Apparently, they do. The Japanese get a new government after each one.

And, the USA is due to have one in November. Nice to see that Romney’s blown it. Now if Obama would do the same, America might get Ron Paul.

The title of this post came from a weird thought as I read a tweet, “China’s #economy continues to grow, but at a slower pace:” from @i2economy …and I thought, yes, I understand that problem now that I am approaching 61, “‘I’ still grow, but at a slower pace.”

Which, in turn, left me wondering if normal people have these naughty thoughts?

Or is it some kind of syndrome/dementia that begins about 60?

Well, that was meant to be the opening tomfoolery of Saturday’s post that never got to be. Now here is is… Monday.

Damn, it is so cold here in Rio. Since yesterday we have been subjected to Antarctic polar air following a cold front.

My new mouse has decided on a career shift. It doesn’t want to be a mouse anymore. It is having worse ‘left button’ problems than the mouse it replaced. Can’t trust anything made in China. I had problems with three consecutive battery chargers made in China. I do wish they’d get their shit together.

I failed again yesterday. No Sunday Travel Tales, it was so cold that I spent much of the day wrapped up in bed. You see, this is such cold weather and our houses in Rio aren’t built for cold weather, no fireplaces, no insulation and nobody has a heater. I am not the only person suffering, last night everyone in the bar had a jacket on; now that is unusual, because we are usually in shorts and T-shirts.

My lunch is still frozen. I took a chicken breast out of h freezer this morning and it is doing a pretty good imitation of ‘frozen’ at 4pm.

Must shiver along…