Not quite, the sun isn’t over the yardarm yet.

But reminded me of an oldie… Ah, nostalgia

The Small Faces from god knows when. (I discovered 1958)

Anybody remember them, just another flash in the pan*.

Congratulations on getting 10 total follows

Congratulations on getting 10 total follows

After all my grizzling about bloggers getting awardy stickery things from WordPress to mark milestones… I got one.

My new blog Some Animals are Crackers got a 10 followers one.

All is forgiven WordPress.

After my monthly phone call from my sister yesterday, during which we swapped ‘getting-a-new-kitten’ stories, she said hers was a Ragdoll Cat.

One Himalayan Ragdoll Cat

One Himalayan Ragdoll Cat, not Cloro, just an example

I have never heard of a Ragdoll Cat, so I googled it.

And, guess what? Cloro is a Ragdoll Cat, they are a species of cat (and dogs).

My pussy has a pedigree.

They are noted for their blue eyes and patches of colour on a basically white background. I just thought that Cloro’s blue eyes were a sign that she was taken from mummy too early.

I wonder in Cloro’s case, if she would not be a ‘Heralayan Ragdoll’? She is a girl after all.

I read a post on a blog complaining about copyright. This blogger had had some material brutally wrenched from her site and blog and reposted.

Personally, I don’t care if someone purloins/steals/robs/borrows my material, if it’s that good, they are welcome to it. Just goes to show that I am doing something right. But, I do like them to acknowledge the source, that makes it even better.

All these wars and things are bringing out the worst. American soldiers pissing on dead Taliban, Australians cutting hands off corpses, etc. This ‘trophy taking’ has happened throughout history. What drives man to these depths of depravity? It’s a very sad indictment on man.

Then there is the São Paulo case of the two robbers who were arrested for shooting a five yer old Bolivian boy while in his mother’s arms because he was crying too much during the robbery got themselves poisoned in jail by other inmates; to me, no great loss, but I bet the other two who are still on the run are shitting themselves.

Two flashes, one from the pan and one from the muzzle

Two flashes, one from the pan and one from the muzzle

*’flash in the pan’ ever wondered where that saying came from? The days of the old flintlock rifles.

Sometimes the powder in the pan under the frizzen would flash without setting off the main charge in the barrel, hence you just got a ‘flash in the pan’, or something of little consequence or shortlived. I have experienced this, I used to use flintlocks as part of my shooting days; it’s quite unnerving, when you brace yourself for the recoil and you just get a ‘whoosh’ and no ‘bang’.


A communal shat room

While waxing on the etymological. Brazilians are bad for determining the difference between ‘ch’ and ‘sh’ in English.

There is a TV ad at the moment that talks about Chat Rooms and they say ” We love, we share, we shat“… what, we shat yesterday? I explain to my students how ridiculous that sounds to a native speaker who understands ‘shat’ to be the colloquial past of the verb ‘to shit’.

Teaching and understanding your language can bring many interesting moments.