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Still no Pussy

It's this hot

It’s this hot

This morning I checked the trees in the park. During the night I remembered he had got himself stuck up one and spent some hours until I finally hear his cries from the gate. Still no sign, probably just as well, because two days stuck in a tree in this heat he would have dehydrated.

Thank you all who have commented with support, it all helps.

I went to the dentist this morning, I have a massive infection in the gum around the crook tooth. I got an antibiotic and a come back in five days. I took the first pill in the supermarket at the drinking fountain and already the pain has dissipated; I was able to eat lunch.

I just had a wonderful frontal lobe numbing avocado smoothie. I had one yesterday too. Only needs half an avocado. I bought another one today.

Christmas is well over. Nobody even mentions it now Santa Claus is no doubt relaxing somewhere.


It’s nearly 5pm, the sun is getting lower behind the trees, it will be a little cooler, time for beerless o’clock. Can’t mix booze with antibiotics. Thank heaven for 0.0% beer. I got some at the supermarket this morning, it’s like drinking beer when you’re not drinking beer.

They’ve fixed the thumb on the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer (seven days), the poor folk in Novo Friburgo still don’t have houses (two years).

I have forgotten to mention that BBB (Big Brother Brazil) started again this week, so nightly we are bombarded by TV that goes beyond pathetic. Not in my house; I switch off the TV before it starts, stupid bloody programme. Brazilians will flock to watch the banal, but care about what happens in their country, never.



No Fizzy Dizzy Lizzy

no-alcoholWell, after yesterdays series of dizzy spells, I went to the UPA again this morning, this time my blood pressure was up a little. I got a little blue pill shoved under my tongue and started to fizz, I got poked and jabbed and had stuff pumped into me, made me pee like crazy. Four hours later, I was given another prescription and told to see an ear-nose-throat type.

In the taxi home, I remembered I hadn’t got anything out of the freezer, so there was only one solution, BBQ! Once again the waiters were surprised that I ordered a jug of fresh orange juice… this could become a habit.

I haven’t been told “No Alcohol”, I just haven’t felt like it. To me it makes sense, if you are taking pills you shouldn’t drink booze. I have been making extra fruit juice, pineapple and orange juice and banana smoothies.

So tomorrow, I am off into the city to search for an Otorhinolaryngologist, if you think that’s hard to say in English, you want to try the Portuguese version, it’s a real tongue twister. I have been given a vague idea where one hangs out.

One of the local kids banged on my gate this afternoon. “Mum wants to know if you want a kitten?”

So I may not be catless for too long.

I’m not particularly in writing mode at the moment. I actually have to think about thinking before I think, then the thinking process is a slow one, and inspiration is proportionately slow, almost inverse.

So, Later. Be good folks and hope you are having a better weekend than me.


Is it just me?


I didn’t get here yesterday. Well, I was here, but I just didn’t get here! So there was no post, not even one of my phantom posts.

Split days and a long early morning are to blame. Same today, but I didn’t have evening classes to deal with, so here I am; in all my underpanted glory.

After work, it was the supermarket. Bought too much booze, blew the budget. Apart from the odd twinge of guilt, it felt wonderful. I love my therapy. Who needs meds?

6997One of the boozy things I got was a bottle of Aussie wine, a dry white.

It was an unplanned purchase, cheap enough, but then I had already put a bottle of Campari in the chopping cart. That was later added to by a bottle of Tawny Port.

Then I bought some smelly cheese too, and they’re not cheap.

I have always considered minor memory lapses to be a sign of aging although they didn’t start recently, but have been with me for a long time. They don’t happen often, but small things like standing at the fridge with the door open wondering… “Why am I here?” Or entering another room, with the same bewilderment.

But I found the cause today, it all has to do with doors… You can read more on my Genes blog today.

popeboxbNext week life in Rio will be chaos. Public holidays on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. It has already cost me R$200 off my months wages and all because I of the Pope; and I’m not even Catholic! Why couldn’t he just send a nice message to be read to the faithful instead of getting on his chariot and coming here personally.

Popes should be kept on their ropes.

Not running around the world disturbing lives unnecessarily.

Weekend… Cold front is hovering, and after they said it wouldn’t be here until Monday. Someone needs to polish his crystal ball.

It’s my beefless week, so my menu is all chicken, pork and fish. Yes, there is a shark in my freezer.

The nws has started, the coffeepot is calling…


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