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Something Wonky

Not sage advice... just sage

Not sage advice… just sage

Yes, there is something wonky. Gravatars are not showing up today, not on my blogs or any others. Annoying.

Another day off, another ‘do nothing’ day. Cloudy and windy with the prospect of rain. There is also the prospect of another BBQ; plenty left over from yesterday.

My sage plant is growing fast, it’s actually twice the height as in the photo.

On reflection, there is nothing actually to write about. Not even a Silly Box today.

America’s shame. It does look like the report on the CIA has stirred up a can of worms. There are calls from many quarters demanding prosecutions. Could be a shake up like America has never seen before. Meanwhile Obama is saying “let’s move on,” as though to sweep the dirt under the proverbial carpet.

BP has lost its latest appeal over Gulf costs. Go on, pay up you capitalist bastards, pay until it hurts!

Greenpeace activits have been naughty. The Peruvian government is not at all happy with their lates protest and are threatening to sue the organisation.

Protesters have left a message on the famed Nazca lines - Image BBC

Protesters have left a message on the famed Nazca lines – Image BBC

Source: BBCNews

Must trot along and see if the beer is cold.


Such a Bohemian

Yes, I tend to shun convention.

Take this for example. Yesterday’s lunch; absolute debauchery.

Boned T-bone on the grill

Boned T-bone on the grill

A full inch thick juicy steak.

Onion and mushroom gravy

Onion and mushroom gravy

And once it was on the plate…

The end product

The end product

Served with boiled potatoes and parsley butter.

I eat like this and I am losing weight. What a wonderful diet.

People are scared of food. Food makes you fat! That’s bullshit. It’s the type of food that makes you fat, not real food.

Lard and dripping for cooking

Lard and dripping for cooking

Steak with the fat still on, butter and not margarine. The onions were fried off in lard, not oil, not vege fat. No processed foods, although the mushrooms were dehydrated shiitake, reconstituted in white wine. If you shy away from processed foods, ie anything you buy in the supermarket and make your food from scratch at home using only natural ingredients, you’ll lose weight.

All pure poison

All pure poison

The first thing you need to get out of your life is any form of soft drink or soda and processed fruit juice.

I drink only sparkling mineral water and juice my own fruit.

I also drink beer, but not all beers. There are some beers now that are being made with GM corn like Budweiser and Newcastle and I believe Itaipava here in Brazil.

I wouldn’t touch GM products, I don’t trust them. Politicians (not scientists) say they’re safe; politicians have a habit of lying, that’s a good enough reason for me.

The key to being overweight is, generally, laziness.

I am not the most slender person around, but I have a double handicap. I use a walking stick to get around, it’s not easy to go jogging with a walking stick, it usually wins. My lifestyle, therefore is largely sedentary, so I must control my size with what I eat and drink.

My biggest enemy is bread. I love bread. Whole wheat bread, brown bread, just don’t do it; it has to be good old white bread, lovely fluffy white bread.

It’s just after 7am, I’m awake because my neighbour, who uses my carport, locked the gate key in the car. I’m not awake by choice.

Clear sky, another sunny day ahead, should reach into the 30ºCs, with no classes, it will be a day of beer and football. Yesterday was just football, I’d had enough beer for the Brazilian game on Saturday.

I might be naïve. Yes, even at my age. I had no idea that world cup players got ‘bonuses’, ie paid. I find that disgusting. I thought the world cup was about patriotism, playing for one’s country. But these rows over bonuses have left a sour taste. Especially on TV team members were shown sniffing wads of money.

Lunch today, pork schnitzel. The butcher had sliced some rump chops too thinly, so I got three pieces, hammer them out and whallah! Schnitzel. Reheat the leftover gravy and I’ll probably mash the potatoes today.

Britain is short of sperm… Well, I never. Venezuela is short of toilet paper, that I can understand, but being short of sperm takes the cake. How can they be short of sperm? That’s just bad planning. They’ve got a public (private) school system with virile youth masturbating their socks off… Think outside the box, stop pretending teenagers don’t do it; you’ll never be short again 🙂

Netscape-Logo-psd5816Last night I was flummoxed. I can usually solve my own problems, even here at the PC. But last night I managed to get FireFox into full screen mode, and I couldn’t get out of it. I couldn’t even use it to google why and how. I had to wind up Netscape to do the googling… The answer was there. Problem solved.

Netscape may be old, but it is still good. Netscape was the best browser ever, should never have been discontinued.

Yesterday morning while making the coffee, for some strange reason, I was transported to the past, back before I was married. I was the nightshift supervisor for a Bird’s Eye processing plant, some of our roustabouts were pretty tough types, bike gang members; hard guys to win over. The girl’s supervisor was a buxom lady in her 30s. One of the bikers had a wicked sense of humour, and used to come out with some gems. Like, “May, you remind me of a spanner (wrench)!” Whereupon enquiry, he answered, “Everytime I think about you, my nuts tighten.”

Why I thought of that, I have no idea, just a flash from the past.

BP is whingeing again. This time it wants some billions in compensation returned with interest. Sorry, but you need to pay more. There is no compensation for what you did to the gulf and you should bleed over it forever.

The sun is up. I feel like a vampire and need a nap to escape the withering sun.




I lost my pussy

She’s around here somewhere, I just can’t find her. She has her little hiding places; behind the sofas, inside the old PC and the like, and she loves hiding in the garden.

Clorinha playing Hide 'n Seek

Clorinha playing Hide ‘n Seek

Found her!

She is so dumb sometimes. Like yesterday she spotted a butterfly fluttering across the yard and she was off, today I put a lump of mincemeat in her dish almost under her nose and had to show her where it was.

I am back to normal again. I ate some mortadela (luncheon or bologna, depends where you are) in bread rolls last night and I am back on dairy products today; milk in my coffee and cheese sandwich for lunch.

If it's ovoid, it's an egg

If it’s ovoid, it’s an egg

I saw an article about buying eggs yesterday. Interesting, so much to consider. I am a typical male, if it’s ovoid, it’s an egg. I get them from the other bar in our street, so I know they’re fresh, although not free-range, which I’d prefer.

Have you ever wondered why eggs are ovoid? Simple, it stops the hen’s orifice from snapping shut… ouch!

Just imagine the shock…

SNAP! WTF was that?

SNAP! WTF was that?

Prince Charles is just like his father, Prince Phillip. Opens mouth and puts his foot in it. This time he has upset Putin, by likening his actions to Nazis. Putin is incensed, because it’s verging on true. He’s the biggest threat to peace in Europe since WWII.

BP is making a last ditch stand to limit the compensation for damages to the Gulf. I hope they fail. There should be no limit given the size of the disaster. The damages should be paid for in perpetuity until the company bleeds.

So, now when is the world going to demand damages from Japan for screwing up the planet? Fukushima is going to haunt us for as long as there is life on Earth.

England is involved in polls for some European Union thingy election. You’re not allowed to take selfies in the polling booth. There’s no law against it. Here in Brazil, all electronic devices are confiscated before voting.

Malawi has just held elections which are claimed as corrupt. In some places candidates had more votes than there were voters. Yup, that sounds fishy to me.

I have Nap-fued already, short but restful. I have things to do, dishes, water the plants, get rubbish ready for collection, all the exciting stuff of life. Don’t you just envy me?





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