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Half a Mind

halfamindYes, I am of half a mind.

But I don’t know if it’s the left half or the right.

It did rain yesterday. About a half hour after I had declared the sky had blued, it unblued quickly as clouds came over fast. The rain started about 7pm during pizza and beer which was interruped by the need to trot off home and put on a T-shirt as the temperature dropped faster than the rain.

I got to class last night and waited for my students, and waited and waited… Finally the magic hour arrived in which I needed wait no longer and I toddled off home again.

Today is cool, it rained all night and my planned sushi evening for the botequim has been put on hold. It will be BBQ instead; befitting the weather.

Last night, right about the time I turn off the TV and concentrate on the net, there was none. Something had happened at the ISP, and it only returned after 10am. Which means a late start. I normally start my day’s blogging about 6, or there abouts. So I am behind and it sort of screws up my plans for the day. It was about this time I had planned to be AT the supermarket, but here I am writing my first post of the day and cope with caffeine withdrawal.

The first two buds on my passion fruit vines

The first two buds on my passion fruit vines

My passion fruit vines will have their first flowers today or tomorrow. There are many more buds forming.

My guava tree has guavaed, and I am waiting for the first fruit to grow bigger and ripen.

I finally had to pull out my first chilli bush. After four years of producing chillis, it browned off and died.

No classes today, just two hours tomorrow morning, then that’s it until Tuesday.

Headline news: The Vatican has discovered money. Apparently salted away that no-one knew about; some hundreds of millions… not to be sneezed at.

Silly Box: UKIP in Britain has told women don’t breastfeed ostentatiously so as to embarrass anyone. Nick Farage said it was fine for a woman to be asked to “perhaps sit in a corner”.

Go and sit in the corner…

The Ass!

And this man wants to lead Britain?

The people who are embarrassed by breast feeding should be told to go and sit in the freakin’ corner, next to Nick Farage; the one with the dunce hat.

Nick Farage in a hole, stupid ass

Nick Farage in a hole, stupid ass

Businesses who take umbrage at breastfeeding mothers should be closed down as enemies of humanity, including Claridges which has a discretion policy on the matter. Breastfeeding mothers should feel a pride, not to be made to feel like freaks. Perhaps Bottle feeding mothers should be made to sit in the corner instead; as they are an embarrassment to motherhood.

This issue really tweaks my tits!

Now that I have got that off my chest, I’m off to the supermarket, maybe just a couple of quick posts first.

Dreaming of rump steak, liver, garlic bread and pork belly…




Lovely green bottles

I love glass and find an ethereal beauty in a collection like this. Wine bottles and drinking glasses too.

Recently someone had the temerity to suggest wine in a box. What an obnoxious thought. Wine in a box is just the epitomy of tackiness; not a shred of class.

I am not tied to classy things, but some things just don’t ring right. I guess it is the tradition genes working. I am a traditional person.

This is NOT Zumbi - google got it wrong again

This is NOT Zumbi – google got it wrong again

Today is a holiday… yes, another one. Brazil has plenty of them. Officially it is Black Consciouness Day in memory of Zumbi de Palmares, one of the 17th century leaders for slaves escaping and being sheltered in quilombos (slave settlements) hidden in the bush.

It promises to be hot, like yesterday, but more so; and the day before. Yes, we had two brief days with rain and back to the hot. The forecast is for 34ºC but we are expecting it to be hotter with the UV indice 11 on a scale of 10… go figure; and the humidity dropping to 20%; that’s drier than some parts of the Sahara Desert.

That’s where the bottles come in. Big brown bottles, filled with beer, chilled so that when the beer is poured it forms ice on the top, served in glasses from the freezer. The nothing that was interrupted yesterday will happen today.

Tomorrow too promises to be a nothing day. Nobody will work between a day off and Saturday. Already a good number of people in Rio and São Paulo have gone to the beach for the four days. Most left yesterday, the rodoviária (bus station) had a hundred extra buses to the beaches east of Rio, and on TV last night the highway from SP to the coast was bumper-to-bumper. Me, I wil hobble leisurely the 11 metres from my gate to the bar, no traffic. I will leave my bengala (walking tsick) at home so I can’t be accused of driving and drinking; my small contribution to road safety.

Then of course there are Saturday and Sunday to contend with.

I was up early today, morning constitutional before 7am before the sun was really up. It was so early that I heard sparrows farting. So there is some truth in the saying ‘before sparrow fart’ to denote an early hour. Once home, I watered the plants and set to blogging. Not very productive, I’ve only managed two so far.

Silly Box: North Korea is throwing a tantrum. Threatening nuclear tests if the UN goes ahead with its probe into NK human rights. What a little wanker!

breast2I was really miffed earlier. A small local restaurant in England put up a sign that breastfeeding mothers should use the toilet rather than breastfeed at the table.

That is truly despicable.

If some of their patrons object to breastfeeding mothers, then they should retire to the toilet to eat, then their prudish sensibilities won’t be offended.

Society really does have some problems if breastfeeding mothers are considered offensive.

In my mind bottle feeding (unless by medical necessity) should be considered child abuse. These companies that make and promote baby formula need to be censored; and baby formula added to the list of prescription medicine. We do need to get our shit together.

America is really obsessed with death. Utah has now approved a return to the use of firing squads if execution drugs are not available.

Did you know that McDonald’s in India is vegetarian. More than half of Indians are vegetarian; they worship cows, not eat them.

So McD’s had to ‘localise’ their menu.

Aloo Tikki Burger

Aloo Tikki Burger

The Aloo Tikki Burger has a vegetarian cutlet of mashed potatoes, veges and Indian spices.

So, inline with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… this is Beersday.

I have already Nap-fued.

The hot sun and cold beer beckon from beyond my gate.


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