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This is not a face palm


Merely thinking

I haven’t interacted with another member of the species yet today, therefore nothing warrants a face palm.

I am merely thinking.

After some years of Twitting, I finally got 1,000 twits to follow me. Actually, it rather fluid, 999, then 1,000, a boost to 1,002, dropped back to 1,000 thereby threatening my record. It may well be to no avail, I read the other day that Twitter is going to become more FaceBook-like, if that happens… I’m gone!

Yesterday was Sunday, sunny and sodden. I managed to drown a friend’s cellphone when I accidentally kicked the plastic bar table and knocked his energetic drink over it.


How much ‘chasing’ was involved?

US police detain giant tortoise after brief chase captures the imagination, doesn’t it?

I mean the tortoise was hardly galloping along, now was it?

Or was this really a case of how inept are the LA police?

On what charges was he detained on?

Really, this is headline news.

One thing that has been successfully achieved with Israel’s invasion of Gaza, is the lowering of Israel’s global credibility. All I read about the conflict tells me that governments everywhere have condemned the slaughter, even the USA.

The world is NOT amused. Sympathy for the Palestinians is at an all time high.

Good work Benny!

Image: BBC

Now, it is with some amusement that I read about a Brussel sprout being pushed up a mountain.

This really is headline news.

Never before has some stooped so low in the realms of stupidity as to push a Brussel sprout up a mountain with his nose!

Of course, it had to be an Englishman.

One of my achievements during the weekend was to take a serious photo with my cellphone. Only because I had left the camera at home.

Our hill

Our hill, taken from the veranda of the botequim

We have a hill in our neighbourhood, that tells the weather better than the forecasters.

The rule is simple, if the top of the hill has cloud, it’s going to rain, or is raining; no cloud, no rain.

It’s a bit like the famous weather stone, ‘if the rock is wet, it’s raining.’

You can tell by the blurry nature of the photo that the cellphone will never become my primary photographic device.

It’s a few minutes shy of midday. Today should have been a supermarket day, or not. I chose the second option. I won’t die of starvation, I have hotdogs and cheese. I could have had fish, if I had remembered to take it out of the freezer.

There was a query in yesterday’s comments about how my coffeepot worked, here my reply for the edification of others who had perhaps wondered. “it’s just a cloth filter, the hard part is lifting the kettle and pouring the water into it. You see there is an element of manual labour involved, that’s why it’s not popular in the First World, but it does make shit hot coffee.”

The latest in technology…

Bacon Chips

Bacon Chips

With that, I’ll blog along.


A Loathing

Yes, I loathe selfies; hate them with a passion.

Even more so now.

Having had my hair and beard cut that morning, it added a touch of the demented

Having had my hair and beard cut that morning, it added a touch of the deranged

Last night in class we were discussing my new cellphone. I had earlier in the day bought a new SIM card and inserted same. I had verified that the camera now worked, but hadn’t actually taken a photo. My students, an accountant and a logistics supervisor, both of whom should know better, convinced me that traditionally, one takes a selfie to prove the camera works.

I took a selfie.

True to form, it made me look like a criminal, to make matters worse, I had chosen to wear an orange T-shirt which only served to highlight my potential criminality.

All this merely confirms my loathing.

Never again.

Late start today. 12:45 and I’ve just finished a bacon and egg breakfast.

It began raining last night, and is forecast to  continue until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Just had a double power surge and had to restart PC. These are Monday things, not for a Friday. I was lucky, autosave saved what I had so far. I so loathe it when I lose writing.

I was up during the night, yes, playing with my cellphone. Give a kid a new toy and…

I had removed the SIM card to download the criminal photo, and the battery fell out, so I had to reset everything again.

This is now my wallpaper.

Suits the 'fire orange' them of my cellphone

Suits the ‘fire orange’ them of my cellphone

My late start was due to the rain and very cool temps. It’s not underwear weather. I am in T-shirt and brushed cotton pants to stave off the cold.

Clorinha took one look at me an wondered why I had so much fur on, then went back to sleep on the sofa.

The plant I posted yesterday is apparently a Beefsteak (Perilla frutescens) plant, thank you to MWPG identifying it for me.

fartA suggestion in comments, that in order to combat global  flatulence, we should cull humans. I quite agree, there are far too many of us.

