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Yes, I did it again

Started the BBQ at midday.

Finnished the BBQ at 4pm, when we had a rain storm. Also, I had run out of meat.

For those of you who are curious, here is a better shot of ‘seu Oliveira’ along with some pork belly cripsing.

seu Oliveira....

seu Oliveira….

Check yesterday’s post if you are in the dark.

Today is Monday, no meat, no BBQ.

Still doing the weekend dishes.

But I did have a lunchtime beer, followed by Nap-fu. Which is when it started to pitter-patter with rain, now it is persisting down. The rain was expected, as we had watched the heavy clouds come over while having our beer. It was clearly a case of when, not would it.

I have spent the day with my ear glued to the phone, as I had done all day Friday, no phone call from lawyer. So I can only assume that tomorrow will not happen. Am I reprieved?

Silly Box: Today, the Guardian proved itself absolutely useless. I had complained in previous posts that they had changed the format of their ‘Environment’ page, which has stopped me from using it as a principal source of such news. Today they have changed the ‘news’ front page to the same useless jumbled format. I have deleted it from my pages to visit as totally useless as a reference source.

Why must people fix things that aren’t broken?

The Pope has upset the Curia (cardinals administration) in his annual address to cardinals. Accusing them of self-centred infighting and being power hungry to the detriment of the church. While I criticised him for kow towing to China when he refused the Dali Lama an audience, he is generally good for the church; literally a breath of fresh air.

A town in Argentina becomes the first in the country to ban beauty queen competitions in its traditional festivities, arguing they are sexist. Good going.

Australia’s Tony Idiott is back in the news. Quote: “The problem isn’t that Tony Abbott’s stuck in the past, it’s that he wants the rest of Australia to go back there and keep him company in a world where men do the big jobs and women do the ironing,” – BBCNews

Shopping via the internet has become the thing to do. It seems as though its not without problems as several big food companies in Britain have experienced IT problems, and promises that Christmas shopping will be delivered… after Christmas. That’s just lovely if you were expecting to make Christmas dinner for the family.

It’s now after 4pm, the rain has stopped, it is cooler now. I should go and take advantage, because it is still hot in the house, I am sitting under the fan on full.


I have sex daily

Sex-Daily….ah, dyslexia.

Yes, Fcuk!

I thought this was a catchy opening, guaranteed to generate a modicum of interest.

Also because I read in comments yesterday about a ‘feacesitting’ protest. My immediate thought, was now, that’s kinky. It was explained to me that it was a protest about new porn laws, and the facesitting was a simulation of oral sex… I like oral sex; I can talk about about sex as well as the next man.

5pm, Nap-fu practice is over. It was necessary to have a Nap-fu practice after an extended lunch. At noon, I decided to use the last of the meat I bought on Tuesday. I had to, because tomorrow it would have been past recognition, excpet the smell.


A foot of black pudding

So, a BBQ was necessay. The third in as many days. Oh life is wonderful; seasoned with a touch of debauchery. Rump steak, pork belly crispy, liver and herbs and a foot of black pudding. This was all washed down with copious quantities of beer. By 4pm I was ready for a cold shower and becoming horiszontal.

It is so that I find myself in front of the keybaord regaling you with today’s menu.

No classes today. One student has had his bolsa (grant) cut by his employer. Now that sounds painful, when you consider that bolsa also means sack or bag. I wouldn’t like my bolsa cut… I still use it, sometimes.

Anyway, having had his bolsa cut, has caused some problems with his fellow student who can’t afford the lessons alone. Being an English teacher, life isn’t always simple.

My cellphone hasn’t beeped, which I find is a good sign, But it does mean that the sword of Damocles still dangles by a single hair. The fact that it hasn’t beeped, means I can rest easy for tomorrow, and the weekend. ABout this I am not complaining.

Tomorrow sushi is planned. My plan is to make it at the botequim as a sort of a demo. My skills have been honed sufficiently that I feel confident about doing it in public. I just have to buy the salmon.

