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Get up and Go!

018a51c4e3402dfd8b77851a41c12bdbWell, my get up and go, got up and went.

The promised rain didn’t last night. I had my last cold shower at 4am and finally managed to sleep three straight hours, until 7am.

I made my penultimate coffee for 2014.

I blogged, as I had aslo blogged at 1am. Got most of my bloogging done.

Watered the plants as they were doing impressive wilt impressions.

I emptied my mailbox, and I was exhausted.

Another day waiting for my phone to beep. It did, my afternoon student just confirming her class.

I wanted to go to the supermarket, read, I had to go to the supermarket; but I didn’t have the energy.

I finally mustered the energy and then waited more than a half hour in the heat for transport. Finally. I went to the gas station to buy cigarettes because our whole neighbourhood is out. More likely they are hoarding old stock to sell at the new price in January… bastards! I needed cash, the Bank 24 Hours was out of money, I’m down to my last R$12.

Supermarket and home.

Hot and sweaty, threw stuff in the freezer and fridge and beat a hasty retreat to the botequim, cold beer and salvation. I also made a couple of ham and lettuce sandwiches so my stomach walls wouldn’t cave in on each other.


So, eventually, I did, I got up and went.

The bull wins in a Mexican bullfight, gored the silly girl that was tormenting it. Serves her right; I love it when the bull wins. Pity it didn’t happen more often.

Stating the obvous, Obama said that Putin wasn’t so bright as Russia heads into recession. Should have let Crimea be Crimea, a part of Ukraine.

Cricket happened in Australia, not much else, and no sign of Tony Idiott.

Tomorrow th last day of the year, BBQ. I got a slab of salmon fillet for the BBQ, and some pork belly and ribs, and some liver.

After BBQ, I have been invited to neighbours for the virada (the turning), and yes another BBQ.

Last night the kitchen was doused in the smell of passion fruit flowers; lots of them yesterday.

My sage plant has nearly reached the top of its stick. A landmark that I have been waiting for.

Ipanema Beach yesterday

Ipanema Beach yesterday

We have had four straight days of 40ºC+ with the thermal sensation getting close to 50. People have been swarming to the beaches to escape the heat. Not me, I swarm to the bar; that way I don’t need to wash the sand from my nether regions. Horrible gritty stuff sand; can cause a nasty rash. I commented yesterday to the fregües (regulars) at the bar that going to the beach and having to return home is a waste of an hours drinking time.

Just imagine that if all those people had spent an hour more drinking beer, Brazil’s economy would be back on track.

Preparations for the world’s largest New Year party. Copacabana Beach, 6½ kms, and 2 million people. Me, I stay away; more than ten people at the bar scares me these days. As i get older, I don’t like crowds so much.

Must go, cold shower required.


A Crime so Heinous


The coffee in my cupboard

I read on a blog today that the blogger had forgotten to buy coffee. How can one do that? To run out of coffee is surely a crime so heinous that it deserves keelhauling, being hung, drawn and quartered, sent to the guillotine then buried up to the neck and stoned.

I am never out of coffee. I have four bags in the cupboard as well as the one I am using.

Monday, so far nothing has gone wrong; apart from the fact that I slept later than usual, so I am late with my posts. But that is not a disaster.

Plants are watered, been for a wander around to the bakery for ciggies… the botequim is out, again. So that constitutes my constitutional for the day.

Sun is out, not a breath of wind, probably going to be hot enough for beer.

My PC went on a go-slow last night. So I had to close down and reset this morning. I must do a Defrag later because something is gumming up the cogs.

Day off. Nothing planned except lunch. I already have the sushi stuff down from the shelf.

Sushi stuff

Sushi stuff

Breasts are multifunctional devices, a great follow up post from Rachel.

The Silly Box: Vietnam has jailed a blogger, again, for criticising the communist government. They’re fools, by taking such action they give the blogger more coverage than if they simply ignored him. They are drawing attention to their own incompetence.

A vice-president of Korean Airlines deserves the Silly Box too. She also happens to be the daughter of the president. She stopped the plane while taxing for take off, return to the terminal to remove a flight steward who had the temerity to serve macadamia nuts in a paper bag to first class passsengers. My opinion is that the spoilt brat executive should have been taken off the flight and spanked thoroughly.

Candy_CrushNow some serious headline news. A British MP was caught playing Candy Crush during a parlimentary meeting.

This is serious. My opinion, any parliamentarian, or elected representative, caught playing such banalities should be sacked forthwith; no second chances, sacked, losing all pensions and priveleges. Because they obviously don’t take their job seriously and don’t deserve it.

