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Nothing Short of a Miracle

Not this type of record

Not this type of record

7am and all my blogging is done for the day. Yes, that’s a record.

Question is… Now what do I do?

I have to try my hand at carpentry. I cut the wood for some shelves a week or so ago, now I have to nail them together.

There’s always the dishes. OMG what a prospect.

Then, there’s the kitty box needs new sand.

I have to put some credits in my cellphone; then ring the ex and wish her Happy Mother’s Day. I didn’t have credits last weekend.

I am waiting for a package from DHL sent from NZ. I’ve been tracking it. First it went to Singapore, then Germany, now it’s in Madrid. I guess the next move is Rio. This is so exciting. Now that shows you what a mundane life I lead when tracking a package across the world is the daily highlight.

28 days to go for the World Cup. I noticed this yesterday.


Some idiot has given NZ’s flag to Australia. And I’m not sure that South Korea should be called ‘Republic’, it is, but then so is North Korea; this makes it all look like one country. Of course, NZ isn’t playing in this cup, got knocked out by Mexico.

Sunny day out there. I’ve already been outside to chase off two neighbourhood cats attacking my little Clorinha. Lunch is planned, a whopping big pork loin chop more than an inch thick, with boiled potatoes and pumpkin. I’ll probably crack open the bottle of Cocha y Toro Chardonnay that’s chilling out in the fridge.

Clorinha has just brought in a new feather.

She's quick, I nearly missed the shot

She’s quick, I nearly missed the shot

My house is full of feathers! At least she’s not like her father; Cloro brought in coachroaches to play with. I prefer feathers, they’re not so icky.

I do feel a nap coming on…





Dirty, Filthy, Evil Little Buggers

And inadvertantly, I killed them.

Horrible little buggers

Horrible little buggers

Well, I saw one on the side of the kitchen cupboards as I left the shower, and gave it a shot of bug spray.

Then on my next visit to the shower, there were nine of them throwing themselves around in their death throes.

I couldn’t believe it! Nine bloody cockroaches in the house. Obviously they had nested in the space under the kitchen cupboards, and by squirting one, I got the lot. I resprayed this morning, and their were no more fatalities, so hopefully I have got rid of them.

My cellphone’s winking at me. Time to put it on the charger. I am terrible for forgetting to do that. Done.

coconutsHorrified to read that Australia is culling sharks.

I believe more people are killed in Australia from falling coconuts, but you don’t see them rushing to cull coconut trees…

Russia is warning the US not to meddle in the affairs of Ukraine… Puzzling, because it was Russia meddling in Ukraine affairs in the first place that caused the problem. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Shopping this morning, bought the essentials, three bottles of good wine, a couple of bottles black grunge (stout) and some fancy cheeses. Everything else was too expensive. I got some meat, bread and oranges too. Paid the bills, on the due date. The lotéirica (betting shop) was packed, always is when I leave it to the last minute.

Nearly time to look like a teacher again.


Lost my Cool

Yes, I finally got hold of my service provider and proceeded to climb down my usually cool ladder into his gall and kicked his nuts around from the inside!

The result is that I am expecting him here 45 minutes ago…

I may not get this post finished until later, if and when he arrives. Because he has to go roofside and play with my antenna. He is convinced it is my antenna and not his modem that is at fault.


This is a jambo tree. I took the photo this morning for a post on Things that Fizz & Stuff. It’s about a fruit, red jambo, that I had never seen, nor in fact known about, before.

Here’s another photo that was on the camera. Bad quality, I haven’t learned to use the zoom yet.


Cloro went insane

With the onset of 38°C+ days we have had an invasion of these critters. They are one insect that while I am not afraid of, I simply loathe the bloody things. Cloro loves them, they provide hours of fun chasing them around the floor. But this one was high on the bedroom wall, well beyond the normal dusting level, therefore well beyond the reach of Cloro. It was so funny watching him prowl back and forth eyes fixed on the intruder trying to fathom a way to get it.

Here’s another photo…

Some of our New Years tipple at the botequim

Some of our New Years tipple at the botequim

That was before I brought out the Tequila, lemon and salt; then this happened…

One of the neighbours shooting Tequila

One of the neighbours shooting Tequila

It is now 62 minutes since I was expecting the service repair…

Do I have to climb down my ladder again?


The Blogger Didn’t Blog

No, the Blogger was a bad boy.

But, I have freshly brewed coffee and am about to rectify this serious omission.

Cold weather struck Monday after a hot weekend. Much of the south of Brazil has been devastated with heavy rain, floods, snow, huge hailstones and even a tornado ripped one small town in rural São Paulo state apart; causing billions in damage and grain losses. The towns main industry was storing soya (GMO) and the huge grain silos were just torn apart and they had trucks flying through the air.

Taquarituba, rural São Paulo state, hit by a tornado on Sunday - image

Taquarituba, rural São Paulo state, hit by a tornado on Sunday – image

Now, Brazil doesn’t didn’t get tornados, but the last two years have seen them, along with a hurricane two years ago. Brazil has always had floods, but the severity has worsened in the same two years. Tell me there isn’t climate change.

And yet we have government arseholes (assholes for Americans who refer to their arseholes as donkey-holes, we call them for what they are) denying that climate change exists, even in Australia, the newly elected prime minister is in total denial, and pushing for more and more coal.

