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I was wrong… again

Street clocks that show the temperature

It’s not often, but yesterday I was wrong. It takes a man to sit here sweating in his underpants to admit that.

When I wrote the post about the weather yesterday, I hadn’t yet been outside. But on leaving the house to go to work, I discovered my folly. Yesterday was actually hotter than the day before, a fact that was confirmed on the TV news last night.

Hottest day of the year. Official temperature 43,6°C. But here in the west of the city, they showed one of the street clocks in our area marking 48°C (122°F), now THAT’s hot!

No wonder my beer was boiling in the bottle.

Last night, it was impossible to sleep. Despite several ‘cold’ showers and lying in bed sopping wet under the direct fan to try and stay cool enough to drop off. I finally stopped trying and got up and wrote a post I have issues. Pop across and read it, there’s some personal back ground there that could well apply here.

Did you get the riddle in yesterday’s post title? = Blowed if I know! and the other = A man’ best friend is his dog. I had the book years ago, but sold it with the rest of my library when I decided to go abroad.

murphys-irish-stoutI am hoping that my student will ring soon and cancel today’s lesson.

It’s too hot to even think about work and I have a can of black sludge (Murphy’s Irish Stout) in the fridge that needs drinking. I drink it as a black ‘n tan (half stout, half beer) because it’s so expensive, that way I get double the pleasure.

Although I am not in the more affluent class, I am at an age when small pleasures are deserved.

I have been invited to my neighbour’s for New Years Eve, and apart from a nice imported bubbly to celebrate the New Year, I have two more cans of black sludge  to share with him.

Now I must off, my plants are doing a collective wilt. This heat has already killed off my mint and also, I’m afraid, my bonsai has succumbed as well.


I feel like a killer

No, not one of those serial types, although there are enough people in the world that would do justice to thoughts of such.

Rather, melancholy, like killing something with kindness.

Juniperus Procubens (Tuia Jacaré)

In a post a couple of weeks back I mentioned that I had become the proud owner of a bonsai, like the one on the right.

The instructions (it came as a kit) said to water twice daily, and I have, religiously.

But we are having a very dry spell at the moment with very low humidity.

Anyway, my little bonsai has developed three brown patches on its little branches, and I wonder if I am killing it with kindness, or the reverse, through neglect because of the low humidity.

Not a lot has happened worth mentioning, I have a new student, ergo more money.I am taking the kids out on their annual birthday bash tomorrow night with their mother. We do this yearly, because we all have birthdays between 8th Aug and 17th Sep, so I deal with it by having a pizza party at a local restaurant.

I can’t access Twitter, which narks me somewhat. Because I often use it as a source of posting ideas.

Later, I will write a Sunday Travel post, at least the idea is cogitating the grey matter, so you should be lucky.

I’m Free!

My students just canceled. The weekend has begun.


Everybody knows that TGIF means Thank God It’s Friday, but does it?

Not for sharks it doesn’t.

Juniperus Procubens (Tuia Jacaré)

I have a bonsai tree.

I have never had a bonsai tree before.

I have contemplated being the owner of a bonsai tree, but never went further than thinking about it. Tonight at class my student showed me a bonsai tree.

So cute!

It’s now mine and is sitting in my lounge.

Now I have to learn to care, feed and prune my little pet.

I love plants, and while I am not an admirer of flowery plants, I love greenery. Maybe I am entering a new phase in life, who knows?

Now I have a whole day to do nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true. There’s always coffee to be drunk. I have had three mugs already, and I am about to have a fourth. Then, of course, there is blogging. Now most people think that blogging is nothing, so for them I am doing nothing today; but then there are those who think that blogging is generally making some kind of contribution, so for those people, I’ll be sweating my little cotton socks off. I should also consider the dishes, then lunch.

I have a ton of meat left from the BBQ on Wednesday, so seeing as I can’t refreeze it, it has to be used so I will have another BBQ at the botequim about beer o’clock.

Now I have a large ginger feline type creature clawing at my thighs, I am thankful I haven’t removed my jeans yet. Lixo is telling me it’s breakfast time… again. He’s already had his breakfast, but he’s also always ready for a second helping, he is after all a growing boy. His girlfriend has also been around looking for ‘family benefit’; I told her to bugger off and wait until she has a family, not just a belly of paws and claws.

Now, where’s that coffee I was talking about?

It won’t appear magically, I’ll have to go on an expedition to the darkest reaches of my kitchen and make it.

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