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My Hebetude

heat-stroke-vs-heat-exhaustionmeIndeed, my lethargy, sloth, torpor, etc can be summed up in the phrase, “It’s too bloody hot!”

Now into our fourth week of unrelenting heat, I feel drained and this has begun to reflect in my blogability, or should I say my inablogability.

I am constantly under a fan, continually taking a cold shower, sitting here dripping in sodden underpants to enable me to write. I’d be sitting here naked, but my bum sticks to the plastic seat, which is also hot.

The lunchtime weather forecast promised tempestades (storms) later today, but we are rapidly approaching 5pm and the sky is not doing anything that would indicate such relief, any more than it did yesterday or the day before. Even Brazilians have begun to pray for a little polar vortex.

Poor Cloro is shunting from one cool spot to another. Under the kitchen sink, under the coffee table, along to the botequim to take advantage of the tile floor, repeat. He’s at a distinct disadvantage in that cats do not have sweat glands, so my fans just ruffle his fur, they do not cool him. He cannot get cool the way we do; it’s the same with dogs, their cooling mechanism is their tongues.

django_unchained_ver8_xlgYesterday, I was so knackered, that I gave up blogging, instead I watched the film Django Unchained, 2½ hours of good.

I can now speak Italian! The copy I downloaded was with Italian subtitles. Pecora Negra (Englishman in Italy), eat your shorts.

The Brie I mentioned the other day survived. I managed to spread it out over three nights.

As I get older, I find it so much easier to make a fool of myself. Two nights ago, I went to print a page, pffft, nothing but a few bird scratchings on the page. I tried again… same. I cleaned the printheads… same.


Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80

I mentioned this to a fregües (regular) at the bar last night. Let’s have a look… I got the printer cartridges, he turned them over… I had forgotten to remove the protective seal. How to feel a fool in one easy lesson. One of the most basic things stumped me. I have been playing with computers since the halcyon days of the TRS-80 when we had to load our programmes from a cassette tape recorder, and the simplest thing stumped me. You’re never to old to be fooled.

World news, France’s Hollande has a mistress, headline news; who gives a shit? Probably Mrs Hollande, the shock put her in hospital. But for this to be headline news for five days straight… give us some news!

The sun has gone, I must toddle off outside and look at the sky; we may just get our rain.


The Smell of Heaven

a-funny-coffee-quotesYes, I had coffee ready made this morning.

No, waiting that extra eight minutes.

Yesterday it cooled in the late afternoon, and even s few spits of rain that amounted to nothing. That was repeated at 11pm, big heavy rain drops, but again amounted to nothing.

I’ve lost track, but we are well into our third week of high temps, and even the Brazilians are complaining about it.

I feel I must clarify a comment that I made yesterday… When I said “I wish I could do that” I wasn’t referring to Cloro’s nuts as Andrew misconstrued cleverly. I did add a little story about a similar situation to my reply.

The lack of ruffling fur, I have put down to it disappearing when I opted for the clip to be ‘tweaked’ by YouTube to remove shakiness.

It's cooler under the kitchen sink

It’s cooler under the kitchen sink

I’m going have have a <rant>

I have been watching this new pope person carefully. Generally, he’s been doing okay and I have enjoyed his refreshing attitude to many of the antiquated Catholic policies.

But yesterday, he fucked up, totally fucked up.

He spoke about the evils of abortion. Now I’m not in favour of willy-nilly abortion, or abortion as a post-coitus contraception, but I am fully in favour of abortion as a life saving or social measure.

This pope person lambasted all abortion as evil, he totally missed the boat; where he could have pronounced a more moderate approach by the church by, for example, urging the decriminalisation of abortion. I’m not talking about the decriminalisation of backyard-abortionists, rather I’m talking about the women around the world in Catholic countries who are in prison for abortion. The granting of an amnesty for these women. Suggesting to countries like El Salvador (which has the strictest abortion laws in the world) to ease the laws and stop making women criminals. Easing up on situations like the Indian doctor who died in Ireland last year because doctors wouldn’t perform the abortion that would have saved her life.

He talks about the poor, easing up on abortion would go a long way to helping the poor, but then the church needs the poor, denying abortion creates more Catholics. If it wasn’t for the poor there would be NO Catholic church.

