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Half Started



Yes, I’ve got the window open. Actually it has been open for a couple of hours. I am waiting for inspiration.

*Looks around the room*

Today, I am on the mend. I feel shattered after this last bout of Montezuma’s Revenege.

After yesterday morning’s trots, I expected this to be the result, but the ediface stood up well. I feel more like this than the throne.

My hopes of getting a photo of Kitty’s kittens lapsed yesterday afternoon, when I was informed the the untrustworthy bastard had collected her and them and taken them home late Saturday.

I didn’t see Kitty until this morning and she has been in three times today.

Lovely day to start with, woke up from Nap-fu practice at 2pm and needed to turn on the light it was so dull and chilly. We could well be in for rain later during the night.

Beer Pillow

Beer Pillow

I found this the other day…

Want one!

About the quality of blogs. I hit a link the other day, 100 Best Blogs on WordPress. I don’t know what they use as their criteria, but I was moved to open two and they weren’t worth the finger pressure.

Maybe my expectations are too high.

Twitter is the same, but worse. All the time it suggests Twits to follow, I have never followed one; opened a couple but closed them quickly again. You’d think with all their damned algorithms and junk that they’d learn I don’t like this shit.

I thought I’d clarify something. Any blogger who likes one of my posts, I visit. I get quite a few new posts emails too. If the content is in any way commercial or product reviews, I ignore it. I believe I have ads on my blogs, this is not my choice; I’m stuck with the damn things because I have free blogs. If I could get rid of them without paying, I would. I hate this advertising shit. I have never knowingly clicked on an ad on the internet, and will never do so. I find this kind of advertising to be instrusive and an abuse of a person’s rights. Oh, not only WP, but every site. I have three ad blockers loaded, so in the main I am not worried anymore.

My opinion of the internet is it should be free, if it’s on the net, it’s free. If you want somebody to pay for it, then advertise elsewhere. Waaaay back in the early days I bought one programme, and that was it. I haven’t paid for anything since.

funny-love-heart-pint-love-you-too-beer-picsI am here neither to make money, nor spend it.

I know, the kids are right; I’m a velho caduco (grumpy old man).

I think everyone should have something to believe in, something to love and to cherish. It is for that reason, when I have finished this post, I believe I will go for a beer.

My blog post with 18 Likes has been joined by two more. I must be doing something right.

Liberia has lost 17 Ebola patients after the centre for treatment was attacked. This is going to blow out of all proportion. If it becomes global, it’ll make AIDS look like the commom cold.

Saw a disturbing report yesterday. Horses in California and the westcoast are sick, hundreds of them, some are so sick that their skin is falling off. It’s not happening anywhere else and it has never happened before Nobody knows why. And, nobody is suggesting it is the results of fallout from Japan’s Kukushima troubles. I am. If this is happening to horses, what’s in store for humans?

We are fools. We don’t know what we are doing. We don’t have any idea of the consequences.

Nothing very funny today, just random thoughts.

Beer o’clock.



DarkrecessesWe all have them.

Barricaded, hidden in the deepest recesses of our minds.

Most of us can control our Gollums, our Sméagols, but sometimes they get loose. Sometimes they’re right out in front like Wall St bankers, CEOs, presidents, prime ministers, politicians and other two faced bastards.

Sometimes we can’t control our demons, we don’t recognise them and they get the better of us; they haunt us.

I don’t know what demons Robin Williams was facing, but they got the better of him; his death is an apparent suicide.

Addendum: I found this later.

Robin Williams ‘aware of his demons’

I identify with RW because we are the same age, within a month, and it saddens me that the hero of comedy has gone. I remember the early years, Mork and Mindy, they were funny at the time, but then he became immortal in Good Morning Vietnam and The Dead Poets’ Society.

R.I.P. Robin Williams, you are free from your demons now. Make the angels laugh with your inimitable wit.

fb IMGP5579 a

Image – The Max Files

Today is World Elephant Day, 12th Aug.


Who makes these decisions?

Why today, and not tomorrow or yesterday?

It seems like every day is World (something) Day.

What is this compulsion to give everything a ‘day’?

Don’t they exist on other day?

Do they just magically appear for their day, and then disappear into oblivion, while we celebrate something else tomorrow?