The question was asked in the news, “Do Australians still want Tony Idiot for Prime Minister?” The answer is a resounding “NO!” He is considered the worst incompetent in 20 years.

I got an email from WordPress about using Tabs to organise posts… Then I saw the word PlugIn…. deleted. WordPress are only interested in those who PAY for their site. Us poor plebs at the foot of the ladder aren’t even worth considering. Makes me feel like a bludger!

CIA boss defends post 9/11 tactics… There is NO defence! Prosecutions are in order. But like the Wall Street bankers and Too Big to Fails, wiill it happen?

Greenpeace has apologised to Peru over the Nazca Lines stunt.

That about does it for today.

Going to check the beer…


A Mucky Day

My laundry lady is about this old

My laundry lady is about this old

Laundry lady came.


Laundry lady went.

Chatter stopped.

The day started out sunny, then it unsunnied and remained cloudy for the rest of the day.

Things didn’t pan out the way I planned today. So I had a beer and went home for some Nap-fu practice.

The chorizo (black pudding) didn’t arrive.

The sausage man didn’t arrive.

The fridge man didn’t arrive.

Had some more Nap-fu practice.

Football time.

I was an hour early. Still can’t get the hang of this bloody daylight savings time.


Football finished.

It wasn’t my team, they played yesterday and won 4-0.

No fridge = no food.

Got dressed and called a taxi. More than an hour later it arrived. You can’t imagine what I was calling that taxi!

Dinner out.

Home… and here I am.

That about sums up my day.

A total non-event.

Later, I’m off to bed.

I Feel a Bit of a Dill

A dill...

A dill…

A couple of comments yesterday feel that I should do nothing more often.

I would like to. Doing nothing is so relaxing, but I feel that it could be come a permanent affliction.

While it is nice for a change, I do like to be doing something.

I did something today. So it wasn’t a nothing day. I only hope that it doesn’t impair the quality of my post.

It’s another incredibly hot dry day. Knowing that this was to be the case, I watered the plants before they had a chance to wilt.

Then I went to town.

The first thing I bought was a small rosemary seedling. So now I have parsley, sage rosemary and thyme. Love that song.

Then it was off to the ‘sushi’ shop. It’s not actually a sushi shop, but has bulk foods and healthy crap. I got some seaweed, some seasoning, white pepper, sushi rice, and I was taken with a bottle of oyster sauce. I have no idea what it is, or what it tastes like yet, but I’ll experiment. Next I found myself in the street where I was told there was a butchery that sold chorizo (black pudding), I got a kilo (couple of punds). Then I went hunting for a chopping board, I found some, boy they were expensive, R$30 odd. Gave them a miss and bought a new steall serving tray at R$13. Weighed down with my goodies, I went and paid the rent. The morning was wearing on, and at 11am I got a van home.

Unpacked and examined my purchases and had a Nap-fu practice.

Woke at the appointed hour and made lunch. Black pudding, boiled potatoes and cauliflower au gratin. Took that to the botequim to have with a beer and watch the news.

Two hours later, I needed to revisit my Nap-fu exercises, from which I have just woken.

1984Yesterday I read about dystopia. I had heard the word before, but never really knew what it meant. In particular it was in reference to George Orwell’s 1984, the book, and made the comment that such things never happen because they are implausible. How blind can a person be? We are in the middle of 1984 now! Not only that, we have gone beyond the horrors written about by Orwell, and are well on the way to a nuclear war.

I shudder to think about what will happen in the next few years in the Middle East.

Ebola, today in the news Ebola is now in Brazil. A traveller from Guinea arrived in September; 21 days later he was interned yesterday as a suspected Ebola carrier. This hasn’t been confirmed yet, but he is in isolation in Rio and tests are being done. The 78 people that he has had contact with are also under observation. While he has some of the symptoms, but not all, they’re taking no chances. It is spreading. The death rate has now passed 4,000. Britain is furthering the implementation of screening.

The government in Hong Kong called off talks due today, igniting the protests again as thousands take to the streets in peaceful action. The movement has definitely not run out of steam, and the deputy leader has no idea what sh’es doing.

