Yesterday, I wrote about eating rabbit food healthy. Today on a whim I googled ‘foods to avoid for gout’. I suffer from gout in my right leg, one of the reasons I use my walking stick.

Just look at those scallops...

Just look at those scallops… juicy, delicious scallops

The first reference: Eight foods to avoid…

  1. steak & red meat
  2. scallops
  3. herring
  4. turkey
  5. beer
  6. soda
  7. asparagus
  8. liver

OMG, just bury me now!

The good news is I can drink coffee.

I can drink water too as long as it’s not in beer. I can eat rabbit food.

Why, oh why do I do such stupid things on a whim? I would have preferred not to know. The same reason I have no idea of my cholesterol level nor my blood pressure; I just just don’t want to know. Life is short enough without these stressful thoughts surging through one’s brain further shortening life. I want to enjoy what life I have.

I have always been of the opinion that hardening of the arteries and heart problems were a result of modern living, but I read yesterday that they weren’t unknown 4,000+ years ago. Evidence has been found in a study of mummies  (what about the daddies?) from various parts of the world, that they also suffered from these problems, in the same age groups as today.

So another myth busted.

Later, I will go and wallow in misery.