Kitty has had her kittens.


Kitty’s colouring

The owner denies that they were born at home. She spends too much time on the street and it appears that her milk has dried up.

I don’t trust this bastard, I have seen him maltreat cats before, and have always suspected him as being the author of the poison that took my Meow Meow and da Meow. I think he got rid of them, probably by throwing them in the creek that runs by our praça.

There are some cruel people in this world. I hope his demons come to haunt him.

I really wanted one, I had even named him Chocolate (Shocolatch in Portuguese) if his colouring was like Mum’s.

Well, that’s a 2am post so far, back to bed…

Hopefully the blogging demons that were keeping me awake have been exorcised.

Good morning, Coffeed bread rolls and ham and ready to go

 Is the blog dead?

I wasn’t aware that it was…

Should we mourn the end of blogs?

Maintaining a personal blog has become entrepreneurial, and young people want nothing to do with it.

‘Most of the personal blogs I once followed have vanished…’ Photograph: Anatoli Babi/Alamy

Source: TheGuardian Read more

My blog/s is/aren’t dead. And I certainly don’t consider them entrepreneurial.

The trouble with young people is that they’re too freakin’ lazy. To have a good blog you need to work at it.

Any fool can FB, Twit, etc. You don’t even need half a brain. In my mind these social media platforms are a total load of crap and will never replace blogging.

For me, blogging is alive and well.

Must blog along, got heaps to do.



Mental Blocks

mentalblockThese are my mental blocks.

I play with them when I can’t think of anything, actually that is a form of mental tetris, when I can’t fit things together.

This morning I have blogged on all blogs, so I am pretty much blogged out.

I’ve tried coffee.

That just gave me the sweats.

Yes, it’s another hot day. Yesterday broke the 40ºC (106ºF) barrier, with the thermal sensation of 50ºC (freakin’ hot ºF).

I’ve tried iced water, that set my root canal needing tooth on edge.

bananasmoothieI am seriously considering a mind-numbing banana slushie to up my potassium levels.

Can you overdose on potassium?

I have two classes this afternoon, longing for the chill of the air conditioner in the classroom.

After class yesterday, I went out for pizza and cold beer. Waddled off home with a full belly. Notably, my capacity has reduced; I didn’t eat nearly as much as I have been able to in the past. I am losing weight. In fact my belt hasn’t got any more holes, yet.

I am worried.

tabletYes, about the 3Rs, reading, writing and ‘rithmatic. I read this morning about schools that have done away with text and exercise books.

The kids all have tablets. The teacher has a blog, she writes up the lesson as a post and each of the kids have a blog (taught to create) to do the exercise, which the teacher then reads and corrects.

I’m not so sure that I agree. What happens to kids writing skills?

I know we are heading for a paperless society, but what happens if there is no electricity?

Don’t laugh. It’s entirely possible, the national grid has gone down before with severe sunspot activity; although there is a dearth of that at present, leading to the speculation that we may be heading into another Maunder Minimum (1645-1715) which was the period of the Little Ice Age which affected North America and Europe.

Think about what is happening to weather patterns now with this polar vortex that has Americans freezing their bollocks off.

Stranger things are possible.

I have started a new series on They Say it’s in the Genes on Sundays, Bringing up Baby, by Baby. It features amongst other ideas this little fellow.

Party Toddler

Many of the situations are familiar to most of us.

Must get this post in the ‘mail’.





cokeban99% of the ills of the world would never have arisen if we had remained dendrophilous.

If we had remained in the trees, we would never have had Coca Cola, nor taxes.

Just think… Imagine…

No wars, bonking when the urge comes over us, picking ticks off the wife.

There would be no blogs… HORROR!

What would I do?

Sitting in a tree scratching ones nuts, is hardly a substitute.


He’s a bigger cat now

Cloro has discovered how to turn the printer on. Now that he’s a bigger cat his weight is sufficient to turn the printer on. It’s fun. At first he was stunned by the noise of the printer gearing up, the whirrs, thuds and clicks, but the flashing green lights soon overcame the fear as he batted and pawed at the LCD.

The weather forecast has been right for the last three days, rain. It is right today as well, rain, but not so much as the last three days. Still it makes for comfortable sleeping at night, which can be a hot sweaty affair even without sex.

