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Screwed Up Saturday

onemorebeerToday is my first screwed up Saturday.

Class at 9:00, then again at noon. Home after 1:30pm.

I don’t like working Saturdays. Saturday is a day for beer and rest, then more beer. Repeat.

But, alas, not today.

I have been up posting since before five. By the time I get home, I’ll be knackered and only fit for Nap-fu practice.

This will probably be my last post today as I haven’t found anything suitable yet for Tomus.

My blog load for Satireday is usually light, except for here where I actually have to write something meaningful.

Looks like being a lovely sunny day out there. But it’s 7am, that could change.

Looks like my Twitter followers have broken the 1,000 barrier to stay, had 1,005 yesterday but that’s dropped to 1,003. I’m not overly worried, but it’s fun to watch the ups and downs.

bucket-list-picI saw a reference to ‘bucket lists’ yesterday. I don’t need a bucket list, I have a life.

To me a bucket list smacks of one-up-man-ship, keeping up with the Jones’, both attitudes that I hate.

My bucket list, if I had one would be things like wash the dishes, water the plants, sweep the yard and stuff. It may sound boring, but it’s life.

I was thinking the other day about these crazy people Boko Harum. The name means something like against western education. But they’re a bunch of hypocrites, they use guns and the internet… aren’t they the result of ‘western education’?

Putin’ his finger in the pie again. Warning the ‘west’ that there will be a reaction to more sanctions. Obviously the sanctions are hurting Russia more than he admits. He has hit back with sanctions of his own, but his sanctions are hurting his people more than the west. Terrible thing when your credibility is on the line.

grass greenerMy view of this Ukraine crisis is simple. If you don’t like Ukraine, or want to be Russian, bugger off over the boarder to Russia and be Russian.

If you think the grass is greener, jump the fence and find out if it really is.

I would hazard a guess and say that Russia wouldn’t like that, you wouldn’t be welcome.

That’s not the reason that Russia is interferring in Ukraine. They want a land corridor to Crimea.

The story does not end with this ceasefire; which I’m betting won’t last a week. Somebody will be putin’ his finger in the pie again.

I need more coffee!

Here’s thought… an irreverent one, but nevertheless a thought.

Skydome in Sketchup

Skydome in Sketchup

3D modeling is like “playing God” (in secular and vague terms) …

In the beginning God downloaded SketchUp. Now the earth was formless and empty, green was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over a blank canvas.

And God said —using the controls in the Shadows Settings dialog box at Window > Shadows, “Let there be light,” and He manipulated the shadows and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and He separated the light from the darkness. God called the light “UTC+01:00 13:30 11/8,” and the darkness He called “UTC+01:00 17:33 11/8.” And there was evening, and there was morning. God saved the settings —the first day.

Want to read more… Damantigui’s Blog

I suppose I must move along and prepare myself to look like a teacher, instead of a blogger still in his pyjamas…

*switches to teaching mode*


I’ve done it again!

Why I never drink Decaf coffee

Why I never drink Decaf coffee

Less than a half hour before panic stations.

The net was down this morning, so I went to the supermarket for some retail therapy.

Therapied myself stupid!

Three bottles of wine and some food. The meat today was crap, so I sufficed with sausages, mincemeat and hotdogs. I also started to buy some bits and pieces for my birthday BBQ next weekend. Much more to buy.

I must appologise to my regulars, the last two posts have been a bit lacklustre, and today’s will be no better.

With the revamp of WP post page, I miss the post title count. In the old format, after you had wiitten in the title, i came up with a count of the number of times you had used that title. It’s gone. I miss it, especially for my regular posts on some blogs. The new page also has a nasty habit that when I click on the parameters for images, it pops up to the top of the page again, then I have to scroll it back down, That’s annoying.

The world doesn't really know where it is going

The world doesn’t really know where it is going

This IS (Islamic State) bullshit, and the death of the American reporter, needs to be dealt with. Along with those nasty bastards Boko Harum. I have nothing against geniune Muslims, but these are just pathetic barbaric bastards that need to be taken out and given their 72 virgins (I hope they are all old shrivelled nuns).

In the state of the world, reading about the economy and the probablity of a mass revolt against the government, they often talk about a ‘spark’ that will ignite the rebellion. I had wondered if this police shooting of the boy in Ferguson would be that spark. But things seems to have calmed down a bit.

It’s all a bit of a worry really.

I see that scientists have discovered the elelment of suprise…

element of surpriseWith that, I’ll love and leave you.




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