I didn’t actually get to the supermarket yesterday. The ATM had remembered how to money, so I paid the rent, by that time I was close to lunch in both space and time. Snap decision…

Caught the restaurant out falsifying food. They had sole fillets listed on the buffet… yum. When I cut into the first one it was pink inside. Sole doesn’t have colour. They were passing off panga (R$9/kg) as sole (R$28/kg). The manager wasn’t aware and gave the kitchen a bollocking for putting the restaurant at risk of a heavy fine. Our consumer protection, ProCon, just love to dish out R$10,000 fines for this type of infraction. The manager thanked me for the information, but he didn’t go as far as offering a free lunch.

Also, I loathe panga. Panga is a Vietnamese export. Raised in the Mekong River Delta which is the sewer of South East Asia and they fill it with hormones to grow quicker.


No, I was practising my Nap-fu

After which I went home to practice my Nap-fu.

Big steel birds seem to be falling out of the sky somewhat regularly, shot down, hi-jacked, sand storm have taken their toll in recent months.

Israel is on the path to succeeding in their planned genocide of the Palestinians. I hope that if and when the last Palestinian falls that the UN, Britain and the USA are taken to book for giving Palestine to the Israelis in the first place. They started it. It has become obviously aware that Israel will not stop until Gaza is gone.

I have a heap of posting to do today, so I should really blog along.

I will leave you all with my loathings for the day and go and make more coffee.




Staff Training

Remember my encounter with mouse poo a week or so ago?

I decided on some intensive Staff Training.

This is a mouse!

This is a mouse!

Using the latest in plastic teaching aids. Eventually we’ll progress to furry grey things, then perhaps a ‘live fire’ exercise, probably with a mock-up first. Like my cadets, don’t want to scare the poor things first time. Oh the trauma.

I have had a ball today, Shopping here, shopping there, I shopped almost until I dropped.

New mouse, hence the availability of old black one for training aid. Little wheely thingy doesn’t wheelie thing. Well, it wheels, but it doesn’t thing. Have to look into that. Maybe I need to do another reboot.

I didn’t pay the rent. It’s Monday, remember? The money machine has forgotten how to money.

Flopped flip flops

Flopped flip flops

On Wednesday, last, my odd pair of flip flops flopped and I bought a new pair. I wore them to town today.

But they gave me a further four months of service, so I can’t complain.

I bought a new pepper mill, I have one but it is full of black pepper corns. I needed one for white pepper corns.

The highlight of the day was a new cellphone (mobile).

I had a look at the offerings in one shop, too expensive, all smart phones. Not interested, in my last port of call, as I walked away from the cashier, I spied a cellphone stand; doesn’t hurt to have a browse.

I found one for R$129, an Alcatel… never heard of it before. Neither has google.

Found it! No I didn’t. They don’t have a model with qwerty keyboard listed

It’s a Onetouch, not a 3000m Coralline as it says on the packet. These things are just to fool the oldies… Fooled!

This is my model

This is my model

Keeping up with the Joneses.

It has a camera, it has radio and it makes telephone calls, that’s all I wanted. It does netty things and stuff, but I’m not interested, I have my ‘puter at home.

Now I have to buy an SD card for it so the camera, etc works. Why can’t they supply everything necessary?

Any way, I am back in contact with the world.

Now I’m off to figure out why the wheelie thingy doesn’t thing.





The Shit is about to Hit the Fan

And you need to watch out just where the oscillating air recirculation device is pointing.

Seth Blathermouth fizzing at the bung

Seth Blathermouth fizzing at the bung

The initial furore over the 2022 Qatar games is spreading. Five of the six major sponsors are now backing an inquiry. The report being prepared by Michael Garcia is a farce if he doesn’t include the information available.

Meanwhile, Seth Blathermouth is fizzing at the bung and trying to say this is a racist issue stirring up the African countries.

A report today, all 22 sponsors are moving into damage control mode and down playing their sponsorships for fear of backlash.

Some Brazilians are incensed over the money being spent on the FIFA World Cup instead of social and infrastructure projects.

You can't eat a football - image: BBC News

You can’t eat a football – image: BBC News

Graffiti like this appearing around the country shows the discontent.

I am fully in favour of the idea that if FIFA want a World Cup, they and the sponsors build the stadiums and bear the brunt of their rigid requirements, and not take the food from hapless mouths.

The Brazilian people have to bite the bullet and accept that the World Cup starts in two days. Don’t wreck the tournament, if you want power of protest, shun the sponsors, blacklist their products; pressure from the sponsors is the only thing that FIFA will listen to, because it will lose billions of dollars in profits. Hit FIFA where it hurts, the pocket.