Yes, in my opinion, he fucked up and missed the boat.


I don’t apologise about the rant, but somethings really irk me.

50follsSAACI got a nice surprise the other day, my blog Some Animals are Crackers achieved this…

SAAC is my newest blog, and the stats are very modest, so it was gratifying to see that 50+ people are following. If you like animals, hope over and have a look, it’s not just ‘cats and dogs’.

Well, my afternoon student has cancelled; it’s too hot to go and pay the bills, so I am going to do the only sensible thing… submit myself to the rigours of beer o’clock.



Lethargy x Monday

monday-mornings-11866That’s today. I feel totally lethargic.

Started with morning coffee, no yesterday’s coffee to reheat quickly in two minutes, so I had to wait ten minutes while I made fresh. Do you have any idea what that extra eight minutes is like without coffee?

The neighbour’s cat was in eating Cloro’s breakfast. On it’s way out, I threw an empty water bottle, to hasten its exit, and almost clocked Cloro; and I thought, yes it’s Monday.

Yesterday I managed to escape most of the heat by napping. I finally woke about 5pm to find that it has clouded over and had a good breeze. Cloro followed me to the bar and sat under the table.



He was quite happy there, licking his nuts. Heck, if I did that, they’d arrest me.

Beautiful Tail

Beautiful Tail

And a shot showing off that magnificent tail.

Throwing this in as an experiment, YouTube tells me the ratio is wrong, I want to see.

That’s him getting his fur ruffled by the wind. I can’t see that the ratio is wrong… He still looks like a cat.

My ‘do nothing’ day yesterday became a do something. I had bought beetroot and they began to get a little soft, so they had to be cooked. Now I have two jars of beetroot pickling in vinegar.

I read today that Michelle Obama’s second inaugural gown is headed for the Smithsonian. WTF? It’s a dress, a very fancy red dress, but do we need things like this in the Smithsonian? Damn, put it in the rag bag where it belongs!

I hardly need to say that it’s Hot again. Had to water plants early.

My student today cancelled, which would have normally pleased me. Because it meant I didn’t have to go out in the heat, but I have to go anyway to collect my pay.

wineappYou can’t go anywhere on the net today with out finding ‘Apps’ for your i/smart phones. Why do we need them? We managed perfectly well for centuries without ‘Apps’; and now we can’t do without them. I am proud to say that I am Appless! That should probably be hapless, because I have no idea how to use half this stuff, and I’m doing just fine.

For example, if I want to find a good wine, I walk that extra distance to the wine store. I browse, I communicate, I marvel at the feel of a good Chardonnay balanced in my hands while I read the label. I DON’T need an app!


It’s small unimportant people trying to rise above their station and impress people.

Must go, it’s clouding over, which will make it tolerable for beer o’clock.


Ashamed of Myself

bertOne of my purchases at the supermarket was a small round of Camembert cheese. It’s expensive, R$12, so I am normally prudent when it comes to nibbles; that 3 inch round piece of heaven is normally cut into four to prolong the pleasure.

But last night, I scoffed it in one sitting. Oh the greed, the gluttony! But this one was so ripe, it had just the smallest nut in the middle and it was so creamy that I couldn’t  help myself. Now today, I don’t have my ‘bert’ for this evening. I do, however, have a wedge of Brie… Can I exert the self control necessary to make it last more than one sitting? If there is wine involved, it is doomed.

Oh the temptations that are placed before us…

I read the other day about politicians being on (un)Reality shows. Personally, I think this is a disgrace. People that have been elected in all good faith demeaning themselves by appearing on the most banal type of TV that exists. Any politician who stoops to this level, should be sacked on the spot.

68-complete-idiot_774Two days ago I had a new visitor to this blog. They visited about eight past posts. So I was curious as to what type of posts they read, and proceeded to click on the links and see.

It was fun to go back and read old posts, things that I had written and have since forgotten; a real trip down memory lane.

Today the forecast is for Hot, with a capital ‘H’. Yesterday was also hot, but today is going to be hotter. Cloro is already looking for a cool place to hide for the day, and I can see me having more than one cup of ‘cool’, I might also have some beer.

