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Such a Bohemian

Yes, I tend to shun convention.

Take this for example. Yesterday’s lunch; absolute debauchery.

Boned T-bone on the grill

Boned T-bone on the grill

A full inch thick juicy steak.

Onion and mushroom gravy

Onion and mushroom gravy

And once it was on the plate…

The end product

The end product

Served with boiled potatoes and parsley butter.

I eat like this and I am losing weight. What a wonderful diet.

People are scared of food. Food makes you fat! That’s bullshit. It’s the type of food that makes you fat, not real food.

Lard and dripping for cooking

Lard and dripping for cooking

Steak with the fat still on, butter and not margarine. The onions were fried off in lard, not oil, not vege fat. No processed foods, although the mushrooms were dehydrated shiitake, reconstituted in white wine. If you shy away from processed foods, ie anything you buy in the supermarket and make your food from scratch at home using only natural ingredients, you’ll lose weight.

All pure poison

All pure poison

The first thing you need to get out of your life is any form of soft drink or soda and processed fruit juice.

I drink only sparkling mineral water and juice my own fruit.

I also drink beer, but not all beers. There are some beers now that are being made with GM corn like Budweiser and Newcastle and I believe Itaipava here in Brazil.

I wouldn’t touch GM products, I don’t trust them. Politicians (not scientists) say they’re safe; politicians have a habit of lying, that’s a good enough reason for me.

The key to being overweight is, generally, laziness.

I am not the most slender person around, but I have a double handicap. I use a walking stick to get around, it’s not easy to go jogging with a walking stick, it usually wins. My lifestyle, therefore is largely sedentary, so I must control my size with what I eat and drink.

My biggest enemy is bread. I love bread. Whole wheat bread, brown bread, just don’t do it; it has to be good old white bread, lovely fluffy white bread.

It’s just after 7am, I’m awake because my neighbour, who uses my carport, locked the gate key in the car. I’m not awake by choice.

Clear sky, another sunny day ahead, should reach into the 30ºCs, with no classes, it will be a day of beer and football. Yesterday was just football, I’d had enough beer for the Brazilian game on Saturday.

I might be naïve. Yes, even at my age. I had no idea that world cup players got ‘bonuses’, ie paid. I find that disgusting. I thought the world cup was about patriotism, playing for one’s country. But these rows over bonuses have left a sour taste. Especially on TV team members were shown sniffing wads of money.

Lunch today, pork schnitzel. The butcher had sliced some rump chops too thinly, so I got three pieces, hammer them out and whallah! Schnitzel. Reheat the leftover gravy and I’ll probably mash the potatoes today.

Britain is short of sperm… Well, I never. Venezuela is short of toilet paper, that I can understand, but being short of sperm takes the cake. How can they be short of sperm? That’s just bad planning. They’ve got a public (private) school system with virile youth masturbating their socks off… Think outside the box, stop pretending teenagers don’t do it; you’ll never be short again 🙂

Netscape-Logo-psd5816Last night I was flummoxed. I can usually solve my own problems, even here at the PC. But last night I managed to get FireFox into full screen mode, and I couldn’t get out of it. I couldn’t even use it to google why and how. I had to wind up Netscape to do the googling… The answer was there. Problem solved.

Netscape may be old, but it is still good. Netscape was the best browser ever, should never have been discontinued.

Yesterday morning while making the coffee, for some strange reason, I was transported to the past, back before I was married. I was the nightshift supervisor for a Bird’s Eye processing plant, some of our roustabouts were pretty tough types, bike gang members; hard guys to win over. The girl’s supervisor was a buxom lady in her 30s. One of the bikers had a wicked sense of humour, and used to come out with some gems. Like, “May, you remind me of a spanner (wrench)!” Whereupon enquiry, he answered, “Everytime I think about you, my nuts tighten.”

Why I thought of that, I have no idea, just a flash from the past.

BP is whingeing again. This time it wants some billions in compensation returned with interest. Sorry, but you need to pay more. There is no compensation for what you did to the gulf and you should bleed over it forever.

The sun is up. I feel like a vampire and need a nap to escape the withering sun.




Lorem ipsum



I’m going to use that when I can’t think of a title.

I have seen the enemy, and the enemy is carbeerhydrates.

Yes, they are the enemy, those and carbreadhydrates.

I eat and drink and eat a lot of these horrible hydrates.

But they are my comfort food.

Tomorrow is the kick off for the FIFA World Cup. Half of Brazil is excited, the other half… I explained yesterday.

Dilma Rousseff was on TV last night with a damage control presidential message.

All the hype of the past years, and now it’s tomorrow.

No classes, as it has been declared a public holiday.

The rain has stopped momentarily, I was lucky last night, no rain going to work, it only started once I was safely indoors.

Water cannon on the streets of Britain – image BBC News

Political bullshit. London have approved the purchase of three water cannon to use against protesters, a move supported by the prime minister.

