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All Brazil is Weeping

Brazil 1Germany 7

No star this year

No star this year

“Hosts Brazil suffered one of the most humiliating defeats in World Cup history as Germany scored five times in the first half in reaching the final.” – BBCNews

Brazil waited until the 90th minute to start its come back… too late.

Scolari will have some hard questions to answer; like why didn’t he put Jefferson in goal after the third German goal?

I came home after the fifth goal and opened the Chardonnay, not to celebrate, but it had one of those stupid screw caps and when I turned the bottle in the rack, it cracked the seal… Has to be drunk.

I am feeling very morose. Brazil is my adopted country and after 20+ years here to see Brazil lose so dramatically at home in its own World Cup cuts very deeply.

Now I fear the repercussions.

Will the people turn on the political aspects of the cup and the costs?

Will this sound the death knell for the PT political party and Dilma?

Will we witness a new round of civil unrest and destruction?

Later, I’m off to finish that Chardonnay.






The Blogger Didn’t Blog

No, the Blogger was a bad boy.

But, I have freshly brewed coffee and am about to rectify this serious omission.

Cold weather struck Monday after a hot weekend. Much of the south of Brazil has been devastated with heavy rain, floods, snow, huge hailstones and even a tornado ripped one small town in rural São Paulo state apart; causing billions in damage and grain losses. The towns main industry was storing soya (GMO) and the huge grain silos were just torn apart and they had trucks flying through the air.

Taquarituba, rural São Paulo state, hit by a tornado on Sunday - image

Taquarituba, rural São Paulo state, hit by a tornado on Sunday – image

Now, Brazil doesn’t didn’t get tornados, but the last two years have seen them, along with a hurricane two years ago. Brazil has always had floods, but the severity has worsened in the same two years. Tell me there isn’t climate change.

And yet we have government arseholes (assholes for Americans who refer to their arseholes as donkey-holes, we call them for what they are) denying that climate change exists, even in Australia, the newly elected prime minister is in total denial, and pushing for more and more coal.

Sorry, had to take a ‘kitty break’, Cloro wanted cuddles. He’s a growing pussy, whereas before his sharp little claws were sore, now they are agony; and his teeth have become the jaws-of-death. He has discovered that if you go out the bedroom window you can sit on top of the old fridge in the garage and survey your king, ah catdom. I have introduced him to the botequim a few times now, he is a little bit fraidy of the outside world, but ‘oh the possibilities.’

Back on track, because of the cold weather, I have been stuck indoors, not doing much, the highlight of the last two days has been limited to the dishes and finding dead cockroaches in the bed (twice). So there hasn’t been a lot to blog about. I have also been busy finding and downloading new material for English lessons, so blogging generally was on the back burner.

But have no fear, I haven’t met my demise just yet.

This is the first post of the day, so must blog along.


Stating the Obvious


The obvious

I could state the obvious and say it’s Sunday, but I will refrain from boring you.

I could also tell you that I am enjoying my umpteeth cup of wonderful Brazilian coffee, but once again that would be stating the obvious. Could you really imagine me at the keyboard without coffee? <——– Rhetorical question.

I could also tell you that Cloro is playing around in an empty box, but that would again be stating the obvious, that’s what cats do. BTW, it’s his first box.

I could also tell you that Brazil won yesterday’s football (soccer) match against Australia, 6-0, but that would yet again be stating the obvious…

Quite frankly, I have no idea why I am sitting here; everything I choose to write about is obvious.

WTF, they won?

WTF, they won?

I see Tokyo won the bid to host the Olympics in 2020. Nice, go watch the Olympics come home with your thyroid rotting from radiation. Japan is dead as far as I am concerned. You couldn’t drag me there with mules!

TEPCO, the lying bastards are still bloody lying two years after the event. The Japanese government finally figured that out (oh how these politicians think on their feet) and have stepped in, two years too late.


This week the sea is boiling around Fukushima

This week the sea is boiling around Fukushima

Tokyo is 240km (150 miles for those who can’t speak kilometerese). When it comes to radiation, that is nextdoor. I fully suspect that the northern part of Honshu (Tokyo is on the island of Honshu) will be another sad Chernobyl. By 2020 there won’t be a Tokyo.

