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I’m a Pro…

It's Humpday, this rabbit has confused it with Monday

It’s Humpday, this rabbit has confused it with Monday


I have put off the fan idea for the day. I had a terrible night, not because of the noisy fan, that ran quietly all night, but I was up and down with thirst. I went out for BBQ dinner last night, too much salt in one sitting.

So on waking at 6am yawning, I blogged three, napped one, blogged two… OMG, sounds like I am knitting!

Between that lot, I have read the news, made coffee, answered some comments, and now I am sitting here with a lit cigarette in one hand and half a cigarette burning away in the ashtray. I really need more coffee!

I should have lots to post about this morning afternoon, because I drank quite a lot of creativity fluid (see yesterday’s post) last night. But apart from being a little miffed because Prince George’s christening has been announced as headline news, I am at a loss. Who gives a shit?

The Americans are saying that the 70 million French emails is not true, I am sure that’s a load of bollocks. The Americans have been caught with their pants down and they’re back-peddling like crazy.

The pope has suspended the ‘Bishop of Bling’ from his position while he is investigated for wasting billions of church money on his luxury home which includes a 2.9m euro private chapel.

FaceBook has reversed its position on beheading videos. Good, there are somethings we don’t need to see.

Iran has decided that there’s no need to hang a man twice. He survived the original attempt and was in hospital recuperating for a second try. Various orgs and governments decried the need for a second hanging and as Iran is trying to amend its global reputation, they decided it was in the best interests not to hang him again.

Spain is out of recession… LOL bollocks! A 0.1% growth for one quarter does not represent a recovery, it’s merely a hiccough.

Found this to make you giggle:




I’m in Between

creativityfluidAnd I’m sweating because it’s not worth shedding my clothes only to put them on again in an hour.

I’m in between one class and the next. I had things so beautifully planned today, five hours straight teaching, then my second student cancelled and made a hole right in the middle.

If this had happened yesterday, I would have expected it. I mean Monday is the day for this type of shit to hit the fan.

I seriously need some creativity fluid.

Talking of fans, I am buying two new ones tomorrow. I have one broken and one that is on crutches and likely to topple at any given moment. Last two days have been 40+ºC (that’s 106+ºF), that’s hot enough to deep fry chocolate left on the bench. Today is not so, but abafado (hot and stuffy). Last night, the fan on crutches was making grating sounds, it took me more than an hour to shut it up and run quietly. The one I have in the bedroom is essential for sleeping and blogging; which means that watching TV raises more than a sweat even with the door and windows open.

I read today that American drone use constitutes a war crime. Let’s see how many Americans are prosecuted. This’ll be interesting.

It was reported on Twitter, during the FaceBook outage yesterday, that there were people roaming the streets with baby photos begging for ‘Likes’.

I saw this yesterday; tickled my fancy…


I almost felt sorry for the spider.


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