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One should never forget ones rubber ducky

One should never forget ones rubber ducky

You can tell by the spelling in yesterday’s post that I was a little whiskyfied, and that was after Nap-fu… imagine beforehand.

This post may be a long winded affair. Not long as in writing, but from start to finish. I am waiting for Carlinhos to bring Sofie’s photo to include.

I found this paragraph on Prince Charles – HRH of Twitter

The following phrases are only acceptable on Christmas Day:

  • I prefer breasts to legs.
  • If I don’t undo my trousers, I’ll burst!
  • I’ve never seen a better spread.
  • Don’t play with your meat.
  • Do you want extra stuffing?
  • That’s the biggest bird I’ve ever had!
  • Just pull the end and wait for the bang!
  • Are you ready for seconds?

Tickled my fancy. The rest of the post is well worth a read too.

Well the day has ticked away and no sign of Carlinhos.

So let’s move along.

A painful story, one that if it wasn’t so painful, it would be funny… She pulled off his left testicle and tried to swallow it, before spitting it out. A friend handed it back to Mr Jones saying: “That’s yours.” That’s yours…. the mind fails to register.

Silly Box: Saudi women defying the female driving ban are to be tried in a terrorism court. Come on, it’s high time countries like Saudi Arabia joined the 21st Century. Oh sorry, can’t upset the Saudis, they’ve got all the oil.

More silly box: Turkey’s Erdogan is an egg, a scrambled one. A 16 year old has been arrested for insulting the president. My view is that if the president was insulted, then he deserves to be; and recent events in Turkey have proved it.

Spain’s new King Felipe VI attacks corruption in his Christmas Eve address, but does not mention his sister’s forthcoming tax fraud trial. How remiss… maybe he forgot.

Good news, Tony Idiott of Australia, hasn’t said or done anything stupid for two days.

Zimbabwe is selling elephants. $40,000 each, a bargain if you have need for an elephant. Apparently, China, France and UAE have a need.

Must go and see what the world outside my gate is doing. The botequim was almost out of beer… *Hums the song a Pub with no Beer*


I hope you all had a Merry Christmas Day.

Beating the Heat

*Checks spelling*

Well, don’t want any misunderstandings, do we?

Christmas Day was cool and cloudy, last night it began raining and is still doing so. Makes a change from the previous week when we were battering the door of 40 (104F) and on Friday it opened. Thursday and Friday nights were terrible trying to get to sleep, up a number of times to have a cold shower and back to bed sopping wet under the fan allowing nature and the laws of refrigeration to take effect.

Must have evaporated through the hole in the top

Christmas Eve I spent at the botequim chatting with friends, wishing all and sundry a Merry Christmas and making serious inroads into a bottle of Passport scotch. The bottle must have had a hole in it, because the contents seemed to evaporate. So, there was only one solution, I trudged the 11 metres to my house and got one of the bottles of Argentine Merlot that I had had the forethought to put on ice, that was shared and then I trudged all the way home again, for the second bottle. So, that was how Christmas Eve passed for me, quietly.

Christmas Day here in Brazil, is pretty much an ordinary day. The family celebrations, ceia de natal, mainly over by 2am. There’s not a lot left for Brazilians to do. Had it been hot, families would have merely gone to the beach, as it wasn’t, they didn’t. Instead the kids were out in force in the praça flying kites. I blogged, napped and blogged some more, then the botequim beckoned. I had an outstanding bottle of Bohemia beer paid for by Jorge, one of my neighbours the day before, so I took advantage.

Today, of course, is Monday. Had I still been in NZ, it would have been Boxing Day. Brazilians don’t have Boxing Day, so it’s a normal back to work day.

I was due to have a lesson at 2pm, but a timely email absolved me from that necessity. You see my student lives in Resende (a little more than an hour from Rio) and works at the factory there, but he is doing a training course during the week in the local factory and studying English here. He couldn’t get a taxi today for work. I was immediately saddened, but then I glanced out the window at the rain and I wasn’t so sad anymore. Time for more coffee…


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