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blankscreenIn contrast to yesterday’s noon, I have been sitting at the keyboard since 7am, staring at a blank screen.

Then I had the brilliant idea to write a post, now I an sitting here with another blank screen.

I am on my second coffee, the kitchen seems empty, the dishes in the kitty korner have gone, washed, and put away.

I mentioned in my comments yesterday that I won’t be without a pussy for too long, it may take a month or two, but another kitty will wander into the botequim looking for an old man to adopt.

The bar is a wonderful place to meet. Yesterday I wrote this in reply to a comment, and I nearly wrote “to meet pussy”, then it dawned on me, maybe that’s not the way I should word it, it sounds naughty, so naughty that I couldn’t resist reposting the gaff.

I went to the botequim yesterday after noon as planned, and one of the regulars (the one who introduced me to jambo) wandered along with a bag; a bag full of carambola; you may know them as starfruit. Wikipedia tells me that carambola has oxalic acid which is not good if I have a kidney problem, it can cause mental confusion. Now I don’t know if my mental confusion is due to getting older, or if I have a kidney problem. Too much knowledge!

So I selected a few of the offered fruit

So I selected a few of the offered fruit

… and drank my 0.0% beer.

The beer you drink when you're not really drinking beer

The beer you drink, when you’re not really drinking beer

Today is the last day of antibiotics, so tomorrow, I can really drink beer. Then it’s off to the dentist on Wednesday to begin root canal work, if it is worth it, or have the tooth out. Both ideas scare the crap out of me.

Once at home to watch the first novela (soap), I made a creamy carambola slushie. Carambola isn’t a strong flavour, there’s just a hint of something there.

There was no hint of rain yesterday, so the night was uncomfortably warm, makes sleeping difficult. Today promises to be hot, great; the washing will dry, but so will I; I have already stacked water bottles in the freezer.

I should move along, this is my first post of the morning, so I have a long way to go.


A thought for the day…



uninterestingI am sitting in front of a blank screen waiting for inspiration to strike me stupid, so I can write a stupendous post.

Maybe more coffee would help.


There. Well that changed the perspective a little; now I am sitting here looking at a blank screen with a cup of coffee in my hand waiting for inspiration to strike.

This is really worthy of a Monday!

humpdayFRIDAYBut then it’s Humpday, which means the week becomes shorter.

I only have lessons today and Thursday, so my weekend starts of Friday. I shouldn’t really complain.

Relapse – my Felis piddloraptordactylosaurus had a relapse this morning; peed on the sofa, made it for 48 hours, so counting begins again.

I think the relapse was due to the fact that it is too rainy for outside pee, and the fresh dirt in dirt box was too damp. Damn cats are fussy about where they pee. It’s got to be dry and comfy like the sofa.

It was really cute last night. Bedtime and Cloro snuggled up under my chin, little Cummin’s diesel vibrating on my throat until we both fell asleep.

Bedtime is normally bedlam, I go to bed, Cloro decides it’s time to play, up on the bed, race around madly, clawing, biting, pouncing and rolling around determined to deal with that pesky tail that follows her everywhere. Suddenly she just stops in a mad dash across the top of the pillow and collapses in a deep sleep and stays there until morning.

*looking at screen again*

Oh, inspiration, why hast thou forsaken me?

Later, maybe.

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