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When in Doubt

Eat a banana.


Mamão formosa

My potassium levels must be way up. A friend dropped by on Tuesday and gave me a bag with two types of banana; one for eating, the other for slushies. Oh, that’s where the mamão (papaya) came from too.

It was good, because after yesterday’s dentist visit, I wasn’t even allowed to chew my beer. And that was the advice from my dentist; he’s a good guy. So, having soft fruit on hand meant a mushy food day.

Some of the seeds have already been planted.

It’s hot out there, we’ve been promised 38ºC (100ºF). It would be a good beer day, in fact about lunchtime, I may well just do that. By 5:30 class I shouldn’t reek of beer. You have to live dangerously.

Great tweet today:

Oh, and another:

I see that Bieber urchin is in the news again, this time in Canada for assaulting a limousine driver. Honestly, that kid needs some time-out, preferably in chains and kept away from microphones. Idiot child.

Two hours later…

Oh, sorry about that. I was looking for something on Google, and went off on my tangent, got lost, had a nap; now I have coffee and just for good measure, I had another banana.

It’s too hot to even think about cooking anything for lunch. Mind you it would be a lot easier if I had something in the fridge to cook. I do, but it’s all in the freezer.

starbucks-coffeeI just ditched the coffee, to hot to drink coffee, besides it was horrid, stewed leftovers from this morning; it almost qualifies for worse than Starbucks.

Instead, I had a healthy cooling refreshing slug on the bottle of iced water from the freezer.

Actually, I don’t know what Starbucks tastes like, and I never will. It’s not that I have never seen a Starbucks in Rio de Janeiro, rather it’s that I hate anything franchised.


Franchises are the bane of the civilised world. Give me the old Mom & Pop corner store any day.

During my search I found this. It’s a bit small to read easily, but I love it.


Having said that, I’m off to make another mamão slushie.


Oh, remember that urge I had two days ago? I am pleased to report that it hasn’t returned.

New Zealanders are Tough Bastards

Sustaining a shark bite is probably most people’s idea of a living nightmare, but junior doctor James Grant was not going to let it get in the way of him and a cold beer. Image - Guardian

Sustaining a shark bite is probably most people’s idea of a living nightmare, but junior doctor James Grant was not going to let it get in the way of him and a cold beer. Image – Guardian

Read a story on the news yesterday about a New Zealander who got bitten by a shark.

His first thought was, “Bugger…” Read the full story on the Guardian link.

Stabbed the shark, which apparently lost interest. Stitched himself up on the beach from his first aid kit.

Went off to the pub for a beer.

Chuck Norris, beat that!

There’s a campaign to send Bieber back to Canada and cancel his green card. Good move. The campaign has 45,000 supporters compared to the campaign that wants to keep him with 500. I wouldn’t be surprised if Canada doesn’t want him back.

Another hot day. Haven’t been outside the front door yet; that will happen in an hour when I go to class.

Made a wonderful mind-numbing mamão (papaya) slushie today, totally froze the brain. Ow owo ow! They say that all pleasures have their price.

Dentist was first up this morning, a brisk walk before the day got too hot. Got a medicated filling, and a come back next month for a root canal. Walked back home and had a nap, it was the only sensible thing to do.

Must get a move on, time to begin to look like a teacher.


The BBQ is… ON!

Beer de jour

Beer de jour

BBQ lunch is on the way. Sunny day, not too hot, just ideal for a small personal BBQ and beer.

A slight departure from my normal Brahma or Bohemia, the supermarket didn’t have packs, so I got a beer that was in a pack.

Unfortunately it doesn’t grow on trees.

Which would be good because it’s rather yummy.

The steak is progressing, salted with rock salt, and peppered with cracked black peppercorns on the other. I just turned it, the smell of cracked pepper on the ‘Q is awesome wafting threw my window on the air from the fan.

It’s not a news worthy day, a bit like yesterday’s programme, just insert ‘Q instead of the late breakfast.

Found this on the net yesterday:


Makes one understand why Canadians like Canada…

Then I found this:


Being a New Zealander albeit an expat, I had to agree.

The ‘Q is nearly done, bread rolls beautifully toasted, steak on the turn…

Lots of fire left, so I peppered a couple of frozen Merluza (Hake) fillets just to see what happens.

It’s time to study my beerography…


The Real Saturday Post

This is the real post. The Satireday post was just a gag.

But it is never-the-less true, I do spend more time browsing the booze aisle in the supermarket than my brisk perusal of the rest of it for necessities.

marvinI just noticed that the WankerBot from Montreal, Canada has attacked my Nether Region blog with 2,500 +/- hits.

Why does he bother? All it does is stuff up my stats for the month. Get a life!

I managed a trip to the supermarket this morning, apart from a bottle of Martini Rosso, the rest was boring stuff, eating stuff, cleaning stuff.

Today is all about Formula One practice at Interlagos in São Paulo. Not that I’m interested, it’s freakin’ boring.

Luxury-yachtSaw a post this morning on luxury yachts. Honestly, this is criminal. Things like luxury yachts should have a 1,000% tax on them, make these playboy bastards pay for their indiscriminate use of resources.

Anyone with the money to splurge like this should be paying 99% income tax. The whole idea of the super-rich is disgusting. Buy a freakin’ dingy.

vvvWonderful bumper sticker: Veni, vedi, visa – I came, I saw, I did a little shopping!

Then I saw this on google.

I don’t like credit, but the humour doesn’t escape me.

Raining today, rained yesterday, will rain again tomorrow. That’s the weather forecast.

Refreshingly cool, which is a change from the punishing heat during the rest of the week.

Cloro has a new friend. A little black sort of tortoiseshell kitten. One more cat in the neighbourhood to feed. Now I have four who will invade the house to steal Cloro’s food.

As for the rest of the wekend, I have planned nothing. I should be successful.

No, that’s a lie. I need to finish printing a hard copy of my grammar book to proof read.






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