closedmind(2)It seems that we don’t understand, a daily pee on the plastic, results in a dripping pussy as she is plonked unceremoniously in the dirt box leaving a trail of drips that have to be cleaned up.

It’s rather frustrating, hence I am not thinking straight.

Lunch was great, mince on toast, again, this time with reheated roast potatoes and pickled beetroot. Drinking fresh orange juice.

I did it gain. I watched football last night with wine and cheese. Oh, I hate myself! No, I don’t. I got bored with the game, after watching world class football Brazil vs Portugal the night before, the game last night lacked class, I went to bed before half time.

You guys get over there and see how funny we can be!

You guys get over there and see how funny we can be!

My new blog Some Animals are Crackers is not progressing as I hoped. It was a slow start, then seemed to pick up for a week, then slumped to several days with no visits at all.

Now if you guys, both of you,  really loved me you’d be clicking on the link to rectify the situation.

Maybe animals just aren’t funny any more…

One class today at 5:30 then it’s weekend. Tomorrow I have to trek to Barra to get my pay, that’s a day wasted only compensated by a sushi lunch.

The Americans haven’t admitted that they spied on Brazil, the president or Petrobras, but have said it is cause for concern. The bloody hypocritical bastards. Yesterday was the deadline for a response.

Reading the news (not mainstream, they will feed you shit), the USA was already unpopular, but since these spying scandals, Syria and associated problems, they have truly become the pariahs of the world. The USA has become about as popular as a pork chop in a synagogue, and believe me, that’s not very popular.

I read this on a blog meme:

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Cider! Oh, wait… non-alcoholic… er, gin? I’m not very good at this.

Tickled my fancy.

Last up today Cloro in another film, Cloro and the Big Stick, enjoy