Yesterday’s plan was successful, I did nothing. I am hoping that I have a similar success today and that will make a perfect Sunday before facing Monday…

This is roughly how my week goes:



I’ve Found it!

After doing a bleat about my favicon disappearing yesterday, it has reappeared.

Just goes to show if you complain to the highest authorities things happen.


Dry as a brick

The hot weather continues. I bought a pizza at the supermarket, but it’s too bloody hot to cook it!

Yesterday I left a slice of bread out on the counter after a late lunch, by 5:30 it was toast.

While we are having the hots, USA and Canada are at the opposite end of the thermometer. The world’s weather really is screwed up.

Very soon I am off to the botequim; not for beer, maybe later.

26Two weeks ago, Raimundo installed an icecream machine, and it makes wonderful icecreams.

Usually, he has chocolate and vanilla, but at the moment it’s got strawberry and coconut. I always have half ‘n half, that way I don’t have to make a decision.

Went to the supermarket, had to, very little food in the house. The place was empty; not only of people, but half the shit I wanted.

Hopefully, I start work tomorrow, this month’s salary is going to make things tight.

Cloro spent the night at home last night, it was nice to have a pussy in bed again. He’s had a good feed and disappeared. Honestly, that cat spends more time at the bar than I do. He’s even got the fregües trained to put a chair aside for him to curl up on.

It’s nearly 5pm, the sun is low enough not to hit the bar, so I’m off.




I’ve Lost it!


Poof! gone

My favicon has disappeared from this blog.

It’s still on all the others, but it’s gone from here; and I don’t know how to get it back.

I have googled it, and it tells me how to install, but the details are much more complicated than when I originally opted to use a favicon and I can’t figure out how I did it.

Anyone with any ideas is welcome to comment.

I felt like this

I felt like this

Yesterday, I had planned to make fizzy mango juice for lunch, but I opted to make a mango slushie.

It was so yummy, but numbed my frontal lobe totally, oh the headache.

I have finally managed to catch up with the dishes from New Year BBQs.

Then my ex suggested a BBQ today.


When I replied “okay, but you make the salads and do the dishes,” the phone went [Click!].

Cloro spent the night on the town. When I arrived home, he was nowhere to be seen. Fears of his catnapping again… But this morning when I opened the gate, he came running across the road from under the bushes in the park; paused before he came in, he looked at me and meowed with a “Well, I hope breakfast is ready” look, sauntered in rubbing against my leg as I closed the gate.

Much cooler today, overcast, tolerable.


My latest creation for my Fizz blog.

Most of my blogging has been done, just two posts to go and I have no idea about what yet, but the day is young, inspiration may/may not strike at any moment.

So, while I am waiting to be struck…

A nap.


Lost my Cool

Yes, I finally got hold of my service provider and proceeded to climb down my usually cool ladder into his gall and kicked his nuts around from the inside!

The result is that I am expecting him here 45 minutes ago…

I may not get this post finished until later, if and when he arrives. Because he has to go roofside and play with my antenna. He is convinced it is my antenna and not his modem that is at fault.


This is a jambo tree. I took the photo this morning for a post on Things that Fizz & Stuff. It’s about a fruit, red jambo, that I had never seen, nor in fact known about, before.

Here’s another photo that was on the camera. Bad quality, I haven’t learned to use the zoom yet.


Cloro went insane

With the onset of 38°C+ days we have had an invasion of these critters. They are one insect that while I am not afraid of, I simply loathe the bloody things. Cloro loves them, they provide hours of fun chasing them around the floor. But this one was high on the bedroom wall, well beyond the normal dusting level, therefore well beyond the reach of Cloro. It was so funny watching him prowl back and forth eyes fixed on the intruder trying to fathom a way to get it.

Here’s another photo…

Some of our New Years tipple at the botequim

Some of our New Years tipple at the botequim

That was before I brought out the Tequila, lemon and salt; then this happened…

One of the neighbours shooting Tequila

One of the neighbours shooting Tequila

It is now 62 minutes since I was expecting the service repair…

Do I have to climb down my ladder again?


Totally Screwed, an Addendum

Although I wasn't under the weather last night, I still feel like this

Although I wasn’t under the weather last night, I still feel like this

Happy New Year!

I am still totally screwed, the net access is still terrible, and no server attendance until tomorrow.

