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I had a plan…

Yes, I woke with a dire need for coffee and opened the ‘new post’ page with plenty of time to dash off a post before work.

But so many ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’ and new places to visit…

I am now left with but 15 minutes.

microwave-beer-01It was so cold here last night. I took hot black bean soup to the bar, then I asked Raimundo to microwave my beer…

It was certainly not shorts and no T-shirt weather, I had track pants and a jacket on.

An exposé on Eastr eggs the other night on TV showed that over 50% of Brazilian Easter eggs were not true to label. 20cm eggs that measured 16cm, under the stated weight. Prices well above the level of inflation.

Easter = GREEDY!

Now, I have to run at a fast hobble.


I got eHugs



Yes, today I got eHugs on my posts about Lixo’s demise. Thank you all so much, it means a lot to me.

As I often do when I’m hitting on a new topic, I google it, and this is what popped up, k?

I don’t actually use google, I stopped using google about three months ago, I found a way around it and their nasty ways. Google is just a verb to me.

Sunny, dry, cool day again and it will be chilly going to work in the evening, decidedly colder when I come home.

This cold snap we had has played havoc with crops. Up to 50% of the wheat crops of Parana have been hit badly, the price of flour is already skyrocketing; as did milk last week with the price of grain feed for cattle. So Brazilians are going to pay dearly for this non-existent global warming. Tell it to the skeptics.

Again a day in which not much happened. I did the dishes twice; first before lunch, then after lunch.

World hero Bradley Manning has been found guilty, and is due to be sentenced. I doubt the sentence will include the Medal of Honor, it should. The government say he was spying, perhaps he was, but then the government shouldn’t have been doing anything spyable; who is the greater criminal?

I have discovered a secret, the internet is truly a font of good information.





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