A judge has ruled that a young boy can have a blood transfusion despite his Jehovas Witness parents objections. The kid had serious burns and needed a transfusion, but they were just going to standby and watch him die because of some imaginary deity. This is purely parental negligence. In my mind they have forfeit the rights to be parents.

The day is moving along. I should go and move along with it. No flowers today.


90% and feeling stroppy

funny-coffee-posterYes, well on the way to ‘better’.

Not 100%, nose still stuffy, cough gone, no sore throat, sneezing fits stopped consequentially bowel gases back under control.

I’ve been out and watered the plants, oh, it’s been an exciting morning. I’ve even done half the dishes. A new lease on life.

Back on coffee! Wonderful, deliriously wonderful coffee. Drank enough tea in the past couple of days to pay of the Sri Lankan national debt.

Sunny day today, still some ominous clouds around, but probably like yesterday, they’ll disappear.

Nothing planned until classes.

Just going to enjoy the day.

Headline news: Charles Manson is going to get married. That’s nice, but who gives a shit? That’s NOT headline news.

David Cameron said the world is heading for another global economic collapse… Hell, we’re still falling into the last one. What he really means is we’re going to fall even deeper.

I was surprised to read that 10% of British men pay for sex. I got married once, paid for sex for the next 20 years… was still paying 10 years after the divorce.

Marriage is just a nice way of saying ‘pay for sex’.

The whole sex issue is wrong. Woman love, men lust; it’s just the nature of things and it’s not about to change. It would be nice if it did change, but I can’t see it. At least it won’t in my lifetime.

Japanese science in a can

Japanese science in a can

Japan has revised the tally of Antarctic whales to be hunted this season. 333 down from 900+. My question is why 333, why not 330, or 300? What is another 33 whales? I guess that’s a big deal when you consider that their ‘scientific’ whale harvest finishes up on Japanese tables.

Silly Box: Putin is saying the west started on the cold war path. Funny, I don’t remember the west invading Crimea, or causing the problems in Ukraine, or supplying the means of downing the Malaysian airliner…

Still in the Silly Box: Female police recruits in Indonesia have to submit to a “two-finger” virginity test… WTF has virginity got to do with the ability to be a policewoman? Do males have to suffer the same indignity? Maybe there is an opening for a proctologist there… ah, pun… uninteneded, but appropriate.

Look at all that ivory… image: The Guardian

Cloning mammoths is in the news again.

Why clone mammoths, we can’t even look after the elephants that we’ve got.

Oh, but think of all that ivory, mammoths have such lovely big tusks.

A car that runs a million miles on 8 grams of thorium… Nah, the oil compnies wouldn’t like that.

There, that’s about it for the day.

Sorry about the posts of the last couple of days, they were a bit crappy, just like I felt.


Feeling Better


The future of coffee

Not 100%, but certainly better than yesterday.

At least the scientific principle of “every action has an opposite and equal reaction” means I no longer fart when I sneeze or cough.

I am still drinking tea… Oh, I miss my coffee. I slept almost 7pm to 8am.

Yesterday, I drank wine, no beer, too cold. I watched the Flamengo game, good result 3-2 to us, and by then I was done in. So it was home to bed.

Is this to be the future of coffee?

I hope I never see it.

There are some things in this world that leave me appalled, this would be one of them.

I did get some good news yesterday. After all my trials and tribulations of the past weeks in getting photos, etc right, my passport has been processed and is winging its way across the globe to me. So that solves half my problems. The service was quite quick, they estimated 10 working days, but it was less than a week.

I have just been for a short constitutional around the park in the sun. Yes, there is sun today, although there are still some ominous clouds lurking overhead. It exhausted me, so I’m going to take a Nap-fu break, back soon…

Noisy little baskets

Noisy little baskets

Woken by the insane twittering of sparrows on my fence in courtship. Which can’t be measured against Yvonne’s raucous kookaburra from yesterday (comment), but it’s what I got.

I need more tea.

UEFA is talking about abandoning FIFA over this report, and there are calls for Europe to boycott the World Cup. The crunch is coming.

So this is what you are going to get for now.

I’m going to drink my tea at the botequim and watch the ominous clouds.

Maybe later/maybe not.

I missed the deadline

list1Yes, all things being as they should have been, I had planned a late afternoon/evening post.

But that was overtaken by the need to pay a bill, which I had planned to pay in the morning but nobody was in the office and necessitated a return in the afternoon.

I arrived home and the botequim was open. It was a stinking hot day, so there was only once course of action to be taken.

So the post was delayed by beer. Then there was more beer, as I watched the sky cloud over. The subject turned to rain, would it. or wouldn’t it? Recent days have seen the sky cloud over and produce nary a drop of rain.

Then there was Brazil vs Turkey, nice result 4-0 to us.

