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I has a Money

Funny Cat Pics (294)Most people, or at least people on the net, will be familiar with this meme.

It would have to count among my first encounters with LOL cats.

Last night, well at least 12:30am, as I fluffed up my bed to return to the Land of Nod, I found a R$1 coin on the sheet. I said aloud “I has a money!” Which I find disturbing and raises the question do I spend too much of my net time looking at LOL cats?

Let’s look at the other famous meme line:

Normal people would say…

Can I have a cheeseburger?

Bloggers and other infected would say…

I can haz a cheezeburger?

And for Star Wars fans, Yoda would say…

A cheeseburger I can have?

Language is fluid, it changes, it evolves. It used to evolve slowly; I’ll give you an example from my life.

1894 – My grandmother was born, she used shall/shan’t all the time with abandon.

1924 – My mother was born, she used shall a lot, I can’t remember her using shan’t.

1951 – I was born, I used shall, I don’t think I have ever used shan’t, but I know it exists.

1975 – My daughter was born, I believe she knew that shall existed although I doubt she used it, but not shan’t.

1996 – My grandson was born, I doubt whether he even knows if shall exists, but has never used it, shan’t, don’t even think about it, gone!

So in the space of 102 years, five generations, the use of shall/shan’t has changed.

Now we have the internet, social media and blogs. Language can change in one viral posting. The evolution of language is ever-present, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it; it’s like a speeding steam locomotive… oh, you don’t know what that is…

I rest my case.

So my question is, are we doomed to speak LOLcatese?

This was a 1am thought brought to you without coffee and too many cigarettes.

Now I return to the pit from whence all great thoughts come.



Blogger Extraordinaire

foodbloggerThat’s me, Blogger Extraordinaire! I am.

I just saw that on someone’s About me page, how presumptuous to proclaim oneself ‘Extraordinaire’!

I would never presume to do so, regardless of the fact that I am, and I am, a presumptuous bastard as well; extraordinarily presumptuous.

Maybe it is that I don’t presume to blow my own trumpet that I can’t write a post like I saw on another blog ‘4,000 Followers’. Besides, I can’t reach my own trumpet, well I couldn’t the last time I tried to in the bath; and that was when I was about fifteen.


Why does a dog lick his bollocks? Simply, because he can!

Oh, come on, don’t pretend to be shocked!

What healthy teenager hasn’t tried?

Which is why I am incredibly envious of dogs and their bollocks licking capabilities, even Lixo can do it.

Maybe this post should carry a government health warning…

‘This post could be injurious to your health and mental well-being, it contains 5,000+ substances that can cause your hair to curl, your nose to implode and your knees to fall off!’

I have managed to post on all my blogs today. But then Satireday posts don’t take much doing. It’s when you have to sit here for hours waiting for inspiration to strike and actually write something that blogging takes a lot of time.

51nAToiJsoL._SY300_<beer o’clock>

</beer o’clock>

Leftover oven fried dogfish from yesterday, some beer and a good conversation on the ills of the world.

What better way to spend a Saturday evening?

The local news will be on shortly, followed by the national news and then my nightly soap, by that time it will be bed time.

That is unless I can find a distraction here and the chances of that are highly probable.

It doesn’t take much for me to go off on my tangent and explore the world. But then you are bloggers, you understand the perils of the net.


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