If the government need water cannon, it’s not because of the protesters, it’s because the government are failing miserably in their job.

If the government were doing their job as it should be done, then there wouldn’t be any protesters!

The FIFA corruption row is deepening. Seth Blathermouth has been told in no uncertain terms not to run for another term, because he’s become an embarrassment for his myopic views. More damage control.

Two failures this week. Hilary Clinton’s book only received one star votes on Amazon, she’s mortified and reconsidering her run for president. The other I can’t find now, a famous somebodyette in a hyped up movie failed at the box office, grossing just $300,00 in its first weekend in 100+ locations.

I’m going to eat a banana while contemplating the benefits of a nap.



I’ve Found it!

After doing a bleat about my favicon disappearing yesterday, it has reappeared.

Just goes to show if you complain to the highest authorities things happen.


Dry as a brick

The hot weather continues. I bought a pizza at the supermarket, but it’s too bloody hot to cook it!

Yesterday I left a slice of bread out on the counter after a late lunch, by 5:30 it was toast.

While we are having the hots, USA and Canada are at the opposite end of the thermometer. The world’s weather really is screwed up.

Very soon I am off to the botequim; not for beer, maybe later.

26Two weeks ago, Raimundo installed an icecream machine, and it makes wonderful icecreams.

Usually, he has chocolate and vanilla, but at the moment it’s got strawberry and coconut. I always have half ‘n half, that way I don’t have to make a decision.

Went to the supermarket, had to, very little food in the house. The place was empty; not only of people, but half the shit I wanted.

Hopefully, I start work tomorrow, this month’s salary is going to make things tight.

Cloro spent the night at home last night, it was nice to have a pussy in bed again. He’s had a good feed and disappeared. Honestly, that cat spends more time at the bar than I do. He’s even got the fregües trained to put a chair aside for him to curl up on.

It’s nearly 5pm, the sun is low enough not to hit the bar, so I’m off.




I got eHugs



Yes, today I got eHugs on my posts about Lixo’s demise. Thank you all so much, it means a lot to me.

As I often do when I’m hitting on a new topic, I google it, and this is what popped up, k?

I don’t actually use google, I stopped using google about three months ago, I found a way around it and their nasty ways. Google is just a verb to me.

Sunny, dry, cool day again and it will be chilly going to work in the evening, decidedly colder when I come home.

This cold snap we had has played havoc with crops. Up to 50% of the wheat crops of Parana have been hit badly, the price of flour is already skyrocketing; as did milk last week with the price of grain feed for cattle. So Brazilians are going to pay dearly for this non-existent global warming. Tell it to the skeptics.

Again a day in which not much happened. I did the dishes twice; first before lunch, then after lunch.

World hero Bradley Manning has been found guilty, and is due to be sentenced. I doubt the sentence will include the Medal of Honor, it should. The government say he was spying, perhaps he was, but then the government shouldn’t have been doing anything spyable; who is the greater criminal?

I have discovered a secret, the internet is truly a font of good information.





Lixo is a Great Help

As you all know, this week has not started well, but I have accepted my mother’s passing and moving forward.

I must thank all of you who have left comments, your valuable support is greatly appreciated. For those who didn’t, don’t panic, I understand; at times like this I don’t know what to write either. I know that just by reading the last two posts you were thinking.

Lixo ironing my clean shorts

Lixo ironing my clean shorts this morning

Lixo has been a great help. He knew something wasn’t right on Sunday night and he slept on the bed all night; he hasn’t done that for months now that he is a big boy. It’s much more fun Tom-catting around the neighbourhood.

He has been helping around the house. Doing those little chores that I hate like the ironing.

I am waiting for the rain to stop so I can go to therapy the supermarket. My new fridge doesn’t have lunch. Apart from condiments and jam there is only half a roll of salami, there are two onions on the vege stand, and not a crumb of bread in the cupboard. I seriously need to buy food.

The rain has stopped.



By the Light of the Silvery Moon

Pink Floyd also had a version

As the 1909 song goes.

Well, not quite.

This is a two candle power post, one candle in a wine bottle the other in a whisky bottle.

My light burnt out sometime today and has left me in the dark. Mind you, it’s not the first time in my life that I have been left in the dark.

The problem is that I need to borrow a step ladder to reach the fitting and change the bulb. So tomorrow will do.

Last week when I was at the supermarket, the day I bought the Australian wine, I forgot to mention that I also bought a loaf of wholemeal bread, which has become my habit lately. I was intrigued when I saw a loaf of Tipo Australiano (Australian style), so of course it joined the Australian wine in the shopping cart.

I won’t be buying it again, the Australians can keep it; I hope the wine is better.

For the past couple of years TIM, one of the cellphone operators have been using TV ads with blue men. I never thought much about them, other than they seemed reasonably talented.

Today on the afternoon variety show I discovered who they are; Blue Man Group, apparently quite famous and after seeing their performance on the variety show I can understand why.

For your edification…

The Drumbone

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