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Bun in the Oven

Bun in the Oven

Bun in the Oven

Well, it’s not actually a ‘bun’.

I know what you are all thinking… “Silly old duffer has done it again!” No. 14 on the way.

I have sole fillets poaching… Lunch.

Bousous Weblog has just been having a field day in my blogs and spread ‘Likes’ around like crazy. All appreciated of course, especially as it’s taken another post to the dizzying heights of 21 Likes. Go and check his blog out, very funny. Most in French, but the humour is not lost.

The smell of lemon zest is wafting through the house, *Mouth waters*

My shrimp omelettes yesterday were delish.

Shrimp omelettes for breakfast

Shrimp omelettes for breakfast

Expensive, but delish.

There’s not a lot happening today. Yesterday, I escaped unscathed for a Monday.

It was decided by two votes to nothing that my beautiful tree in the park is an acacia. Thank you for that. I had never knowingly met an acacia before.

The Australians have killed a knife weilding terrorist suspect. Abbott idiot can go back to sleep again. Some guy in India jumped into the moat around a tiger enclosure; another idiot. The tiger assumed it was lunchtime. ‘Crucial’ climate talks begin in US, lot of hot air, can only add to our problems until they start talking seriously. There’s a row in Ecuador as to where the stuffed tortoise from the Galapagos Islands should come to rest; Quito or be returned to the Galapagos. You see there are some really important issues at stake.

The news was interupted by…. Lunch.

A gay mosque opened in Cape Town last week was closed because it didn’t have any parking spaces….  China has been selling tools for torture. Apprently, Queen Elizabeth purrs, according to the prime minister when she heard the news of the Scots independence vote. I wonder if she likes a good tummy rub too?

Now to tie of, we all enjoy a good Gregorian Chant…

I found this on Lenny Says yesterday.


A chant for every mother that’s ever been.



Not until we’re in bed, then touching is compulsory.

Clorinha is a biter. Try and pet her around the house and 90% of the time you get bitten.

Once I’m in bed, she jumps up, jumps across me and boomps me in the face. Pets accepted. She boomps me, she smooches she kneads me with her little claws and purrs like crazy; but only in bed.

kittencellphoneWeird cat.

More toilet paper in the kitty litter… A conundrum. I hope she never figures out how to use my cellphone. She’ll be ringing “I can haz cheeseburger!”

Hype. Lots of fireworks in the area. Brazil is playing Mexico today at 4pm.

Belgium is playing Algeria at the moment, another ho-hum game, so I am here.

China executed 13 Uighur terrorists yesterday, complaining about terrorism. China doesn’t seem to realise that it is the terrorist. If China hadn’t invaded the Uighur lands, the Uighurs would be living peacefully together. It’s the same with Tibet, China is the invader and the terrorist. But the world sits quietly back and watches.

Visited a blog yesterday as a result of a Like on one of mine. The text was exaggerated, obviously designed for small devices. I tried to read it to be fair, but it was so uncomfortable, that I gave up despite the interesting subject.

Lunch has been had. I have tried to nap without success. That’s why I got up and made lunch.

I got up at 8:46am, which left me puzzled, because after posting on most blogs and umpteen coffees, I lay down to have a nap… at 8:46am.

After a few moments deliberation taken to examine this anomaly, I checked the PC clock, it was in fact 11:30.

I won! Momentarily. I tickled Clorinha under the chin for a few moments without being savaged; then she jumped on the printer and exacted retribution on my big toe. Oh, well.

Try and do that nap-thing again.


I am Doomed!

The dreaded lurgy haunted me most of yesterday until I got to the chemist in the late afternoon; Milk of Magnesia, instant relief and I was able to maintain my dignity through the long lesson. My rating this morning would go about 90%. Drinking black coffee and eating nothing.

Now to the title.

This is not a person who eats red meat

One comment on yesterday’s post suggested I could have IBS and the irritation be caused by some food item. The only food item in common with the two was red meat… I am doomed!

Am I to become a vegetarian? Oh, woe is me!

A fate worse than death itself.

Rabbit food forever.

The prospect of not eating red meat is truly daunting for a confirmed carnivore. But obviously it is something that I am going to have to look into.