However, yesterday it did rain. Not an awful lot, but more than the miserable efforts of last week

The intended post was then delayed by the local news, the dishes and then further delayed by the national news. The end of the news, and I was beset by a severe bout of the yawns and drooping eyelids; I hadn’t had my customery Nap-fu practice. The TV was turned off, couldn’t even stay awake for the football.

Today, I must get onto some posting; and this is the first.

I mentioned doing the dishes, which leaves me wondering why I still have a sink full of them…

This morning, first coffee, second coffee, watered the plants just to be sure, third coffee… and here I am.

It’s cool out there at the moment, but the sky is cloudless, and the prospect of a return to hot, hot is high on the cards.

Nothing planned for today, except classes in the evening.

Exciting news, one of my plants has flowered. I didn’t even know this plant had flowers, so I am quite excited.

Not a fancy orchid-like flower, but a flower never-the-less

Not a fancy orchid-like flower, but a flower never-the-less

That was taken a couple of days ago, a single yellow petal with the sexy bits rising from it. Now there are little buds growing at the bases the fluffy bits. I assume they are seeds. I love watching the natural aspects of life. It takes ones mind off the rigours of the day. This is something that many people have forgotten how to do… relax.

Silly Box: Japan is going to restart at least one of their nuclear reactors, another chance for another Fukushima; just in case the world didn’t get totally destroyed by the first. If you’re going to do a job, don’t be half-assed about it.

Kirchner from Argentina was reported to be in a stable condition in hospital. That would be a first; she’s never been stable.

The Qatar bid for the 2022 World Cup report is due today, and expected to say no skullduggery was found. That’s bullshit. It has to be a white wash. Every aspect of their bid as reported in the news showed kickbacks, payments for changing votes, expensive presents. Makes me wonder how much the author of the report was paid/given… sucks.

The outgoing president of Uruguay has been offered $1m for his old VW Beetle by an Arab sheik. Honestly some people have more money than brains. What the hell would make a VW Beetle worth that much? But true to form, the world’s poorest president plans to donate the money to a charity that he supports. Which is where most of his salary goes.

Okay, fourth coffee coming up, and I continue to play the waiting game.


HAHA Update!

What did I say above?

The investigator of the FIFA bidding process has said that the report released by FIFA is WRONG. “contains numerous materially incomplete and erroneous representations of the facts and conclusions”. -BBCNews

Laughing all the way, I knew it, I just knew it.

Mondays Suck

PolarBearMondayThey really do.

Nothing has gone right today.

I walked too far.

I spent too much money on taxis.

I didn’t have enough coffee.

It’s nearly 10pm and I still haven’t had lunch.

Skipping lunch, going for pizza.

I’ll be back tomorrow.

Sorry for the lousy post.


Just Finishing my Coffee

funny-quote-coffee-caffeineI have reached the halfway mark with my blogging this morning and watered the plants.

Once again, our promised rain was a pathetic spatter.

Nothing untoward has happened. I am still here, and off to class after a shower.

I am still waiting for the lawyer to ring… now why is that unusual? Lawyers are notorious for not calling back. I think they must study this in college… Not Returning Calls 101.

This will be a short post, just an update for the many out there who are rooting for me.

I have some silly box comments to make, but that’ll be later. Meanwhile, I am sweating with the humidity and the promise of another hot day like yesterday… 40ºC at midday; stifling.



awesomeWonderful news…

I am certifiable!

Now, if I wasn’t so crazy, I’d probably take humbrage at that 🙂

“Your certificate is in the mail, ✉ as I truly feel you certainly ‘certifiable’!!” – Quote from MWPG’s comments.

I love that little letterbox… I wonder how she did that.

Actually, the situation is worse than that.

My clandestine cover has been blown as I discovered last night.

So I am feeling a tad morose.

I am waiting for the authorities to come and take me away… it may be today, tomorrow, depends on how fast the cogs of officialdom work and how fast they can find their way through the labyrinth.

“those nice young men in their little white coats… they’re coming to take me away ha ha! As the song goes.

beforeB4I am probably facing deportation, so this may well be the last post for a while.

B4 I go…

I’d like to thank all my followers, not just here but all my blogs, the comments and the likes have all been appreciated. Thirteen years as an overstayer, and illegal alien it’s been a great ride. I do love it here in Brazil.

Next stop, I have no idea.

But rest assured, “I’ll be back!” – More imortal lines.

Need more coffee.

And Nap-fu practice wouldn’t go amiss.

Maybe I’ll update later…




funny-coffee-memeLove that word! Pusillanimous, just rolls off the tongue with pure venom.

Moving along…

Lovely sunny day today, after yesterday’s start and stop sunshine.

