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Doing it again!

FFtoomanytabsYes, as soon as this post is done. I’ll be doing it all again.

It’s as close to Christmas cheer as I’ll get.

Last night I had to reset FireFox. It got too sluggish. I hate doing it because all my plugins disappear and I have to hunt them and reload them to get rid of the ads and all the trackers. It’s a hassle.

I have been reading about ‘Panic Saturday’, the last Saturday shopping before Christmas. It happened here in Brazil too. Stupid, stupid people. Hundreds of thousands of people out buying Christmas presents. Wild horses couldn’t drag me into town to do this.

Yesterday, I went to town, just the perifery, and it was insane. You couldn’t navigate the footpath for illegal stalls selling all sorts of crap. I eventually got to the butchers, got my stuff and got a taxi the hell out of there as fast as I could.

Silly Box: Raul Castro, Putin and China’s Xi, all qualify collectively for the silly box today. Castro becauses he’s pushing a weel recognised idealogical failure, communism; Putin because he’s a megalomaniac arsehole and driving Russia to the brink with his stupid ideas and Xi because he’s flying the ‘one China’ idea at the expense of the well being of his country ignoring the fact that the Islands of Macau and Hong Kong don’t want anything to do with one freakin’ China.

Right now my mind is dealing with important matters like, what do I put on the grill first. Pork ribs is the answer.

I should put my pants on (just finished Nap-fu practice) and mosey along to the botequim.

I may have photos to post later.

So, later.

Robbing a train is not mandatory

train-robberyThe title comes from a comment left yesterday…

…and just as I was about to go train spotting.

But I couldn’t find a horse.

Besides, the trains here either carry commuters or soya beans, not millions of pounds, so the exercise would be rather fruitless. I’m sure that stealing soya beans would not give me the notoriety needed to seek asylum, although they may well put me in one.

I didn’t get back yesterday as I thought I might.

So you’re all first up this morning now that I have cleared my mail box.

The rain has arrived, sort of. A few spatters overnight, and again this morning, it just spattered some more. Five minutes of spattering, then it unspattered. But unlike the past night’s dismal efforts, this is enough to wet the ground slightly and so may save the bushes in the praça.

In a fit of generosity on Friday, while beerificating for the afternoon at the botequim, I did something that I have been mulling over for sometime. The front of the botequim has always been rather stark, just a concrete veranda and bare posts. I have long felt that it needs to be more welcoming, other than the beer adverts. Although the prospect of beer is indeed welcoming.

The new look botequim

The new look botequim

I donated the various ornamental plants that I had around the backyard to gussy-up the place a bit. I managed three between beers before Raimundo caught me adding the fourth. He laughed and said that I was the only one in the neighbourhood who would do such a thing, and said thanks. Some of the regulars approved, others didn’t even notice in their search for more welcoming ideas. Those that did notice immediately recognised it as my doing.

The silly box…

Who killed Cock Robin bin Laden. Who gives a shit? He’ dead, let him swim rest in peace.

Pringles lids are expensive

Pringles lids are expensive

In England, or Wales, or somewhere over there, dropping a Pringles lid cost some turkey £500. The moral of the story, eat your crisps from a bag… Now I understand why Pringles are so expensive.

Also in Wales, I think, a police demonstration at a kindergarten went wrong. Instead of using a dummy cannister of pepper spray, they used a live one and sprayed the group of four year olds with the volatile liquid. Now the object was to endear the kids toward the police… Oh, I’m sure that worked, those kids will have a lifetime fear of the police. Oh, the trauma.

I have a niggle. I hate blogs that have a static ‘homepage’ and you have to search for blog posts. I like it when you open a blog, the latest post is there to be read. If you like it and want to search for other aspects of the blog, then do so.

tomorrow-is-monday-again-smallThe laundry lady has been and gone, the house is quiet again, so I can concentrate on posting to my other blogs.

There is still more coffee left, ah, the bliss…

Tomorrow is Monday, I wonder what misguided fortunes it will bring.


Half a Mind

half_a_mind_button-r72ee8ec3c9cf4889ba9915ddc407db02_x7j3i_8byvr_512I was of half a mind last night, should I post, or should I go to bed.

Bed won!

So yesterday was a rare day in which I didn’t post here. Besides there was nothing much to post about. Lunch was fried fish bits and tartare sauce at the botequim, with beer; and I watered the plants.

So I wake to another screwed up Saturday.

I posted some about midnight, and the rest this morning, I’ve got one to go after this and another coffee.

I’ve got the coffee; and a glance at the wall clock tells me I won’t get much more done here as I should put my pants on, behave like a teacher and toddle off.

“I’ll be back!” Those famous words…


Not much going on

It’s true, a whole Wednesday has passed me by.

