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Doing it again!

FFtoomanytabsYes, as soon as this post is done. I’ll be doing it all again.

It’s as close to Christmas cheer as I’ll get.

Last night I had to reset FireFox. It got too sluggish. I hate doing it because all my plugins disappear and I have to hunt them and reload them to get rid of the ads and all the trackers. It’s a hassle.

I have been reading about ‘Panic Saturday’, the last Saturday shopping before Christmas. It happened here in Brazil too. Stupid, stupid people. Hundreds of thousands of people out buying Christmas presents. Wild horses couldn’t drag me into town to do this.

Yesterday, I went to town, just the perifery, and it was insane. You couldn’t navigate the footpath for illegal stalls selling all sorts of crap. I eventually got to the butchers, got my stuff and got a taxi the hell out of there as fast as I could.

Silly Box: Raul Castro, Putin and China’s Xi, all qualify collectively for the silly box today. Castro becauses he’s pushing a weel recognised idealogical failure, communism; Putin because he’s a megalomaniac arsehole and driving Russia to the brink with his stupid ideas and Xi because he’s flying the ‘one China’ idea at the expense of the well being of his country ignoring the fact that the Islands of Macau and Hong Kong don’t want anything to do with one freakin’ China.

Right now my mind is dealing with important matters like, what do I put on the grill first. Pork ribs is the answer.

I should put my pants on (just finished Nap-fu practice) and mosey along to the botequim.

I may have photos to post later.

So, later.

I am Ho ho hoing

HohohoingGiven the man-boobs, I have been a busy boy today.

My day has thus far been:

6am up and coffee

8:30am wander off to class

9am – 10:30am being a teacher

10:32am on the bus to town

10:40am at the butcher’s

10:50am taxi home with goodies.

11:15am light the BBQ

until 4pm everything became a blur and desperately needed Nap-fu practice

The table at the botequim

The table at the botequim, pork, liver, beer & whisky


6:30pm Chilled chocolate drink.

6:40pm… they want to do it again.

6:41pm… ran for home.

I’m not ready to do it again.

Although there are plenty of makings, I will do it again tomorrow.

Right now, I am knackered.

Talk about a foggy mental breakdown.

The funniest comment of the day was when I put a large piece of black pudding (can be seen on the right in the first image) on the BBQ… “OMG, you’ve killed seu Oliveira!” Mr Oliveira, is a popular sprightly 80’s+ man of Afro-Brazilian origin from our neighbourhood, well known by all.


Commencing countdown

…engines on
Check ignition
and may God’s love be with you

Remember those lyrics?

Actually, this post has nothing to do with David Bowie or Major Tom, but rather the coundown to Christmas.

Yes, it’s less than a week to Christmas.

And I’m not at all excited, rather amazed that the year has gone so fast.

Wondering what the new year will bring. Will I stay, or will I go? The future is so uncertain right now.

Tomorrow is BBQ. The lads at the botequim have a BBQ planned. I have meat out of the freezer, I will get more tomorrow after class. Brazilians have no imagination when it comes to BBQ. Oh, don’t get me wrong, they make a great BBQ, but it is always beef, pork, chicken and sausages. I will add pork ribs, liver, pork belly scratchings, chicken hearts and black pudding. If I can find a frozen slab of salmon, I’ll do that in tin foil with capers, lemon juice, cracked peppercorns and olive oil. Of course I will do garlic bread as well.

And basically, that will be Christmas.

Just a couple of passion fruit flowers out today, still no sign of fruit.

I wish to make mention of dedication. A blog that I follow; All Downhill from Here posted a bulletin yesterday. Andrew, was just letting us know that he was out of heart surgery and doing well. The bulletin was posted four hours after surgery. Way to go Andrew! Andrew’s blog is about photography, mainly birds and nature stuff, but his photos are superb.

We’re due for a weather change today. Earlier during my lunchtime beer it was hot, now after Nap-fu practice, it is already clouding over; nothing threatening yet.

Something I didn’t think would happen. FIFA has agreed to release a ‘legally appropriate version’ of the Michael Garcia report, after the author resigned from FIFA in protest at their handling. I guess they knew that if they didn’t, their backs were against the wall with talks of boycotts from many sectors. Boycotts would have meant the end of FIFA.

The Silly Box must surely belong to the American politicians who are threatening to block the thaw in US/Cuba relations. This is really a chance for the US to join the rest of the world, rather than Cuba. Is Obama appeasing the Castro brothers? I don’t think so. To continue the freeze, in my opinion, is now futile, it’s time to move forward.

Here’s a banknote…

Zimbabwe $100 Trillion Dollars

Zimbabwe $100 Trillion Dollars

Now that’s worthy of the silly box, imagine getting change.

That’s what comes of printing your own money… American quantitative easing (QE) was doing just that. Let’s see what happens when all that extra money begins to hit inflation.

Time for afternoon beer.


Still no Pussy

It's this hot

It’s this hot

This morning I checked the trees in the park. During the night I remembered he had got himself stuck up one and spent some hours until I finally hear his cries from the gate. Still no sign, probably just as well, because two days stuck in a tree in this heat he would have dehydrated.