My plans for Saturday amounted to doing nothing, as predicted, I was successful. I hadn’t finished, so I continued on Sunday.

Here’s something to think about…

You Used To Not Exist

baby-in-a-wombYou used to not exist.

Then you were a baby.

Look at that belly button.

What a funny thing that is.

Soon, you will no longer exist again.

So where will you go?

Well… wait a second…

Where did you start?

Could it be you were always here?

I sincerely don’t see how it cannot.

“I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.”

Source: The Truth You Always Knew

Wow, that’s deep.



precoffeeThere is only one thing that is worse than being ‘pre-Coffee’ and that is being pre-Coffee on a Monday morning. It does nothing for the disposition.

The UrbanDictionary defines pre-Coffee as “The amount of coordination that most caffeine addicts have before their first cup of coffee.”

Seriously, there should be pre-Coffee, that’s coffee you can have while you are making your morning coffee. I usually have this in the form of left-over coffee from yesterday, reheat for first cup and while making fresh coffee. But I miscalculated my need for coffee yesterday.

I’ve had my first and I am now running on three cylinders, the last cylinder should kick in after this cup. I had an old car like that. A Vauxhall Wyvern, it was the four cylinder model of the same Velox.


It always grunted to start in the morning, and it didn’t have to be a Monday. A lovely old car about 1954 or 56, can’t remember. Actually it was my father’s, but I used to get to drive it. Oh, I paid for the privilege, mileage plus full tank out, full tank in; it wasn’t for free. That is until I rolled it when I was sixteen. The wreck was a write-off. My father was not amused, especially as he had just reconditioned the motor.

Yesterday I was at the keyboard like a one-armed paper-hanger. I posted a Satireday on Shit Happens that proved enormously successful, well, at least by my humble standards. The post attracted 50+ likes and two more have arrived while writing this. I have never had more than a 15-Like post before, so for me this was phenomenal. Especially on Shit Happens because it usually gets about 5 – 10 visitors on a good day. So being a responsible blogger, I visited, commented and Liked, all the blogs that had been to mine. I found one seriously funny blog, very well written, totally irreverent, but not smutty; The Jiggly Bits, you have to go and have a look, she does indeed talk about the ‘jiggly bits’.

Part of the success was bloggers who reblogged, about six, so the post got quite a good coverage.

He was something like this

Well, the rain continues. As I wrote that sentence the sun came out. It rained all weekend up until making the coffee this morning. Lixo slept on the bed all night, which he doesn’t do often now that he is a big cat; he spends most of his nocturnal hour tom-catting around the neighbourhood. But after coming in from doing his business outside, he was wet, bedraggled and not amused and wanted breakfast, NOW!

Well, I am firing on all cylinders now, I need to refuel and then I’ll blog right along.


If you drink, don’t blog

Many Blogs

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away… I had many blogs. Yes, I blogged on many things for about five years. That is, until Google fucked it up!

I still haven’t got over losing five years of my life, but I am trying.

I reply to a comment this week, “I could never work out how you managed to keep so many blogs.” Had me wondering the same thing. Maybe I was a little touched, maybe it was pure insanity, who knows.

I have restarted on a much more modest scale than the 15+ active blogs that I had. I currently have five and I have no desire to expand on that.

The weekend was marred by a headache, most of Saturday and part of today. No, it wasn’t the demon drink; I haven’t had a beer since Friday. Maybe that was the problem…

The boys arrived yesterday afternoon. I cooked a snack for them because the promised pizza wasn’t due for more than an hour; the delivery chap hadn’t arrived. When he did, the pizza didn’t last long, less than 10 minutes. It was a bacon and smoked sausage pizza, delicious. Yes, I know that bacon and smoked meats are carcinogenic, but old habits are hard to break. Maybe it was just the evils of processed meats balancing the goodness of sushi on Friday night.

Emerson and Erick went off to play football for the morning. I could have throttled Erick because he left his new football boots at home, so both boys played barefoot; how embarrassing… for me.

The boys were off to catch the bus and I had my customary afternoon nap.

What else can I say… I blogged.

Tomorrow is the dread of the week. Monday, need I say more?

I think I’ll take the kitty’s advice.


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