I have been waiting for something to happen, or inspiration to stike, but nothing.

A trip to the supermarket, there was a BBQ at the botequim, so I threw some meat on it. I tried a new beer ‘Jade’, it was bloody awful. Won’t be buying that in a hurry.

I did the dishes…. now there was a moment’s excitement. That even surpassed watering the plants.

Time vortex

Time vortex

My clock has been going backwards. I’ve never seen that before. It’s like the dead batteries are sucking the time back.

I wonder if that’s where my inspirtaion went?

Sucked back into the vortices of time. Probably somewhen on the Tardis.

Damn Time Lords!

Footy is on soon. Flamngo vs Botafogo. I will go to the botequim to watch that and probably have a beer while doing so.

The first ebola patient outside Africa has died. This is going to get serious.

The girl from Mars

The girl from Mars

There’s been a bit of hype lately about sending humans to Mars…

Mars mission: Could US girl, 13, be first on red planet?

“Alyssa Carson has big dreams. At the age of 13 she is determined to be the first person to land on Mars.”BBCNews

As a parent, what would you do if your kid waltzed in and announced she was off to Mars?

Laugh it off as wishful thinking.

“But this is more than wishful thinking – Nasa thinks she stands a chance and she is already in training. “

There’s nothing like ambition.

A blog post had me in fits today. I’ve seen it before, but it’s just so funny. I found it on Englishman in Italy which is a really great blog.





Salmon makimono

Salmon makimono

Yes, I have been sushified.

I have resolved that I will undertake a new project. I am going to learn the art of making sushi and makimono and stuff.

I love sushi.

I can’t afford sushi.

So, I will make it!

What’s more, I have discovered there is a shop near a supermarket that I sometimes go to that sells the seaweed and other makings.

I’m not going to rush into this, besides, I have to wait for pay day… which is more than a fortnight away. So I am about the spend the next two weeks salivating in anticipation.

I have to find out where to get fresh fish now. The supermarkets I normally go to only have frozen stuff, and the one that has fresh stuff, I wouldn’t buy from because the place is filthy. I only buy commercial packed stuff there, nothing fresh or prepared by them. A few months ago the Health Dept closed them for a week to get their shit together.


São Bras Market in town

There is a market in town, São Bras, that has many fish stalls, but I don’t recall seeing salmon or tuna there.

I’ll have to investigate. Maybe they can get some for me when they do their buying over in Niteroi where the best fish markets are.

In the praça in front there is a lovely tree. Well, I think it’s lovely

So far it hasn’t been destroyed by kids like some of the other trees because it’s harder to climb.

I was sitting there last week and I noticed it was in flower. Unusual yellow flowers.

treepraçaI have no idea what sort of tree it is. It’s just nice.

The unusual flowers

The unusual flowers

So many people today are in such a rush, their lives are stressful, they don’t have a moment to stop and enjoy what is around them. I find it so peaceful to just sit and observe.

Delicious onion rings

Delicious onion rings

After work, I stopped off at the botequim after my Nap-fu practice. I had fried up some onion rings and battered pieces of hotdog. Great to have a snack to share while enjoying the company and a beer, or two.

Yesterday the weather took an expected turn.

Hot and sunny in the morning and clouded over in the afternoon, eventually turning quite cool and refreshing with heavy rain in the evening. The cool and rain continue today.

Most of my blogging has been done for the day; just Tomus Arcanum to go. I haven’t found anything suitable yet, but that could change before the witching hour.

Before I succumb to the need of a further Nap-fu session, I’ll point you to a reblog post on Shit Happens. The Queen’s message after the referendum defeat on Scot’s independence. There’s a surpise ending; and yes, it’s satire.

New Zealand got what it deserved. The return of the incumbent government for a third term. After the revelations about mass government spying and dirty tricks in the last weeks sullying the PMs reputation, I fail to see how so many Kiwis are so stupid. Just makes me glad I’m an ex-pat.

So the Scots failed to change anything, The Kiwis failed in the same endeavour. I wonder if the Brazilians will follow suit and reelect the blonde bimbo. At least in four years they will have to vote for somebody else, because Brazilian law limits the presidency to two terms.

I here the sounds of slumber summoning me….



downloadYes, I am downloading birthday 64.

It’ll take about a year.

I should be making potato salad, and tomatoes and cucumber, and lettuce salad, and lots of other stuff.

But I am here, with my coffee at 11am for a noon start. I am banking that the ex will be late, she always is, but then just when I expect her to be late, she’ll arrive at the appointed hour. This could be worthy of a Monday.

My beer tankard never looked like this, people kept filling it up

My beer tankard never looked like this, people kept filling it up

Last night’s BBQ was a success, nothing really to report, and no photos.