Thank you all who have commented with support, it all helps.

I went to the dentist this morning, I have a massive infection in the gum around the crook tooth. I got an antibiotic and a come back in five days. I took the first pill in the supermarket at the drinking fountain and already the pain has dissipated; I was able to eat lunch.

I just had a wonderful frontal lobe numbing avocado smoothie. I had one yesterday too. Only needs half an avocado. I bought another one today.

Christmas is well over. Nobody even mentions it now Santa Claus is no doubt relaxing somewhere.


It’s nearly 5pm, the sun is getting lower behind the trees, it will be a little cooler, time for beerless o’clock. Can’t mix booze with antibiotics. Thank heaven for 0.0% beer. I got some at the supermarket this morning, it’s like drinking beer when you’re not drinking beer.

They’ve fixed the thumb on the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer (seven days), the poor folk in Novo Friburgo still don’t have houses (two years).

I have forgotten to mention that BBB (Big Brother Brazil) started again this week, so nightly we are bombarded by TV that goes beyond pathetic. Not in my house; I switch off the TV before it starts, stupid bloody programme. Brazilians will flock to watch the banal, but care about what happens in their country, never.



It’s not over yet

funnycatgoutBBQ Christmas Eve

BBQ Christmas Day

BBQ Today

Dinner out on the course tomorrow.

Oh my gout is going to kill me!

And it all starts again for New Year. Then I have a week to recover before my fist classes.

Seriously, New Year won’t be as heavy as Christmas.


You all know how I hate selfies.

The girls took control of the camera yesterday, and guess what? Selfies…

My two xodos (darlings), yes, it's a selfie

My two xodos (darlings), yes, it’s a selfie

They managed 130+ photos before the battery gave out exhausted. I resuscitated it this morning.

Must away, my soap-opera is due to start…


Goodwill to all men…

christmas-tree-decorations2…and the women and the kids.

For me Christmas has just started. I woke up and now have my first coffee of the day.

For most Christmas is nearly over.

It started in New Zealand (not as they said on Brazilian TV in Australia) some 20 hours ago, so the rest of the world has already celebrated, while for me it’s 9am and the day is just beginning. Only the USA and most of the Pacific region are left to begin.

I didn’t get round to posting yesterday, I was busy partaking of the Christmas spirits that were available from the botequim. There was also BBQ, so by the time that finished, I was slightly beyond blogging. Thankfully Christmas only comes around once a year.

So let me wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Did you realise that it is also Humpday today?


I made this a couple of days ago to celebrate a Humpday Christmas.

I won’t get a lot of blogging done today, I have the ex and kids coming over in a few hours for BBQ. Hopefully, the rain that has plagued us for the last few days will hold off.

Now I have a shit load of work to do, not in the least to clean out the fridge because the tray of defrosting meat overflowed and the trays at the bottom are now full of blood. Trials and tribulations.

So, I will off and tackle the necessary for a festive day.


Global Warming

My kitchen looks like this

My kitchen looks like this

My kitchen looks as though an Arctic ice sheet has melted in it, water everyf**kinwhere!

While ice flows fall off the glacier at the back of the fridge.

Yes, I had the stupid idea this morning to defrost the fridge while it had next to no food (common situation) and I needed to defrost the meat in the freezer for the BBQ. BBQ was going to be tomorrow, but logistics demanded a change to Monday, my ex had a better party to go to tomorrow.

Such is life. She also made a point of “Don’t forget my present!” I said, “You’ve got it, she’s seven this year, “ …looong silence. Maybe that wasn’t the best response… You know sometimes women just don’t have a sense of humour; but I finally figured out how a woman’s mind works. If you want to know the secret check Satireday on Tomus. I made the art work this morning.

Five days to go, then it’s only 364 days till next Christmas.

I spent a good part of yesterday making new Philosoraptor Memes, Like this one.


Philosoraptor is featured every Phriday on my They say it’s in the Genes blog.

This post is being constantly interrupted by the necessity to squeegee out the kitchen to avoid flooding the living room as well.

dead-poets-society-quotes-14Had a late night last night. I watched a movie, one of my favourites; Dead Poets Society.

I had downloaded it sometime ago in a version with Portuguese subtitles to play for my students.

Finally got to bed about 2am.

Cloro has just come in and wants to know why his food bowl (polystyrene) has floated across the kitchen.

It won’t be long now, another hour should see the end of the ice and I can turn the fridge on again and the house can return to normal.

Then it’s off to the supermarket for some therapy and a bottle of Drambuie (that’s my Christmas present: “To me, from me, with love!”).

I finally discovered coffee home delivery…



My Cat’s a Pervert

funny-squirrel-nuts-cheeks-what-picsYes, he is.

Night before last he jumped up on the bed for customary pre-snooze tickles and in the middle, he bit the blanket hopped on and started to hump it. I guess it was a case of kitteenage catsturbation… or something.

It tells me that it’s time he played ‘squirrel’ and started wondering where his nuts have gone.

To this end, I visited the vet’s clinic across the road from work yesterday. R$200 to get them removed and a further R$80 for vaccinations. I was like WTF?

