smallcomaI wanted a really good post title today, but my brain is not functioning. It’s not a lack of coffee, I’ve had three mugs already, but I need a nap because I spent a lot of last night waking, awake, trying to go back to sleep.

A small coma would be fine.

This working on Saturday is injurious to ones well being.

By the time I get home at 2pm, I just want to practice my Nap-fu and by the time I wake, the day has gone, evaporated, disappeared.

On the way home, I was invited to a BBQ by my neighbour who lives above the botequim, I was invited for a beer by rgeulars at the botequim, but I was knackered, I just wanted my bed.

Today, the laundry lady arrived at 7am and woke me, she’s gone now, I have the house to myself. I have managed most of my blogging, some I even did yesterday and scheduled..


A vegetating mind

I just have to find an animally thingy for Some Animals are Crackers, and finish this post; then my lot is done for the day except reading blogs, replying to comments as they arrive, and doing my weekly cryptic crossword (that takes all of 15mins, but I do it to keep my mind agile).

Too many people allow their minds to vegetate.

No thanks, I grow my veges in the garden.

My lunch yesterday was flounder fillets poached in milk with sage and capers It was yum yum.

Then I went and had a beer. We were presented with a side of BBQed lamb from the BBQ upstairs, unfortunately it was over seasoned and very salty, pity, because you don’t often get lamb served in Brazil.

Rio is going crazy. Some tart named Miley Cyrus is in town and doing a show tonight. I wouldn’t give that strumpet the time of day. She is a prime example of humanity at its worst, and one we could do well to preventing the younger generation from being exposed to.

coca-cola-obesityI read an interesting piece a couple of days ago. A man suggested that if he were to be king for a day, he would ban Coca Cola and all similar drinks. Good fellow, but no politiciam has the balls to do this because Coa Cola wouldn’t contribute to their re-election funds. But should it ever happen, the obesity epidemic would disappear overnight.

Another blog post I read, Mental Housemates. It was about the problems that foreigners working as English teachers overseas face when finding accomodation. It struck a chord, because when I came to South America in 1992, I travelled alone. Whenever I have travelled around SA, I have travelled alone. Wherever I have stopped I have stayed alone. The reason;. to avoid the other crazies. I have been invited to join groups, and to share accommodation, but have steadfastly refused. I like to make my own decisions and be beholden to nobody.

I had enough crazies when I was working as a tour guide with groups. But at least I was getting paid. Hypocondriac Americans, neurotic women and people who were just plain disagreeable were all part of my daily routine. Problems like “I can’t sleep” at 3am, “get a doctor.” “My toast isn’t the right colour!” I could go on…

Mind you, I have no doubt that others may find me equally as crazy and irritating… but that’s life.