The coffee in my cupboard

I read on a blog today that the blogger had forgotten to buy coffee. How can one do that? To run out of coffee is surely a crime so heinous that it deserves keelhauling, being hung, drawn and quartered, sent to the guillotine then buried up to the neck and stoned.

I am never out of coffee. I have four bags in the cupboard as well as the one I am using.

Monday, so far nothing has gone wrong; apart from the fact that I slept later than usual, so I am late with my posts. But that is not a disaster.

Plants are watered, been for a wander around to the bakery for ciggies… the botequim is out, again. So that constitutes my constitutional for the day.

Sun is out, not a breath of wind, probably going to be hot enough for beer.

My PC went on a go-slow last night. So I had to close down and reset this morning. I must do a Defrag later because something is gumming up the cogs.

Day off. Nothing planned except lunch. I already have the sushi stuff down from the shelf.

Sushi stuff

Sushi stuff

Breasts are multifunctional devices, a great follow up post from Rachel.

The Silly Box: Vietnam has jailed a blogger, again, for criticising the communist government. They’re fools, by taking such action they give the blogger more coverage than if they simply ignored him. They are drawing attention to their own incompetence.

A vice-president of Korean Airlines deserves the Silly Box too. She also happens to be the daughter of the president. She stopped the plane while taxing for take off, return to the terminal to remove a flight steward who had the temerity to serve macadamia nuts in a paper bag to first class passsengers. My opinion is that the spoilt brat executive should have been taken off the flight and spanked thoroughly.

Candy_CrushNow some serious headline news. A British MP was caught playing Candy Crush during a parlimentary meeting.

This is serious. My opinion, any parliamentarian, or elected representative, caught playing such banalities should be sacked forthwith; no second chances, sacked, losing all pensions and priveleges. Because they obviously don’t take their job seriously and don’t deserve it.

A judge has ruled that a young boy can have a blood transfusion despite his Jehovas Witness parents objections. The kid had serious burns and needed a transfusion, but they were just going to standby and watch him die because of some imaginary deity. This is purely parental negligence. In my mind they have forfeit the rights to be parents.

The day is moving along. I should go and move along with it. No flowers today.