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I have a cunning plan

humor162But before we go in to that, I need a coffee refill.


Back with the aforementioned coffee. Now where was I? Ah yes, the cunning plan. It’s a plan so cunning…

Do you remember, or know of Blackadder?

Sir Edmund Blackadder is perfect British humour. I loved the series as it tracked the Blackadders through history.

Here’s a clip about a cunning plan.

Now that you understand a cunning plan. I’ll tell you mine.

Brazeiro, Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro

Brazeiro, Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro

I am going to escape the drudgery of staying at home on a Sunday and blogging. I am going out for lunch. As today is my last day of my ‘beef’ week, I am going out for a rodizio BBQ at Brazeiro, my favourite restaurant at the end of the known world situated on Esquena da pecado (Sin Corner).

It is the perfect ‘dead cow’ experience, although it also serves dead pig, dead chicken and dead sauasages.

Lunch will include a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, or tankards of beer; I haven’t decided yet. I am expecting a fellow teacher colleague, friend to be in attendance as well, although she hasn’t confirmed yet.

Lixo - Baby photo

Lixo – Baby photo

Most of you know that I have a big ginger tomcat named Lixo (Rubbish) named so because of the circumstances in which I found him. The young lady, of Friday’s acquaintance, in formed me on hearing the tale that I should have named him Reciclagem (Recycle) because he was Lixo, but I recycled him to pet status, but Reciclagem doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as Lixo, so he stays my little ‘rubbish’.

The photo is of when he was a little rubbish, he’s a big boy now. Quite a respectable Tomcat, and heavy.

Must away, desmellify, and make myself presentable.



Hung Won-on


Maybe it needs to be screwed in a little more securely

Not to be confused with  a North Korean…

Yes, I did. Hence the brain is not functioning well at the moment. Mind you, it is better than it was at 1am, 3am, 5am and 7.

Not only the head, but also the nether region, I had a beaut dose of diarrhea. I won’t present the full details in order to protect your sensibilities.

It all started as a shopping trip. I had planned to wander around a few shops and make a couple of purchases; things that I had seen Easter weekend. After the first mega-store, Superlar (Super home), my left leg was beginning to ache, so clutching my bag of booty I hobbled off to the only place that I knew of that had seats, beer and food; in that order. One must have one’s priorities right.

Yes, I went to Brazeiro, where I could find the four main essentials, BBQ, salad bar, beer and a nice environment.

stacarolinavistañaNext time, I must take my camera, there are no images of the Brazeiro that I go to on google.

After two beers and a lot to eat, I decided that I would get a bottle of wine, dry white. I do like my wine and this Vistaña from Santa Carolina winery in the Central Valley, Chile was just what the doctor ordered.

I spent the rest of the afternoon quaffing my chilled wine and nibbling on cheese bits.

So far, all was well.

I got a taxi home and saw friends at the botequim next door. One doesn’t want to appear churlish and ignore one’s friends especially on a Saturday afternoon.

It was soon after my arrival that Lincoln, one of the afore mentioned friends, produced a bottle of José Cuervo Tequila… It was about the same time that things began not to go so well and time moved on until I realised that I was chapado (more than a little under the weather).

It was news time, and I thought that retreat was the better part of valour. I went home.

There you have it, a perfect way to waste a Saturday.

I rarely get beyond happy, sometimes a little tiddly, I have even been known to waddle with a starboard list on the way home, but I never get drunk, that was until last night…

Yes, I hung one on…


Sorry People…

Back to boring.

Yesterdays reblog got 15 likes… I’m jealous.


For one year blogging

I have found out that WordPress sends out little badges when you have been blogging for a year… I didn’t get one and I have a few blogs that are more than a year old;

I’m sulking, alright?

I walked to work, got my pay, bus to town, paid my rent. That was half my pay gone. Oh well, easy come, easy go.

I pay my rent near Brazeiro restaurant, 50metres no less. It was such a temptation and being a beef-eating week, I was sorely tempted. But I stuck to my original plan and went to a cheaper restaurant which also has BBQ. It was so crowded that I couldn’t get near the BBQ bit, so I had fish for lunch; and beer of course.

I got home with a full belly, and could only think of naptime.

Soon, it will be worktime. Two out of three students have cancelled, so only one class and then home for beer o’clock.

Now I must off and do my #FFs.


Been & Gone

My Saturday students changed to an 8am start, they’ve been and gone and I was exhausted, so back to bed.

Woke at 1pm, day wasted.

In a fit of energy I resolved to do yesterday’s trip, got up got dressed got out.

The Kombi went the back way which was some way from my first port of call.

awhitepepperI passed a shop that has herbs and spices, they’ve been out of white pepper for months; but I stopped in to have a look, just as I had given up and was leaving there it was, a stack of ground white pepper! Bought two bags.

Onward, I found a shop selling the same carpets as I had bought the week before; only they were R$30 cheaper and a better selection of colours. Damned!

Onward, I went to the fish market and bought some fresh halibut. On the way out of the fish market I found some salsa crespo (curly parsley) seeds, bought a pack. Brazilians don’t use curly parsley much, preferring a plain leaf variety.

Onward, I walk through a large department store, oh there were lots of wonderful things for my kitchen, but the shop was crowded, last minute Easter egg shoppers. There was no way that I was going to brave that throng to get to the check out.

Leg was beginning to hurt, onward.

Along the road, up the hill, leg was now beginning to ache.

Got to plant shop, oh I wanted to stop and shop, but I just looked and left.

Need a seat…

Nearest seat was in Brazeiro, oh what a happy coincidence. A seat and a BBQ lunch to boot.

More than two hours for a leisurely lunch, beer and no dishes.

Home again.


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