Lunch was piece of salmon grilled in olive oil and capers, served on pickled beetroot with asparagus.

My pee smelled funny all night; asparagus does that to you.

This morning I was having my first coffee before six. I slept well last night. Went to bed around 9:30 and slipped into a coma.

I’m pretty sure that either Simon or Garfunkel was staring into a wonderful cup of black coffee when they coined the lyrics for The Sound of Silence…

Great song.

Yesterday TV was full of election post mortems. Come on it’s over, let it rest until 2018, you made your decisions.

However, even though we got the blonde bimbo back. the result has given her a bit of a shock and she realises that a lot of the people want big changes, and if they don’t get them, it will mean the end of PT reign at the next election. This term she is carrying the party on her shoulders.

Lovely yummy chocolate

Lovely yummy chocolate

Chocolate, wonderful stuff.

It has long been recognised that dark chocolate is good for the heart; in small doses, 50grammes a day.

But yesterday in the news they have discovered there is an ingredient in chocolate that reduces memory loss.

Bring on the chocolate!

Now, what was I saying…

Obviously, I’m not eating enough.

Now for the silly box.

Britain has said it will no longer support missions to save illegal migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean. Well, that’s just lovely! Callous bastards!

Is your MAOA gene a low activity gene? This is the ‘warrior gene’ the one responsible for aggressive behaviour. A Finnish study shows that such people are 13x more likely to commit repetitive violent offences than people with a normal version of this gene.

I took mine out and stuck it on the cellphone charger just in case…

Five minutes to news time. I usually make lunch during the news, sneaking peeks around the kitchen door if anything sounds interesting.

Lost. Australia lost one of its pieces a few millenia ago, it turned up under Vanuatu in the South Pacific.


The Art of Doing Nothing

busy-doing-nothingIt’s Sunday.

I’m busy.

I’ve blogged my little cotton socks off already. The damned laundry lady arrived early; 6:40am, I hadn’t even coffeed.

In the words of Queen Elizabeth II… “We are not amused!”

However, one must continue in the face of adversity. I have now coffeed… four times and feel somewhat ready to face the day.

The laundry lady has gone. *Breathes huge sigh of relief*

Dilemma, doing nothing is so tiring, because you can’t stop to rest.

They say that it is impossible to ‘do’ nothing.

nothingimpossibleNot true, even if you are watching the veges grow, or paint dry…

IMG_1295The next thing on my agenda today is Nap-fu practice.

karmaI will consider which Karma to enjoy with lunch.

As I am thinking of sushi, there’s a good chance it will be sake. Because I have to open a bottle to mix a little with the rice.

Last night I made some gari (pickled ginger). It’s in the fridge pickling.

I was interested in the current economic recovery bullshit. An article yesterday made the observation that the current slump is the worst since 1860. So where does that leave the ‘recovery’? Any suggestion that the economic situation is recovering is a myth.

Hong Kong’s leader CY Leung is a cowardly wanker feathering his own nest with China’s communist regime because he’s too scared to think for himself. Bloody wimp!

Why does China continue with this ideology? It is well proven and documented that communism doesn’t work. Why did Russia chuck it out? This is where Putin is a political Neanderthal, he dreams of a renewed communist Russia. He’s another wanker.

Ever noticed that in general, the world is governed by wankers?

Ebola, the first tests on the Guinean proved negative, second test today to confirm that result. Okay, that’s a sigh of relief. But lat night a politician announced that the chances of Ebola reaching Brazil is negligible; I call bullshit on that. A second case in America, one of the health workers caring for the Texas guy who died, has now tested positive. The snowball has started rolling.

I mentioned the other day about gun control… Check the video that I posted on Tomus Arcanum today. It’s got a lot of ‘fowl’ language, so if naughty words curl your hair, don’t click on the link. But I think it’s hilarious and says a lot about attitudes.

Yesterday reached 39ºC, that’s about 100ºF+. My plants didn’t wilt, because I watered them and sacrificed my cooked breakfast which I had at 4pm with beer at the botequim. That’s what I love about my life, flexibilty, nothing is rigid, plans can be changed.

Last night at 10pm I felt peckish (NO! I’m not pregnant), so I got a pastel (a fried filled pastry); calabresa (smoked sausage) & onion… I farted all night. It was enough to keep anyone awake.

I think the plants deserve another drink before Nap-fu, although I don’t think the day will be as hot as yesterday; I’m not taking chances.



Remember what I said about flexibility?

Well, while I was watering the plants outside my gate the botequim was setting up the BBQ… well, there’s only one thing to do. Put the Nap-fu on hold and have BBQ for breakfast… 🙂

Life is wonderful.

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