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This is a budding dedisherficator

This is a budding dedisherficator

I am but a humble dedisherficator, Humble but habitual.

You see when one disherficates, one creates dishes, most people would call this cooking and eating, but I find the convenience of a single word bodes well.

I didn’t completely dedisherficate, because once the marmalade on toast was eaten and the fresh coffee made, there was bugger all reason to stay in the kitchen. So I left the three chips (French fries) on the floor from last night, one of the cats will get hungry enough.

I went and watered the plants, stewing over how to use my new word; and here I am. Posting until the hour in which I redisherficate.

Now, I know that most of you are thinking, “Poor demented soul!”

Poor, I am not, I am rich. Not in monetary terms, there I am poor, but in richness of life, my cup overfloweth.

This is demented, really demented

This is demented, really demented

Demented, I’m not so sure, it would depend on the yardstick you use. I am certainly not normal, so I am somewhere either side of that mark. But, I don’t think I have sunk so far down the well as to be classed as truly demented, slightly eccentric, maybe a tad off the rails.

Soul, I have none. Well not in the selling sense, and I do care about many things, so I would not class myself as a sociopath, they don’t have a soul. You only have to look around at the many sociopaths in our world; they call themselves politicians, presidents, CEOs, w bankers and neighbourhood watch coordinators. No I am definitely not a sociopath.

I have lamented in the last couple of posts about Clorinha’s lack of mousing skills. Here is how I imagined her.

Plying her trade

Plying her trade

Sadly, it appears not to be the case; and I was so hopeful.

My Cordon Beucon bacon and cheese stuffed weinerschnitzel yesterday was decadent delicious. I have decided, after much prompting from netizens, that I will become a vegetarian; just as soon as they figure out how to grow bacon on trees. *Puts idea into pigs-might-fly basket*

Do you remember the old office trays on desks? You hand an ‘in’, ‘out’ and ‘pending’ tray.

Older than these

Older than these

Boy, are you old if you remember these. The ones I had were the in-line ones across the top of the desk, they’re so old that google doesn’t even list them, not even under vintage.

I had an in, out, too hard, and pig-might-fly trays.

George Harrison Memorial Tree

George Harrison Memorial Tree

The morning is wearing on, I can’t justify Nap-fu practice, as I woke up from one less than an hour ago to make coffee and marmalade on toast.

I read yesterday that th memorial tree for George Harrison of the Beatles fame has been destroyed by… you guessed it, beetles.

How ironic.

This is my first post of the day, got a way to go.




Much More Reasonable

batteriesMy clock says it’s 1:17, I’m not sure if that is am or pm.

At least it’s right twice a day.

I must get a new battery.

The trouble is you can’t buy just one, they come in pairs or fours. By the time you need the next, you’ve forgotten where you put them.

Any way, it is about 4pm, a much more reasonable hour to produce a coherent post.

I have class at 5:30, so I have a comfortable hour before the mad panic to look like a teacher and walk off to class.

The sun is out, it is pleasantly cool, and it has rained a little during the course of the day.

Cooking again now that the weather is more pleasant. Lunch was an inch thick rump steak with all the fat, cooked to perfection, burnt brown on the outside bloody red in the middle with the fat cooked through. I do spoil myself; one of the few pleasures I still have.

Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop

Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop

I learned about ‘sockpuppets’ in a post the other day.

I was always under the impression that a sock puppet was like Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop; apparently wrong again.

“A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception.” Wikipedia

These are used for making comments, when one’s identity is banned, I believe.

See, you live and learn every day; even at my age.

The new stadium in Curitiba has been given a ninth hour reprieve and will host four games of the FIFA World Cup.

But not all Brazilians are in favour of the cup. It is costing the country billions in new/refurbished stadiums and infrastructure. Billions that could provide ordinary Brazilians a decent education and health.

Yesterday on Copacabana beach:

Copacabana Beach

“We need schools, hospitals and public security as high a quality as FIFA’s World Cup Stadiums”

Tells its own story.

The sad part of this is that some of these stadiums will never be used again at capacity. Some will fall into disrepair because local bodies cannot maintain the upkeep. The World Cup venues are, in the main, white elephants.

My view is if FIFA demand high quality venues, the FIFA pays for them, end of subject.

That time has arrived.


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