Sorry, had to take a ‘kitty break’, Cloro wanted cuddles. He’s a growing pussy, whereas before his sharp little claws were sore, now they are agony; and his teeth have become the jaws-of-death. He has discovered that if you go out the bedroom window you can sit on top of the old fridge in the garage and survey your king, ah catdom. I have introduced him to the botequim a few times now, he is a little bit fraidy of the outside world, but ‘oh the possibilities.’

Back on track, because of the cold weather, I have been stuck indoors, not doing much, the highlight of the last two days has been limited to the dishes and finding dead cockroaches in the bed (twice). So there hasn’t been a lot to blog about. I have also been busy finding and downloading new material for English lessons, so blogging generally was on the back burner.

But have no fear, I haven’t met my demise just yet.

This is the first post of the day, so must blog along.


The Purrfect Hunter

001084H1Last night I had an invasion.

No, not the body snatchers.

Cockroaches, three of the damned things. Haven’t seen one in months, and last night three!

Guess who had a ball?

Take a bow, if you said Cloro.

He ran around, he teased, he ricocheted off furniture, he bounced, he pawed and he dispatched those horrid things. It was almost more fun than watching the Brazil vs Portugal friendly on TV. BTW, Brazil won 3-1. So it was Cloro 3, Roaches 0.

He is the purrfect hunter, starting small, after all, he is small.

lello_tinto_ptDuring the game I enjoyed a half bottle of Lello red wine from Portugal, Me 1 Portugal 0.

I accompanied the wine with blue cheese, gouda and a bag of crisps (chips for our American cousins), so a good time was had by all, except the Portuguese and cockroaches.

I went to work as normal, my second student didn’t arrive, I waited and waited, but to no avail. When I go home there was an e-mail from my bossette, the student has quit. I was a bit miffed, because now I lose some pay.

Along with the news that my student had quit, another two student have taken a hiatus, one is going to France, the other had a big project land on his desk and can’t spare the time, both will return, so I don’t lose the pay, it is just delayed. Such are the ups and downs of being an English teacher.

Russia is taking credit for a Kerry (US) idea spoken in jest on Syria. Looks like WW III has been averted for the moment. Maybe Obama avoids more egg-on-the-face for now.

Mince on toast for breakfast, with fresh orange juice and, of course, coffee; lots of delicious coffee.

No lunch today, I am saving myself for BBQ and beer tonight.

Still, must blog along. Done my CTWW on Eco-Crap, but more to go yet.


Tried twice and failed


You’ll see the reason for the Roquey Cheese below

So here I am.

I was up at six, so it’s not unreasonable that after four hours in front of the PC to have a nap. Just as I was dropping off, my Thunderbird pinged… Oh, somebody loves me! I tried to ignore it, but curiosity and all that.

Then I tried again and in the sluggish moments before the mallet of sleep strikes, “I haven’t taken the fish out of the freezer for lunch.” Ah, forget lunch! I couldn’t, this terrible nagging thought kept returning. There was only one thing for it, get up and take the damned fish out of the freezer.

Now I am bleary eyed and in front of the PC again.

Life was never meant to be easy.

Read a wonderbul story on Lottie Nevin on Being a Bad Mother.

Have drunk two litres of water already. The day started of grey and cool, now it’s hot and dry, very dry.

The hot weather continues. Which I guess is why the house was invaded by two large cockroaches last night; duly dispatched. It’s bad enough when they come in ones. Ugly bloody insects, those and silverfish, they give me the willies. We have other creepy crawlies as well, like millipedes and geckos, but they’re good guys, they eat the other creepy crawlies. I have a resident gecko in the bathroom, we have conversations when I pee.

Who said that? I heard you, “He’s crazy!”

Of course I am crazy, I tried being normal once but it was so boring… so I went back to crazy.

Word Press 101

agravatarsI have noticed in perambulations around Word Press blogs, that many blogs show only crazy little squares, default avatar) instead of a person’s (if they have one) real avatar.

Mine used to do that. It was quite frustrating, until I discovered the secret, and I can’t remember how, but I did.

Try this: Go to your dashboard, settings, discussion.

Scroll down and find this:


You’ll find the G setting on by default. Change it to PG like I have done and ‘save settings’ at the bottom. You should find that you see a lot more avatars.

My case was so frustrating because I couldn’t even see mine, which is why I resolved to resolve the matter.

Now, I’m off to clean up cockroach carcasses, water my plants, put my fur on (that’s what Lixo thinks when I get dressed) and indulge in a tipple, or two…

After all, it is beer o’clock. I’m sick of water, I feel like a parched camel.

When I get back, the fish will have thawed and I am going to make crumbed hake fillets with a Roquefort cheese and caper sauce…


Mine will be a little different, kill the mayo, add Colman’s mustard powder, chopped capers and parsley.

I’m in a Pickle

They should look like this, but they don't... yet

What I mean is my onions should be pickling. I bought them more than a week ago, and I haven’t got around to pickling them yet; a case of procrastinonion…

I went to work today, gave one lesson and started on the second when a nauseous smell invaded the room. They were spraying some shit for insect control. They may well have exterminated the cockroaches, but they nearly exterminated the teacher too.

I gave up with a headache and nausea and my student drove me home. That was just after 10am this morning, now it’s 5:30pm and my head is still not right.

Had a snack. Head still woozy.

Lixo is outside studying helminthology. 101, what is it?

I have posted today, Tomus Arcanum has a post about aircraft. Eco-Crap, I learned something today; and, it’s not about cockroach eradication methods.

No beer o’clock today.

Carnaval is over nothing now until Easter.

I still haven’t pickled my onions.


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