Another comment suggested a glass of wine as a cure. I like that idea… lots!

Clorinha is well, no re-occurrences of barfing on the caret. She is growing up and getting more adventurous. Since yesterday she has developed a new trick. Runs into the room, off the floor on to the box, on to the shelf, on to the next box, out the window and on to the old stove in the carport; now that all seems pretty ordinary, but when you consider that she does it all in one fluid movement and the time lapse would be measured in tenths of a second. If there was an Olympic event for window jumping, she’d be a champion in the making.

I will try and get a video of this, but I am not hopeful, because the whole sequence would be over before I pressed the shutter  button and managed to swivel fast enough to follow her.

The Twitter Bulldozer

The Twitter Bulldozer

Twitter is stupid! Everyday I get a banner suggesting I try out the new Twitter profile. I dutifully ignore it.

But each day, there it is again. Surely if Twitter had any semblance of intelligence, it would figure out that I am not interested and stop these infernal popups.

Twitter is the only ‘social media’ that I subscribe to, and if they force the new profile on me, it will be the last. I am sick of the bulldozer tactics of these social media arseholes.

A bargepole; used for keeping things at bay

A bargepole; used for keeping things at bay

Up yours Microsoft!

China has banned Windows 8 from ALL government PCs, laptops and tablets. China is 50% dependent on XP, that’s a lot of XP.

China has finally done something right.

Microsoft stopped the support for XP last month, to encourage people to move to later platforms; I don’t care if they dangle a golden carrot in front of me, I wouldn’t touch 7, 8 or 8.1 with a bargepole.

I saw the term ‘super-drunk’ today. I didn’t read the article, but it was in relation to North American native peoples. To me you are either a drinker, a drunk, or an alcoholic. Why invent a new ‘super-drunk’? Oh, I get it now; alcoholics go to meetings, super-drunks don’t…


No recalls that I remember

GM has another recall. What’s with these car makers? Toyota, Nissan, Ford, all have recalls.

Can’t they make the damned things properly in the first place?

I don’t remember Henry Ford ever having a recall.

I think I have about exhausted myself of writer’s blockages.

Just a comment on ‘the dread lurgy’. “The term originates from an episode of the 1950s radio comedy “The Goon Show” in which an epidemic of “The Dreaded Lurgi” was said to be about to sweep across Britain. It turned out that the lurgi was in fact a ficitious disease created by brass instrument makers who had claimed that no brass band player had ever died of the lurgi (thereby increasing sales hugely).

“The Goon Show” was an anarchic and surreal radio comedy series that starred Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe. It was written by Spike Milligan and Eric Sykes.”  Source: Urban Dictionary

I actually remember hearing this episode on the radio.

Time to practice my Nap-fu.

Short attention span. Clorinha was sitting in the window enjoying a lovely petting when a butterfly fluttered across the yard, she was out the window and off in less than a blink.



Cold Feet

My feet are this cold

No, I wasn’t getting married, I didn’t run from the church; my flipflops broke, well, one did. I’m wearing just socks on a slate floor. My frequent runs to the kitchen to replenish my coffee result in cold feet.

I am still suffering from the snots, I may have cold feet, but it is my nose that is running. Can’t seem to shake this ‘flu completely. The main symptoms have gone, it’s just this infernal runny nose. I have even resorted to an old t-shirt rag to use as a handkerchief, because a normal hanky just doesn’t do it.

My button disappeared. The other night I went to turn off the telly and I couldn’t find the button. It’s disappeared into the panel. Now I have to use the remote.

I tell you, all these little things point to Armageddon. The world is slowly self-destructing.

I see that Burger King is set to conquer China and Coca-Cola wants to set up shop in Burma. I mean China probably isn’t that important, they already have McDonald’s so they are doomed which ever way you look. But clean, pristine Burma, they should do everything possible to avoid the Americanisation of the country.

There are only three countries that don’t sell Coca-Cola, Burma, North Korea and Cuba.

Only three countries in the world that are not contaminated, not dominated by American ‘culture’ (and I use that word loosely). The only real culture that America has can be found in the blue vein cheese in the supermarket.

My plea to Burma… Don’t do it!


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