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It’s Thursday

That’s about the mosmile over the humpst important thing so far today.

Not done much.

2x coffee

2x toast for breakfast

2x salad sandwiches for lunch

2x nap

And now I’m here and it’s almost time to toddle off to class.

The best thing is, I’m over the hump, and the weekend starts tomorrow.

Not really a post, more an apology for one.


Much More Reasonable

batteriesMy clock says it’s 1:17, I’m not sure if that is am or pm.

At least it’s right twice a day.

I must get a new battery.

The trouble is you can’t buy just one, they come in pairs or fours. By the time you need the next, you’ve forgotten where you put them.

Any way, it is about 4pm, a much more reasonable hour to produce a coherent post.

I have class at 5:30, so I have a comfortable hour before the mad panic to look like a teacher and walk off to class.

The sun is out, it is pleasantly cool, and it has rained a little during the course of the day.

Cooking again now that the weather is more pleasant. Lunch was an inch thick rump steak with all the fat, cooked to perfection, burnt brown on the outside bloody red in the middle with the fat cooked through. I do spoil myself; one of the few pleasures I still have.

Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop

Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop

I learned about ‘sockpuppets’ in a post the other day.

I was always under the impression that a sock puppet was like Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop; apparently wrong again.

“A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception.” Wikipedia

These are used for making comments, when one’s identity is banned, I believe.

See, you live and learn every day; even at my age.

The new stadium in Curitiba has been given a ninth hour reprieve and will host four games of the FIFA World Cup.

But not all Brazilians are in favour of the cup. It is costing the country billions in new/refurbished stadiums and infrastructure. Billions that could provide ordinary Brazilians a decent education and health.

Yesterday on Copacabana beach:

Copacabana Beach

“We need schools, hospitals and public security as high a quality as FIFA’s World Cup Stadiums”

Tells its own story.

The sad part of this is that some of these stadiums will never be used again at capacity. Some will fall into disrepair because local bodies cannot maintain the upkeep. The World Cup venues are, in the main, white elephants.

My view is if FIFA demand high quality venues, the FIFA pays for them, end of subject.

That time has arrived.


I Need Group Therapy

No, it’s not because I am crazy.

Despite the fact that I put my teeth in the cracked peppercorn class on Monday night. That was just a bleary-eyed oversight because the two glasses were next to each other. Now one is on one side of the kitchen, far from the other. It won’t happen again.

After yesterday’s fiasco, who wouldn’t need therapy?

Lesson this morning, dentist, home, blog, nap, lunch. Three pieces of thinly sliced rump steak made into weinerschnitzel; and I’ve got another three for Friday.

Last class canceled. Great, I can get to therapy earlier.

Tomorrow, class at 7am, 8am bus to Barra da Tijuca.

Pay Day!

Probably two of these

Sushi for lunch!

Pay bills, buy a bottle of Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire Sauce, buy Enos fruit salts.

Bus home.

Pay rent… 2 rents. My pay last month was Romneyfied… pathetic, so I could only pay half.

By the time I get home it will be beer o’clock.

So you probably won’t see me tomorrow.

Friday is a holiday, no classes, group therapy all day. 7th September is Brazil’s Independence Day.



I woke up just for you

Nothing planned, nothing done… success

No, I didn’t.

It’s 4:25 and I have to go to class.

I don’t really want to go. I am still hopeful of that phone call canceling it.

Apart from blogging, I have done nothing today. Nothing has gone wrong. It is most atypical for a Monday.

I have been resting. BBQ on Wednesday, BBQ on Friday, neighbour’s BBQ on Saturday. I was plumb tuckered out.

Slapdash Lunch.

Step One: open fridge…

Half an onion, some pork trimmings leftover from the BBQ. Dice everything into the pan. Grate some fresh ginger from the garden, sprinkle some cracked black peppercorns leftover from the BBQ. Fry is all off. One small jar of tomato extract.



Now I’m here and about to go again.


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