Started at roughly four finished at roughly 9:30. I was in bed at 10 (bugger the dishes) roughly trying to go to sleep.

I finally succumbed, and slept peacefully.

I have swept a part of the praça. the area I want to use was covered with fallen leaves.

Yesterday was a busier day than I imagined. The previous night I had saved an old cabinet of sorts from the rubbish, and I had set about making it suitable to use in the kitchen.

It was also going to replace the grotty old thing I have used for the last five years.

Grotty old thing, but it sufficed

Grotty old thing, but it sufficed

And the result of my labours…

A new grotty old thing

A new grotty old thing

When I got it home it was just the top, sides, back and runners for drawers. I added a base plate and two shelves from old wardrobe (closet) sides that I got from the same dump. It’s not fancy, but it’s better than what I had. By the time I had finished, I was exhausted and my back was aching from the exertions of carrying stuff; the dump was about a half kilometre from home, some 500 yards. Doesn’t sound much but when you are on a walking stick, it’s a bloody long way.

I have often alluded to the ‘eleven metres from my gate to the bar’. Here is that eleven metres.

So far from the botequim...

So far from the botequim…

My gate on the right, my neighbour’s gate, then… bliss.

See the plants I have in front, one of them is so colourful.

My colourful plant

My colourful plant

I have another by the front door.

A few weeks ago, I snapped a twig off my beefsteak, and put it in a glass of water to propagate like the original, but all the leaves fell off and I thought it had died. But, I neglected to throw it out. This morning I discovered…

Beefsteak shoot

Beefsteak shoot

Sometimes it pays to be forgetful. Roll on dementia!

Now I’m off to begin the salads. My posting for the day is complete.



63 years ago…

At 4am in the morning I was but a squalling nappied infant three hours old.

Happy Birthday to me…

Knee deep in BBQ juices

I should be knee deep in BBQ juices

Yes, today is the day!


All my plans this week come to fruition.

I am up early so that I can get my posts up for the day, then it’s back to bed, because I won’t have much time for Nap-fu practice.

BBQ starts at the botequim about 4pm, if past years are anything to go by, I’ll still be cooking meat well into the night, I’m figuring 10pmish, by then I’ll be pretty much knackered and ready for bed. It’ll definitely be a case of ‘bugger the dishes’.

I’ll have photos tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I must blog along.

Later! Much later.

Dead Man’s Chest

Loverly plonk

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, ah wine!

This wine, in fact ——–>

I put yesterday’s theory to the test and had a bottle of wine with lunch, then after lunch and for afternoon tea. By that time the bottle was empty.

I was still quite lucid and hadn’t forgotten anything, least of all the fact that I live next door; so I conclude that red wine, at least, is good for the memory.

The test for white wine will take place another day without classes.

After lunch, I took the bottle and my wine glass to the botequim, Raimundo looked at me askance as I announced I was bringing a touch of class to his humble bar.

He’s quite used to the eccentricities of his foreign neighbour, so didn’t bat an eyelid as I hauled a plastic chair off the pile and sat at the table on the veranda to pour another glass.

I sat there for the afternoon quaffing my Merlot in the afternoon sun.

I had a successful day yesterday; I successfully shattered a glass ashtray on the bedroom floor. It wasn’t one of those planned thingies. As I emptied it in the trash can, I clipped the edge of the table and it went sailing magnificently through the air to shatter quite spectacularly on the slate floor.

My immediate thought was, “Bugger, well that’s one less to wash!”

Lethargy – one of my commenters appraised lethargy as being a sophisticated way of saying ‘fat, lazy slug’. The subject was 40ºC+ temps of a Spanish summer. While we all strive to be sophisticated, sometimes ‘fat, lazy slug’ just fits the bill perfectly.

Have you had your oprectomy yet?

Anyone in there?

Anyone in there?

Another comment on another blog wrote about another ‘ectomy’ operation that he had undergone, which reminded me of a historic cartoon in the days before hard drives.

Basically, it described this delicate oprectomy as an operation that severs the cord that connects your eyeballs to your rectum to remove your shitty outlook on life.

This small operation improves one’s life immensely.

There, that’s enough medicine for the day.

Not only Japan!

Not only Japan!


Proof that the human race learns nothing.

The Japanese are looking at restarting two reactors…

Shit, haven’t they done enough damage to the planet with Fukushima?

IMHO, any country that has earthquake risks and tidal waves should be banned from even thinking about nuclear energy.