Meow Meow & Fred (ginger) from nextdoor playing 'You tap me, I'll tap you'

Meow Meow & Fred (ginger) from nextdoor playing ‘You tap me, I’ll tap you’

My last three cats, Meow Meow, da Meow and Lixo all met their demise on the street from poisoning. I am hoping that by rendering Cloro nutless he may stay around, or at least closer to home and avoid the same horrible fate. It will also reduce the incidence of orphan kittens who need homes.

Lunch today is a problem. Everything I have in the fridge requires cooking, and it’s already too damned hot to cook. Yesterday was a deep-frying 40+°C and today promises to be the same.

I have to walk to work at 1:30, the hottest part of any day, for a 2pm class. I’ll get home around 7pm, at least that will be cooler.

My plants are letting out a collective gasp. They need watering, so do I.

Well, that was exciting.

The cat from over the back who keeps shitting in my laundry area, has done it again. This time diarrhea with a lot of blood, sadly I suspect that he has been poisoned.

I have said before that I don’t ‘do’ Christmas, but I am an old softy at heart. I will do a BBQ for the locals at the botequim as I do every year.

I wear the same old Santa hat that I have done for the last four years and slave over the charcoal. I have planed it for 22nd this year.


Santa’s little big helper ‘doing’ it last year

The ex and kids will come over, so it’ll be a busy day. I already have some of the makings in the freezer, but I need to buy more yet.

So, I while don’t ‘do’ Christmas, I do do a pretty mean BBQ.

I found a small slab of chocolate cake in the fridge, so lunch will be, chocolate cake.


Battle Scarred

warningcoffeeCloro has become a big boy now.

Like any boy who has his first knee scrape or bloodied nose, he is a veteran, a grown-up boy.

He came home yesterday from a night out with three small scars on his left ear, he’s going to have to learn to block with the left and claw with the right.

Today my stats turned over. Not one blog achieved 1,000 true hits, two did but that was the work of the wankerbot from Montreal in Canada, so they’re not counted.

Yesterday’s post on homemade fanta, one comment sent me to this link. I’ve seen it before, and I’m sure I have posted it, but not here. I think it is great.

fanta+sea.+the+wise+words+of+an+8+year+old_c9f88f_3842252Well worth another showing.

greencheesemoonMankind has ravaged the planet and raped it for resources. So much so that there are things we are running out of and less habitats to destroy.

China has the solution, let’s ruin the Moon. It is reported that China could be mining on the Moon within ten years.

I hope they like green cheese.

The rain is persisting…. again.

So today will be spent indoors. Seems like the sensible thing to do. Cloro is certainly not impressed. Neither am I, today is laundry day, not at all good for drying even though it is hung in the carport.

There is often debate about homosexuality, such debate is normally centred more around the male, although LGBT makes itself known, with lesbians coming in third. I read this morning that more and more women are turning to lesbian relationships in the last 20 years. To me this means a big ‘FAIL’ that we men are doing it wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against lesbians, in fact two of my more exciting sexual partners were lesbians; believe me lesbian sex is great, even if you aren’t a lesbian. Oh, and they weren’t the fabulously contrived threesomes that men often dream about.

Sad to report… Rugby League World Cup final: Australia hammer New Zealand 34-2 to regain trophy in style at Old Trafford. Not that I am a rugby league fan, it’s still sad to see the home country get trounced, and trounced in style.

Santa Claustrophobia, an annual malady. Something I don’t suffer from because I basically ignore Christmas. I was asked last night by my sister what I was doing for Christmas. Nothing, watching TV like any other night, blogging like any other day.

Right now it’s breakfast time. Fresh bread rolls and marmalade with more coffee.



Half Fonged

No fluffy butts this morning, but I am having another adventure. I was looking for a larger version of this…


…and I found this…


Oh, I thought, I’ve got hazelnuts, so I grabbed the bottle of Frangelico, added a healthy splash and a half, added some cream… and it’s yummy. Not exactly breakfast coffee, but it’s Humpday, who cares? <——– rhetorical question.


Beats the crap out of Starbucks, and it’s a whole lot cheaper.

Cloro is back on the printer. After yesterday’s episode with the scanner he was wary about assuming his usual perch.

100_1262Back on regular coffee.

That Frangelico coffee really set my head spinning, or is that just inspiration kicking in?

The rain did start again and as I predicted, the moment I went out the door to work. It was pretty half-hearted and I didn’t get wet. This morning was sunny, now it’s cloudy again. The weather forecast is for more rain this afternoon, so I am making an educated guess, that that will be when I go to work.

Christmas is looming large on the calendar. It’s a time of the year I enjoy; not because of its religious connotations, but because it is family time. I don’t really ‘do’ Christmas, apart from a BBQ with ex and tribe.

I don’t believe in presents because I don’t hold with the commercialisation of Christmas, you can have a good Christmas without spending billions. Christmas is not Jesus’ birthday, he was born in August or September, Christmas was moved to coincide with pagan festivals in order to convert them, so it’s all bullshit really, nothing but manipulation of the masses by the church.

Now, I do believe a nap is coming on.


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