The connection is so bad that most blogs I visit will not load ‘Likes’, so I can’t register my appearance. If you have visited my blog recently, be assured that I have been to yours for a reciprocal visit.

I have just cleaned out my inbox, and visited everybody. Because of the net problems, my inbox became rather full and I felt duty bound to empty it before starting on the task of New Year’s Day posts.

My New Year was very quiet, well, the evening was. I spent it at home with Cloro and was in bed by 10:30. Cloro was not impressed by the ‘big bangs’ at midnight, and despíte my comforting him, he finally beat a hasty retreat and spent the rest of the night under the dresser in my room.

The afternoon I spent in the company of the fregües at the botequim. Oh, I said that already… yesterday 🙂

If you have sent a ‘Like’ or a comment, be assured that I am receiving them, somewhat sporadically but they do get here and make appreciated reading, and will be replied to in due course.

Well, not one of my blogs came close to breaking the 1,000 visits barrier last month, so please try harder in the New Year.

I was amused at Putin’s remark that he is going to eradicate terrorism following the two Volgograd explosions. The Americans have been promising the same thing since 2001 and they haven’t achieved it either.

So to all of you who feel like this…


I wish you a speedy recovery.

Scary Moments

The day started late. I slept in.

Latest photo of Cloro

Latest photo of Cloro

I needed cigarettes, so evading Cloro, I made it to the shop and back, leaving him to poop on the neighbour’s sand, that was the last I saw of him. I got home for a nap, woke, made a snack for lunch and realised it was beer o’clock, off to the botequim.

Bad news. One of the locals told me that a car had stopped, grabbed Cloro and driven off; that was about 11:30 Then came conflicting reports, he was seen as late as 2pm by Reimundo at the bar, but no further news.

bond007skyfallMorosely I went home. Tried to nap, couldn’t. Watched the James Bond movie Skyfall. Hmmmm, okay but lacked the savoir fair of Sean Connery days.I thought M was the best character.

Back to the botequim; the fregües consoling me over Cloro’s Houdini. Then suddenly one pointed out that Cloro was sitting under the table in the park eating chicken bones; which is common at BBQs.

So I was reunited at 5pm with a wary, dirty cat. He’s home now with a feed of minced meat; quite unaware of the turn he gave me; and fell asleep under the old coffee table.

Kids cause parents heartaches.

So the day has passed by me. I got some blogging done, but still more to go.

Another sweltering hot day, more than 40. But the storm clouds have cooled things off now.

Must blog along.



Global Warming

My kitchen looks like this

My kitchen looks like this

My kitchen looks as though an Arctic ice sheet has melted in it, water everyf**kinwhere!

While ice flows fall off the glacier at the back of the fridge.

Yes, I had the stupid idea this morning to defrost the fridge while it had next to no food (common situation) and I needed to defrost the meat in the freezer for the BBQ. BBQ was going to be tomorrow, but logistics demanded a change to Monday, my ex had a better party to go to tomorrow.

Such is life. She also made a point of “Don’t forget my present!” I said, “You’ve got it, she’s seven this year, “ …looong silence. Maybe that wasn’t the best response… You know sometimes women just don’t have a sense of humour; but I finally figured out how a woman’s mind works. If you want to know the secret check Satireday on Tomus. I made the art work this morning.

Five days to go, then it’s only 364 days till next Christmas.

I spent a good part of yesterday making new Philosoraptor Memes, Like this one.


Philosoraptor is featured every Phriday on my They say it’s in the Genes blog.

This post is being constantly interrupted by the necessity to squeegee out the kitchen to avoid flooding the living room as well.

dead-poets-society-quotes-14Had a late night last night. I watched a movie, one of my favourites; Dead Poets Society.

I had downloaded it sometime ago in a version with Portuguese subtitles to play for my students.

Finally got to bed about 2am.

Cloro has just come in and wants to know why his food bowl (polystyrene) has floated across the kitchen.

It won’t be long now, another hour should see the end of the ice and I can turn the fridge on again and the house can return to normal.

Then it’s off to the supermarket for some therapy and a bottle of Drambuie (that’s my Christmas present: “To me, from me, with love!”).

I finally discovered coffee home delivery…



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