ago

I just love BBQs.

I had another one last night with the meat that was left over from Wednesday. I had bought far too much; sat the appointed hour of beer o’clock (4pm), I fired up the BBQ again.

This time I was watched by a small bevy of regulars. Normally when you light a BBQ there is a dearth of helpers, they seem to appear as if by magic when the meat is ready. But being a Friday, there were some around.

They chided me for not using easy firelighters nor alcohol in whatever form, pure, soaked in newspapers or old bread crusts, etc (every Brazilian has his favourite method) and of course they figured my way wouldn’t work. Because I just shred an old cardboard carton, heap some fine charcoal on that and set fire. Within minutes, the charcoal is hissing and sparkling, then I add bigger pieces of charcoal. They were amazed at how simple it was.

Erick at 10 learning the finer points from the master chef

I managed to recycle a cardboard carton, I didn’t have singed eyebrows, I hadn’t created a revisit to Hiroshima and within ten minutes, I had the first meat adding it’s fat to the fire.

Marinated rump steak, liver slices, sausages, chicken wings, a slap of pork, pork ribs and garlic bread were the order of the night until around 8:30. The rump steak was salted with rock salt and soya sauce, the chicken wings had a dusting of curry powder, the pork slab was covered with rosemary and garlic and the pork ribs had freshly cracked black peppercorns rubbed on them. So there was a good variety of meat and flavours.

August and September are the months of birthdays; ever wondered why?

Pre-Christmas equipment checks and Christmas – New Year promises fulfilled, so the world is full of Leos, Virgos and Libras. My family is no different here; we have birthdays on the 8th, 12th, 16th, 29th, then in Sept, 7th & 17th. So it’s a busy time of the year, also an expensive one. So it is with my neighbours, they have a birthday today, yet another BBQ; I have been invited. So no cooking needed today.

I have been busy at the keyboard. Posts already for tomorrow and one ready for Monday.

Just a special note here. I don’t often thank all my loyal followers and readers, but I do see all your likes and try to visit your blogs  with each one to see what news there. The commenters, the life-blood of the blogger, I try to reply to each one, sometimes a couple of days late, but I get there eventually. A BIG thank you to you all.

Must go an water the plants, hot day and they are wilting.


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