Australia have abandoned the carbon tax. Tony Abbot is a wanker taking the country back to the stone age. Now he wants to pay the carbon producing industries to control their carbon output; how twisted is that? Paying the criminal not to steal…

A fridge should have more than just beer

A fridge should have more than just beer

Sunny still day out there, I haven’t given lunch a thought… there’s no lunch in the fridge to think about.

I could, of course, rectify that, but it means putting on more than my underpants. Now is that lethargy, or just being a fat, lazy slug?

I conclude from the ‘Likes’ on my last two posts, that my readers are more interested in the bowels of my camera and my voices than vaginas and arseholes…

Let’s see what they make of a post in which I said ‘rectum’.

Now, just because I have mentioned arseholes and rectums in two subsequent posts, don’t go jumping to the conclusion that I have a rectal fixation. The only connection I have with my rectum is between me and the toilet paper and the toilet paper isn’t talking.

Just enough time to have a nap, before I don’t have lunch.


Delerium Tremens

Or the DTs, literally means shaking frenzy, and are usually suffered by those dependent when deprived of alcohol.

Drink deprivation in my case is not the problem; I have more alcohol in the house than food. (I’ll have to figure out what that says about me…)

halfwayBut going cold turkey for two days without football, is driving me to drink. Now I’m not sure where Drink is, but according to the sign, I’m halfway there.

I’ll let you know when I arrive.

This morning at 7:15 I was seriously trying to go back to sleep after rolling over. I suddenly had a terrible urge for fried eggs. Sleep was forgotten as I bounced out of bed.

Then I discovered there was no ‘yesterday’s coffee’, which meant that I had to make fresh. As a result of being pre-Coffee, I was a little terse in my reply to a comment on yesterday’s post. Belatedly, I apologise. I have fresh coffee now and the world is looking wonderful, despite the fact that it is MONDAY!

New plants

New plants

I did do something constructive yesterday.

A new plant that I bought a couple of weeks ago was in a small pot and the size indicated that it would be getting root-bound. So I got it out, attacked it with my old kitchen knife and hacked it carefully in two.

I now have two new plants. I have no idea what it is they are, but they’re pretty. Perhaps MWPG, who knows lots about plants, will recognise it and put me out of my misery.

At least I didn’t kill it. This morning they are still standing.

Monday, sunny, sunshine reflecting on my monitor through the window, means it’s time to make my eggs. By the time I return I will be able to continue without this nasty glare.

A comment overheard in the botequim yesterday as I was having my afternoon bottle… “The Brazilian team has three problems when they play tomorrow’s game against Germany, Tiago Silva (Captain) is out with a second yellow card, Neymar is out of action, and Fred is fit to play.”

redFurther, briefly, to my comments yesterday about Krul, the Dutch goalie substituted at the last minute of extra time. “Tim Krul was playing mind games, walking up to the Costa Rica players, taking his time to get onto his line. “ – a sports commentator.

This is not gamesmanship, it’s evil and he should have been red-carded.

Just watching the news while eating my eggs, they were delicious. According to FIFA, Neymar has been the most persecuted player in this cup, suffering more fouls against him than any other player. He was hunted.

This post means that I have completed half my blogging today. I wonder what the rest of the day holds. But I’d wager that a nap and beer are involved.


Oh, just before I go… Clorinha having a Bedlam Moment during the football on Friday.



Wanting for a Title

allpurposeinspirationIt’s true, despite four coffees. I can’t think of a title.

I’ll have to get another of those cans of All-Purpose Inspiration next time at the supermarket.

I read one of the stupidest things yesterday. Referring to help for prisoners to stop re-offending.  This is the stupid thinking of politicians (and society, I might add). The help needs to be before they ever get to prison. Once they get to prison, in the majority of cases, it’s too damned late.

Another political stupidity, food banks, David Cameron praising food banks for the work they do. If the government was doing its job there wouldn’t be a need for food banks!

Catch 22. A Christian was sacked for berating homosexuals by saying that the Bible says homosexuality is an abomination. The Christian was sacked  for homosexual discrimination. In turn the Christian is now claiming religious discrimination… and so the wheel turns.

Now, I put it to you that Christianity is a learned behaviour… therefore possibly unnatural. Homosexuality is not, but rather genetic. Think about that.

My list of things to do today is complete when I finish this post.


Should be successful

The rest of the day should go smoothly.

Lunch will be leftover mustard mince on toast. Yesterday’s lunch was mustard mince and chips, which was better than the reheated pepperoni pizza from Friday.

What lavish feast did you have on Good Friday?

Most Brazilians have fish. Salted cod is the choice. Personally I can’t stand the stuff, unless it is bolas de bacalhão (Cod balls), they’re quite tasty and go well with beer.


bolas de bacalhão

Sometimes Raimundo makes them at the botequim.

Now, I do believe I feel a nap coming on…




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