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Pee Free


Not Cloro, but a great idea

Note, that’s pee free, not free pee!

I wish I’d seen that photo before I threw the old toilet seat out after finally changing it.

Yes, more than two weeks since we have had pee in the wrong place.

Cloro is doing well.

Next stage is to move dirt box outside and see how he goes.

I saw an interesting video today. A cat trying to con its owner with boomps (head butts) that it was dinner time. The result was that the owner told the cat it was still three hours away.

This is where Cloro sits while I am blogging

This is where Cloro sits while I am blogging

This set me to wondering. Cloro has food all day, it’s there when he wants it. This idea of a cat has mealtimes, seems strange. Mother Nature didn’t control them; “Sorry you can’t catch that mouse, it’s not dinner time!” Just imagine it.

Today, I finally did it. Yes, I caught a quick glimpse of the bottom of the kitchen sink. I even scrubbed it. But the glimpse was a brief one, then I cooked lunch, and guess what?

Lunch was good, mashed potatoes with a pool of butter on top, a liberal sprinkling of white pepper, accompanied by two thin pieces of dry seared rump steak, salted with rock salt, and olive oil dribbled over at the end. I ate this with a bottle of iced Chateau Guandú (chilled tap water, search on this blog to find the full story).

I see that Fukushima has had another little accident, more radioactive water spilled.

The USA is still closed for business.

I wonder what’s going to happen on the 17th of this month with the debt ceiling? That could be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back with the global economy going into a downward spiral.

I shudder to think of the ramifications.

A Cold Wintery Day

Lixo, a cat with the right attitude

Lixo, a cat with the right attitude

Cold front came over last night, result, a cold wintery day.

I am going to take a leaf out of Lixo P. Cat’s book and have an 11am nap, I’ll finish this post when I wake…


Nap over.

One doesn’t really expect Rio de Janeiro to have wintery days, Rio’s reputation is hot & sunny, along with summer rains that cause flooding, but those days aren’t cold like today.

It’s lunch time. Noon has rolled around. The Lunch menu: Oven Fried fish ‘n chips, doesn’t that sound healthy?

Actually, it’s left overs from yesterday reheated in the oven. I’ll eat it while sprawled on the sofa watching the news and quaffing a chilled bottle of Chateau Guandú.


These houses on the bank of the river would discharge their sewerage untreated directly into the river

The Rio Guandú is Rio de Janeiro’s notoriously polluted river that flows into Guanabara Bay, equally notoriously polluted.

The river is also the source of Rio’s water supply after passing through the CEDAE (water company) treatment plant.

Most people won’t drink tap water here, but I along with those who can’t afford an alternative do. Chateau Guandú therefore is a euphemism for my tap water after passing through my fridge.

You see, not all the world has sparkling clean rivers like my own city in New Zealand where you can scoop water from the river and drink it from your hand.

Lunch beckons.


My version of Chateau Guandú

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