Make sure that this doesn’t happen to another country, it’s too late for Brazil, but look to the future.

There is an election this October, and I am picking the incumbent government will lose because of the World Cup.

Raining out there, it started about 3am and looks as though I will get wet going to work tonight.

Meanwhile, I sit here in the comfort of my Extra Forte coffee and blog along.

Google, these are NOT trousers!

Google, these are NOT trousers!

Google has got its algorithms in a twist again. I did a search for trousers yesterday, I wanted an image for a post on Eco-Crap, all I got were pictures of jeans. Google, get your shit together, there is a world of difference between trousers and jeans.

Apps! Apps this and apps that. The 20 best apps were the subject of a news item. I wouldn’t consider an app if my life depended on it.

banappsMy current old cellphone is about to bite the dust, it’s clinging on to life at the moment, but I fear its demise soon.

Then I face the problem of what to get to replace it. I don’t want anything that does netty things, nor am I interested in music, but a camera would be nice.

Ability to have apps, don’t even think about it.

Harking back to football again, read the picks for the World Cup winner from eight enlightened people: Brazil gets 5 mentions, Argentina 3. No other country was in the running.

A Brazil win is what I am hoping for.

My coffee mug is empty for the umpteenth time this morning, I should rectify the situation.


Flora and Fauna

Should kittens be allowed cellphones

Should kittens be allowed cellphones

At the moment, the post title is blank. I had a title, in fact I had two possibilities, but a blanket of forget has descended.

I mentioned a couple of posts back, about the possibility of Clorinha wanting her own cellphone. We had a good talk about this, there was a lot of mewing and decided that she would only want to play Angry Birds or have that Flappy Bird app, so therefore a cellphone wasn’t really a necessity, but still she insisted. So I played my trump card, “look to use a cellphone you need opposing thumbs.” Evolution, please don’t hurry in this respect, kittens do not need opposing thumbs.

Okay, the post has a title now. The mental fog has lifted, at least partially. I still can’t think of the other option I was toying with.

The kitty toys strewn about the house have developed into flora and fauna. There are now two dead leaves and some pigeon feathers. The house next door has an open loft/floor and it harbours sodding pigeons, whose feathers tend to float down into my carport.

Wasabi, most people know it as hot green stuff

Wasabi, most people know it as bloody hot green stuff

I went out for sushi last night. Rash, I know, but wonderful. I haven’t had real sushi for more than two months. I am on good terms with the manager there, and I used this to advantage. The last few times I have had to asked for wasabi (that hot green horse radish paste) and gari (that’s the sliced pickled ginger). He explained that many people don’t use them, so they made it available on request.

I asked him if he knew why gari is served with sushi. He had no idea; the manager of an upmarket and, I might add, quite expensive Japanese style restaurant had no idea.

Gari made from young ginger root

Gari made from young ginger root

Do you?

Gari, the ginger, is used to refresh the mouth when changing food or fish types, so that you get the benefit of the new flavours.

It also has other functions; its antiseptic properties help guard against bad fish and can help ease your stomach from the nausea of over stuffing yourself.

Gari is usually made from young ginger, you can tell if it is pinkish. A tan/yellowy colour indicates older root. Many commercial products are older root artificially coloured pink. You don’t need that stuff, just grate ginger root and pickle with sugar and vinegar, easy.

There, that’s your cooking lesson for the day.

I see we have two new saints. The pope canonised to past popes. Honestly, do we need more saints? Too much of a good thing makes it very ordinary.

The sun has just gone out and I have wet washing on the line. Rain was forecast for today and tomorrow, looks like the weather forecasters have finally got their shit together.

Clorinha has found her father’s favourite place. The old drawer on top of the old fridge in the carport, she’s out there now asleep.

At night she prefers the back of the sofa

At night she prefers the back of the sofa

She’s a TV cat. None of my other cats have shown any interest in the TV, but Clorinha sits on the arm of the sofa and follows every move on the screen especially during a football (soccer) match with the players moving fast.

A final feline note. She met her first rat yesterday while we were at the botequim. She was exploring the long grass beside the smelly canal, and I saw her jump backward with all four paws off the ground. On inspection, it was a dirty brown rat bigger her. She looked up at me with a dazed “WTF was that?” expression.

Sun’s come out again…

Must be beer o’clock.


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