The situation is so bad that nobody has the guts to tell the truth; not Tepco, not the Japanese government, not the USA about the dangers on the west coast.

Would you go to Japan?


Home grown

The last of my tomatoes is now in the vege bin. There are still a few small ones to ripen. It will be a few weeks before the next lot are ready, and then a few weeks after them, another lot.

The local price has dropped from the R$10/kg to R$3 or 4, but I am not being held to ransom.

There’s only one way to beat inflation, that’s grow as much as you can.

This one-way trip to Mars, what do you think about it?

The Red Planet

The Red Planet

I have been thinking about it.

200,000 applied, do they know or suspect something that the rest of us do not?

Is it possible that the Martian travellers will breed? Will they be allowed to breed?

Are they to be the first colonists?

Are they the lucky ones to have escaped from this dying mud ball?

Are the rest of us doomed to die along with the planet Earth?

So many questions, so few answers.

This is the first post of the day, must blog along.


A No Pee Day

At least so far.

Reminded in a comment yesterday, I omitted a slippee yesterday. Fortunately my trusting nature lead me to cover the sofa with a plastic sheet, so no damage was done except to the nasal extremity of said feline piddler, when she got her nose rubbed in it.

Like this will ever happen? image - news.com.au

Like this will ever happen? image – news.com.au

Cloro has a new habit. He climbs up on to my neck and watches the blogging process. He’d make a good little blogger, he has the idea of napping down to a fine art.

Cool and sunny today, 2nd day with no sign of Dizzy Lizzy, will try a beer during the Brazil vs Australia friendly this afternoon.

It’d better not happen.

That would be an unmitigated disaster for Brazil, as well as bloody embarrassing.


Ayers Rock is a natural monument – export potential

I see Australia is approaching it’s own little Abbotalypse. Abbott got elected. They’re changing their national anthem to ‘God help Australia’. There have been rumours that after he has depleted Australia’s coal reserves, he plans to grind up Ayers rock to export as landfill.

Interesting article on quakerattled with an equalling interesting link to George Monbiot on how Abbott will trash Australia; well, they voted for him, good luck with that.

An hour before kick off, better have a snack,


Blowing off Steam

Old boiler

Old boiler

There are times when I feel like an old boiler, sitting here at the keyboard slowly rusting.

I don’t get out and about much, and the feeling of being a hermit flashes across my mind; not often but it has flashed and while it doesn’t induce feelings of despondency, nor lead to depression (can’t understand depression, but then I drink coffee) it does make me think.

I do get out of the house, sometimes I have to force myself, even if it is just to the botequim (local bar) next door. I don’t go there to drown my sorrows, that’s for fools, I go for the fresh air, for a gaze over the park, or a chat.

Like yesterday, I poked my nose out the gate and there at the bar was a good friend whom I hadn’t seen for months. Grace had had a cancer operation on the throat, and even though I pass her house everyday on the way to work, I had only seen her once. So it was a pleasant surprise to see her at the botequim again; our chatting started basically where we had left of months ago, except over fresher beer.

Fire in the Hole!

Grace and her friend left, and I began to chat with another pair sitting at the table at the other end of the veranda. One of whom I had seen before, the other, never. The younger woman was quite chatty, much younger than my foggy years, quite comely in fact, making nothing more of the thought as we talked. The younger woman was in fact a little older than my initial estimate, early/mid twenties; she was actually 31, which made her exactly half my age.

Maybe twenty minutes passed and the older woman had to go and they made to leave. It was about then when I became confused. I stood to get another beer, and some how the woman was in my arms as we said good bye… her saying she’d be back in ten minutes.

I sat nursing my beer, trying to make sense of things, and within a Brazilian woman’s 10 minutes, she was back.


Fire in the boiler


But I have been single for five years, I haven’t been paquerando (hunting) for some time, and I was out of my depth.

Maybe there’s fire in the old boiler yet?

Now I sit here still trying to make sense of the afternoon.