Horrified to read that some schools are removing swings from children’s playgrounds because they are dangerous and can lead to insurance claims. The problem lies with children entering the arc of the swing and being knocked over. Sure there is a danger there. But parents, teachers and caregivers need ot teach the kids how to avoid injury. Hell, if we remove everything that presents a mild threat, we will have kids growing up without a sense of reality. When I was a kid, a bloody knee, a broken collarbone or a bruise was treated the Medal of Honour.

Now I must behave like a teacher.


First I got up at 6:30


There’s not a lot of difference… before coffee

Then, I got up at 6:30…

Finally I got up at 6:30…

It was about then that I realised there was something wrong.

The thing that made me suspicious about the time was the clink of glass as the recycling truck passed and collected my recyclables. The recycling truck passes about 9am or later. Also, on checking that the recycling truck had gone passed, I saw that the botequim was open, Raimundo does not open the botequim at 6:30am.

The wall clock had stopped, checking the PC clock it was actually 9am.

That was about when I tried to put my red cigarette lighter in the USB port and realised that I needed coffee.

It so seemed like a Monday morning.

I looked at the clock through reflex, and it is still 6:30am.

Talk about a comedy of errors.

How pretty

How pretty

Over the last year or so I have noticed that my PC and speakers have blue LEDs. I never thought too much about it other than ‘how pretty’.

We’ve always had red and green ones, I thought that blue was just a novelty.

It turns out that the discovery of how to make blue LEDs was pretty important; so much so that the three Japanese scientists that made the discovery have just been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Apparently, the blue LED has been elusive. To make white light you need red, green and blue.

You learn something every day.

Now to throw the cat among the pigeons. Sports competitors who have been convicted and banned for taking anabolic steroids could benefit for years, even decades, after their bans have expired. This makes a mockery of sports. The bans should be lifetime. It’s the only way that we can be sure.

In the news: Exclusive: UK snooping powers ‘too weak’ “NCA’s director general says he needs to persuade British public to reduce digital freedoms”TheGuardian My response to that is a resounding “Get F&*ked!” The bloody cheek of it.

What we, not just the UK, need is more freedom from these American assholes!

Good enough to give a jellyfish a horn

Good enough to give a jellyfish a horn

A taste for blood.

I love black pudding. Wonderful stuff. I didn’t grow up with it. I never saw it in the house when I was a kid. My first taste was when I was about 18, and it was a case of instant gratification. Black pudding, fried tomatoes, bacon and eggs for breakfast was pretty close to bliss.

Unfortunately here chorizo (blackpudding) is so hard to find.

Sunday was World teachers’ Day. I missed it. Poo!

That’s about it for today. This is the first blog post, eight to go…


Black Pudding

Today was a strange day. Due to previously mentioned problems with bodily functions at an advancing age, I was awake at 3:30am. I looked at the clock, and I thought logically; I have the alarm set for 5:30… what’s the point in going back to bed? <———- Rhetorical question.

It had been amongst my plans to blog early, because I was to be out of the house by seven.

The best laid plans of mice and men… I got side tracked. That can happen so easily on the internet, but you understand that, don’t you?

My black pudding was this colour and diameter, not quite so long

I returned home to find a note attached to my gate: “Called to deliver your black pudding, come and see me at the supermarket.”

I had previously arranged one of the frete (delivery) drivers to get me some homemade black pudding from a street food fair near his home across the city, but it was supposed to be delivered tomorrow; that’s why I arranged to go out today.

So, off to the supermarket, blogging delayed again.

There I took delivery of a wonderful sausage of black pudding. I haven’t had black pudding for years, the last one wasn’t particularly good either.

I love black pudding.

I got a kilo (2.2lbs) and cut half and put on the BBQ. So my lunch was black pudding and beer… Aw, come on, it’s Saturday, live dangerously.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and I plan that breakfast will look something like this…

Traditional English Breakfast

…and for lunch, I might make a black pudding pizza with olives.

Gastronomic debauchery!

Such fun.

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