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Cold Feet

NZDLYes, I’ve got cold feet.

I forgot to pull the blanket over when I Nap-fued.

It’s nearly 2pm, I have just unNap-fued, I have coffee, so I’m not posting illegally.

Click on the image to verify ———->

My licence determines that I need coffee to do anything rational.

I have managed to d/load two Robin William’s movies and a show called Weapons of Self Destruction, some of which I have watched… but I fell asleep.

speedbumpspillI see that RW was suffering the onset of Parkinson’s Disease. That would be a terrible affliction; I would hate that.

I was once asked that if I had the choice would I prefer Parkinsons or Alzheimers, after a moments thought, I concluded Parkinson’s… better to spill a little beer than forget where I put it.

But, joking aside, I would really hate either.

I just realised that when making my ‘licence’ I should have added Bollocks as a middle name, then my initials would have been ABV (alcohol by volume) 🙂 I may still do that at a later date.

Oh, sometimes we miss so many opportunties in life, some big, some small.

The sun has been out today, ineffectual, but it was there.

I have been hiding under the blankets again today. A lot of my posting was done in the freezing hours of the early morning. Yesterday morning dropped to 11ºC, the coldest of the year.

I am pleased to report, that despite using, my bule (coffeepot) is still bright and shiny.

I am still learning to drive the new ‘post page’, making discoveries all the time. But, I still don’t know what a ‘slug’ is.

The Russians are creating a real problem. The aid convoy was green army trucks newly painted white, and some that have been inspected are nearly empty. Why? What’s Putin up to? Then there’s the fact that a Russian military convoy slipped into Ukraine in the dark on Thursdaynight at an unmanned dirt road entry point. Ukraine destroyed half, and the Russians deny it existed.

Read an interesting historic account of the problems in Iraq, it all stems back to a division of the Middle East by the Brits and French in 1916 with arbitrarily artifical borders of the secret Sykes-Picot Agreement that totally disregarded ethnic divisions. I had read about this before, but last night’s article indicated that the Middle East will not rest until these borders are eradicated.

I have been told that at my age I need glasses…

needglassesI already have them for reading, so I can only assume they mean these.

Cat No. 2 has just arrived and demanding attention.

Time to ‘beep beep boop’.


Is it a Joke?

Years ago I heard the following joke…

A man on a plane hears the woman next to him sneeze, and he observes that she was sent into violent spasms.

It happened again, the blackpeppersneeze and the violent spasms; and again, causing the man to observe, “That’s a terrible sneeze you have!”

The woman agreed and explained that every time she sneezed she had an orgasm.

To which the man enquired, “Are you taking anything for it?”

“Yes,” replied the woman giggling, “black pepper.”

Now today I read that may not be the joke it’s meant to be.

PGAD, I never heard of it before. But apparently many women suffer Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. I’m not going to even try to explain that, but here’s the Guardian link. There are some things that a man just shouldn’t try to explain.

Raining today, nice and cool, students canceled, another day off.

The most exciting thing I have done today was go to the supermarket, although my nap was pretty cool too.

I got waylaid…

It’s now night, and cold, so I’ll be off to bed shortly, but before I go I’ll press the ‘publish’ button.


Too Cold for Bonking

Yes, Lixo is inside tonight, sleeping soundly on my clean clothes. It’s too cold to foray outside in search of love.

Brazil is suffering a mass of polar air over the south of the country that has bought snow to more than 80 cities as far north as Curitiba. Some of these cities haven’t seen snow since the 1940s.

pope1Pope, pope, pope… The news is full of the Pope.

So far the Pope has got lost, red faces everywhere ducking for cover. The popemobile complete with pope got caught in a traffic jam with buses.

The pope has kissed a baby.

Today the pope is resting.

Amusing to note that the political figures in Rio were proud of the money they had personally put up for the big pope party last night. I heard one figure of R$800,000, but it was all for nothing. Pope Francis true to form in renouncing riches, snubbed the party and left after the official bits were over. Leaving the political figures with bloodied noses. When I heard this, I laughed my socks off. Bunch of wankers!

I have now calculated the damages; I lose R$295.50 in wages because of this papal fiasco.

I was asked today by a devout Catholic about my views of the pope, I informed him that I wouldn’t walk across the road to see him. He was shocked beyond belief. I have the same view of any famous personage, politician, president, film star… I’d snub the bloody lot. Far too much bullshit in this world; not enough sharing and caring.

He was even further shocked when I asked him why we are here. His response to worship god was of course predictable. The moment of shock came when I negated his answer and said we are here to provide good compost and mulch for the planet.

An ignoble end, but that’s it; our destiny, regardless of our riches or poverty, is to compost the planet, just the same as the biggest animal, the prettiest flower, or the lowliest worm.

That was the end of the argument, he agreed that I had won the debate. Especially when I made the point that I would get closer to heaven regardless of differences in our piety, because I was fatter than he and therefore able to provide more compost.

I love teasing the devout.

News is about to start; can’t miss more pope, pope, pope…



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