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The Waiting Game

On edge looking into the abyss

On edge looking into the abyss

Nerves aren’t exactly on edge, but I must admit, that the uncertainty has knocked the wind out of my sails, a bit… but life goes on. 🙂 One must keep smiling; it’s called putting up a brave front. As I said to a comment on yesterday’s post.

I am waiting for a lawyer to return my call to help me negociate the beaurocracy protocols involved.

So, I am not pulling your collective legs as Yvonne thought I may have been.

I am hoping that nothing happens before Monday, a last weekend of beer and BBQ would be nice.I

The day promises to be hot again, but they have also said there will be rain in the late afternoon. I hope it’s more than the pathetic drops we got the other night.

But to be sure, I have watered the plants, all are well and smiling.

I’m not sure if I have class this evening the change in at the factory has left so much up in the air. The students don’t know where they stand, and that means the teacher doesn’t either. This change means that I am losing a few students, but also some want to continue privately. It all affects my salary, and so close to the silly season.

My reference yesterday – those nice young men in their clean white coats… they’re coming to take me away ha ha! Comes from an old song, for those of you too young to remember it…

There, at least I’m not being taken to the funny farm… yet.

I’m going to blog along for a bit, then Nap-fu practice.

Myabe I’ll update later.


And it came to pass…

He can have it back on Monday

He can have it back on Monday

That I have managed to complete my posts for the day.

This could well be a really screwed up Saturday. Not only do I have my regular classes, but I may/may not have another until 3pm. I don’t know as of yet. Oh, the things I do for my bossette.

I need more coffee… BRB

My students from last night’s group won’t know until the end of the month whether or not they are affected by the new factory edict. So there is still hope. If their class are cut, that will make a big hole in my pay.

Another hot, hot day anticipated. Weather forecast predicts rain on Monday, in the meantime we have to endure 40ºC+. Mind you, they forecast rain for last Wednesday and it didn’t.

Yesterday afternoon, I had my customary stroll around the praça, stopping the have a big conversation with the tortoiseshell cat from next door. She was just full of meows.

I was disappointed last night. I followed a comment on a post from 2011 and discovered that the image had disappeared. The site from which the image came was also down. On checking other posts, many images had disappeared. How disappointing. I will save more images and host them myself in the future. Nothing is forever.

On Ebola, a third US case who flew on two domestic flights while contagious. News that the UN effort is too little, too late, and not taken seriously enough. We will pay for that.

046da310a240a0ea2de122fd256580d5It’s time to put my underwear on the outside and become ‘Superteacher’!

Another of life’s riddles to solve…

Why do superheroes wear their underwear outside?


I had a sudden urge

keep-calm-don-t-worry-i-m-hereContrary to my post yesterday, I am here.

The promised information did not arrive. So I assume the class was canceled, because I have had no contact otherwise. In a way I am pleased, the prospect of half a day in buses was not the most welcome, however I do need the money. Such is life.

Now I wait and see what happens between now and Thursday, which is to be the next lesson.

So I have had a full days blogging, only a couple to go.

red bullI had a new follower on Twitter today. One of her attributes was that she was a devoted Rd Bull fan… *Click Delete* A person who considers that liking Red Bull as an attribute doesn’t have the necessary brain skills to make decent tweets.

I despise these energy drinks, when I see them in the supermarket it makes me gag a little.

Shit should be banned.

I see the Grammy Awards once again went to music that I’ve never heard of; nice.

Grammies, Oscars, who gives a shit?

I hate modern cars. I don’t like their design, their shape, their electronics and computerisation, I don’t like their front wheel drive. There is no end to the things that I don’t like about modern cars.

My last car, was a lovely old beast.


1974 Triumph 2.5 TC

The comfort of real leather seats, my bum didn’t sweat. It was a dream to drive despite the fact that it didn’t have power steering and it was heavy in the front end. Apart from a battery, tyres, and a radiator leak it gave me trouble free motoring for nine years.

The last car that I had a hankering for was this:

Rover 3500 V8

1983 Rover 3500 V8

Never got it, I decided to travel to South America.

Best decision I ever made.

Must away, got to get ready for class.

Oh, about the urge… I did the dishes.


A Butterfly, Fluttered By

No sign of my wayward pussy.

But this morning a butterfly fluttered by to inspect my wines. I took a small video, when I downloaded, I discovered the last video I took of Cloro having a wash in the park the day before he did a bunk.

This morning was worthy of a Monday. Went to make the coffee… no gas. I had to change the gas cylinder before I could do anything. Doing anything as complicated as changing the gas cylinder pre-Coffee requires a certain amount of stamina, concentration, coordination and strength; none of which I had.

Now here’s the clip of the butterfly.

Gulf Fritillary or Passion Butterfly (Agraulis vanillae). These butterflies are regular visitors to my garden, they lay eggs on the passion fruit leaves, and the caterpillars can destroy a vine.

Just discovered that I have a class this afternoon. That’s good because my hours were looking pretty miserable and I need the students to return to classes. Being an English teacher can be hard sometimes, because I only get paid for hours taught, I don’t get a monthly salary.

Pain, all gone, life is bearable again.

Time to go.


Last but not Least

11:10pm, and if I’m lucky I’ll squeeze a post in today.

Cloro is playing with a cockroach. He brought it in from outside in the rain. Under the bed, around my feet, into the living room, repeat. He figures it’s so much fun, although I remain somewhat nonplussed.

I am rather delighted; my blog Things that Fizz & Stuff has been nominated by a rather prestigious blog in the realms of booze related blogs. Lords of the Drinks has included my blog to be among the 25 candidates nominated for their 2013 Award.

I’m not fairing too well in the voting, I think my blog is too eclectic when compared with the blogs which are in the upper echelons of voting. But if you were to hop across and nudge things along a bit, I won’t complain- YES, I’m begging!

Still it’s nice to have the recognition.

Classes have finished for the year. Next class 7th Jan. *Stretches back and puts feet up*

Cloro has let the damned cockroach escape, now he’s going berserk trying to find it. Looks like I’m in for a fun night, he can be most persistent.

Time for bed.


This week went quick!

friday25First it was Monday. Then we had a holiday Wednesday, and now it’s Friday already.

Mind you, I’m not complaining!

I’m always pleased to see Friday. Especially this Friday, because I have no classes today.

The weekend is already underway.

I finally managed to get the BBQ dishes finished. I have been to the supermarket.

I increased my wine collection by three…


And as soon as I stop blathering here, I’m off to cook lunch.

Yesterday during my peregrination I bought one of these…



When I got home, I turned it into these…


Lixo will be pleased, because he gets the scraps of raw fish as I slice the fillets into a friable size.

Now It will become this…

Fish and Chips

Fish ‘n Chips

Doesn’t that look yummy?

The rest of the day will be spent – relaxing!

I may/may not get some more blogging done. I have a swag of likes and comments to reply to. I always, well, nearly always visit the blogs of those who comment/like, so there is a lot to do today and I still have three blogs to post on and a nap to have.

That should take me through to dark.

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