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The Blogger has Blogged

Yes, 9am and I’m almost done.

I have been invited to a BBQ today, the travel arrangements are a bit dicky, but if all goes well, one of my ex-students should arrive within the hour and transport me to the land of plenty, plenty of food, plenty of drink…

4492148_3b0eGrammar police… is ‘blog’ a regular verb, or should we make it irregular? As in blog, blag, blug. This and many other inconsequential thoughts course through my mind at the oddest of moments. Maybe I do drink too much coffee…

Too much coffee, no such animal.

What an absurd thought, too much coffee.

Today is World Rhino Day, I commented on this earlier in the week and it is the Nature Ramble on Eco-Crap today . Go on, go out there, find a Rhino and give it a hug, show you care.

bachinblackOne of my favourite classical pieces is Toccata and fugue in D minor, you know JS Bach stuff.

Reading last night, apparently Johann Sebastian wasn’t a good boy, which surprised me. His music is heavenly, or in the case of Toccata, a little satanic. It turns out the he was the Bachd boy of music. So intrigued was I by this revelation, I posted about it on Tomus Arcanum this morning. You can also listen to Toccata on the video clip, it gives one a good idea of how an organ (real organ) is played.

The other interesting fact about Toccata, it is said by some to be the forerunner of Heavy Metal, now there’s a thought, classical heavy metal.

Well, I must off and make myself presentable. *Turns mysteriously from a blogger to a handsome prince*


Off to the Wild Blue Yonder

Yes, I’m off today. Second trip to the University in the rural. Taking camera with me too. So hopefully I will have some photographic evidence.

I should get a wriggle on… Student is due in 20 minutes, and here I am still with third coffee in hand sitting here in my underpants (DO NOT attempt the visual – it will warp your mind).

I have been a diligent blogger, managed to post on all blogs.

busyidiotMeanwhile, see how you can keep an idiot busy for 40 seconds…


Doting on my Success

I will attempt a post.

I thought that I had but a few minutes until it was time to get desmellified and look like a teacher of the wonderful English language, instead of a blogger. But, I am saved, no need to put on trousers, he just canceled.

Beer o’clock BRB

Well, the beer was nice. Brazil beat S. Korea in soccer, the Brazilian girls just lost to US girls in the Olympics volleyball.

We now interrupt our programme for a commercial break while I watch my novela (soap) and have nibbles.

Novela over, and the first lot of news. Blogging was off to a bad start today. Last night my connection went down about 10:30, and the blogging that I normally do between my alarm, at 5:30, and my departure for work, at 6:30ish (emphasis on the ‘ish’) didn’t happen. When I got home at 9:00am it was back on. The day continues.

Now that I am here again… writer’s block.

I can’t even find a stupid picture to put up and make inane comments about, so I’m going to quit while I’m ahead.


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