Any way, that’s why you didn’t get a post yesterday, affairs of the boiler (I’m too old to have a heart).

Moving right along.

Neymar 1 - Japan - 0

Neymar 1 – Japan – 0

Today is the kick off for the Confederation’s Cup, yes football. Brazil vs Japan in Brasilia, the capital. TV is full of it, hype, interviews, opinions from the street, coverage of the demonstration over the cost of the event. Palpites (estimates of the result) between 3-3 and 0-0, one even guessed Neymar 1 – Japan 0. Neymar is probably Brazil’s No.1 up and coming star, just having been signed on for Barcelona.

So it’s big business. Games starts at 4pm, that’s a couple of hours away.

The hype all happens again tomorrow, Italy vs Mexico here in the revamped Maracanã.

I have had lunch, a heavy beef curry on rice. Now I suppose I should get out of my pyjamas and go along to the bar to see what’s happening.


Disaster Area

It’s Thursday, the week has gone, not only that Thursday is rapidly drawing to a close too.

Now I am trying to figure out what happened.

The last thing I remember was looking at the kitchen with a sink full of dishes and then promising to write another post here for Sunday Travel tales…

Neither got done.

Then, it was now!

I have just woken from my after-lunch-nap, disorientated, confused and my eyes are bleary.

I have coffee which is a consolation.

I have begun a new series on They Say it’s in the GenesPhilosoraptor Friday, it will feature the strange musings of a Philosoraptor.

Yes, crazy stuff like that.

So you are welcome to come and visit me there, if you don’t already.

Work is not good. My students have deserted me, for legitimate reasons, but legitimate reasons don’t fill my bank account.

US – We have an army… Brazil – We have a Hulk (20)

I have really had plenty of time to write a post here, and I have had good intentions of doing so, but they just didn’t evenuate. Like yesterday, I wrote a post on Eco-Crap with a secondary subject, that created a series of long comments, that I responded to with equally long replies, then because Brazil was playing the USA in a ‘friendly’ before the upcoming World Cup, TV programmes were all at different times, then there was the match itself. Brazil 4 US 1

Yes, the Brazilian team has a player nicknamed Hulk.

Now, I must away. Beer o’clock.

Best Day of the Month

Every PC should have this button

Yesterday was canceled. My only student of the day postponed her class until Friday, so with the day free, I got on the next bus to ‘Pay Day.’

Which is just as well, I was counting my pennies until Friday to make sure I had the bus fare to work.

I arrived hopeful. Only to have any immediate ideas of getting my pay dashed as the office manager was still at the bank.

It was only a half hour wait. She arrived and tried so hard to look serious announcing, “The bank didn’t have any money, they can’t get the vault open.” I made no comment; I know when she’s lying. I just sat in the waiting room and flipped through the pages of a French magazine. My name was called… I ran, grabbed, counted and escaped all in one fluid movement, shouting a thank you over my shoulder; I was in the elevator before I finished.


As always, my pay day treat is sushi. A wonderful sushi lunch before heading back to the wild west of Rio where I live. I had two choices; one, I could get a van that went via Cachamorra and get of at the supermarket, two, I could get one that went via Magarça and pay the rent. The dice were not on my side. I paid the rent.

Off I went to explore the possibility of a laptop. I had seen one advertised on TV for R$899, the promotion had finished, the price was now a hundred dearer. But they did have one left, the ‘mostuario‘ (display unit). Okay, give me a discount and I’ll pay cash and take it. The system wouldn’t allow him to discount it. So I walked out after telling him in no uncertain terms that because of shop policy, they had lost a sale in cash (when the majority of  Brazilians buy on time payment or credit card).

I got the van home. Dumped my stuff on the sofa and off to the botequim. Brazil was playing a ‘friendly’ Ghana. I saw the last half hour. Brazil 1, Ghana 0. Home to check my emails.

Then is was time for my soaps and the news. So the day was canceled as far as blogging was concerned.

I managed a couple of posts because, I had drafted them on Sunday and only need to publish them. I have never done that before… handy.

Now, I need more coffee, then work.


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