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One coffee, two coffees, BLOG!

Brain food

Brain food

Welcome to another screwed up Saturday.

Up at 5:40am.

Too scared to go back to sleep in case I sleep in. Posting almost completed. Need that third coffee.

I have breakfast planned. Today, I have managed to get my posts up, and all going well, I will have a good fry-up for breakfast. Black pudding, eggs, refried potatoes and stewed tomatoes. Nothing like gourmet debauchery to start the weekend.

I am planning a sushi marathon for tomorrow… or Monday; depends. Monday is a partial public holiday; Dia do comercio, all commerce workers have the day off. It has already led to my pm students fleeing the city to take advantage of the long weekend. Teachers are not included, we have our own day. My morning students are army, they’re not commerce.

Hopefully, I will be able to clear my mailbox before work. So if your comment hasn’t been replied to or your blog visited yet, there is still hope.

Since my flurry of activity yesterday, not a lot has happened… I went to work last night. I came home and went to bed.

I may/may not have an afternoon class. There is a new studentette joining the class today with zero knowledge of English, as the class in in its fourth week, I may have to give her a catch up class after class;depends how astute she is.

I’ll have to water the plants before work. Today is expected to be hotter than yesterday; reaching 38ºC, that’s getting close to 100ºF. They will really be doing a serious wilt by the time I get home if I don’t.

*Looking around the room for inspiration*

It doesn’t seem to be forthcoming.

Money will be worth less than your trash

Money will be worth less than your trash

Globally shares are taking a dive for the third straight day. Has the great economic correction begun? The world has been living on credit for the last 30 years. Credit does not stimulate the economy, and there needs to be a correction.

Looks like Britain is getting ready to recognise the State of Palestine. That’ll get right up the noses of Israel.

The first screenings for Ebola begin in the USA. So much for Obama’s statement a few weeks back that Ebola won’t get to America.

“Welcome to exile”, is how South Koreans are greeting friends on a Russian chat after the president threatened to prosecute users of the Korean version who insult her. The Russian network has had 1.5 million S. Korean users sign up in the last week after users lost confidence in the homegrown service.

The world is on course for Amagedon.

Meanwhile, if I don’t move my butt, I’ll be heading for my own personal Amagedon.

Time to do things before work.


Apocalypse II

The mystery over the botequim being shut has reveled itself.

I must admit, that fearing the worst had crossed my mind. I am so glad to report that it was nothing as nefarious as it could have been.

The local futbol (soccer) club, which has its base in the bar because most of the members are regulars, have gone on a trip to play football and do some cavorting, Raimundo too.


The tab

Now there is another bar on the other side of the creek. It’s not that I am too lazy to walk that far, but, although I am known there, I don’t drink there.

As I was broke, the other bar/shop doesn’t have a prego (nail), so I couldn’t say, “Bota no prego,” (“Put it on the tab”) and walk out like I can at Raimundo’s.

The problem has been solved, however. A neighbour was going to the supermarket where they have an ATM, so I got a lift there and back. The neighbours here are so good.

Yesterday was hot, 43ºC. today is already the same. So I am loathe to go far. I’ll throw another slab of the rump steak on the hot plate, and I had the forethought to put beer in the fridge today.

Boy (10-12) using tablet pc

In all probability he can’t tie his shoe laces

Read a report this morning, more Canadian kids can navigate a tablet than tie their shoelaces… ah, isn’t technology a wonderful thing? I wonder when they’ll have an app for that?

A whopping 97% of Brazilian kids are on the net.

Yes, even some Indians in the Amazon have net via solar power and satellite.

There are  villages that have their own homepages. I have stumbled across some in my perambulations around the net.

18 month old Marius

18 month old Marius

The tragic case of Marius the giraffe in a Denmark zoo that was put down because of EU rules about inbreeding.

Despite a campaign to save him, and an offer from an English wildlife park to take him, the powers that be decided his fate.

To me it was a callous and needless sacrifice.

How about we check the genes of the arsehole that mad this decision, and if they are found wanting, put him down with a captive bolt gun.

There are people in this world who call themselves human, they have no right to.

2pm, time for lunch, beer and a nap; probably in that order.


The Silly Season

Here we are in the midst of the Silly Season.

We have survived the end of the world… again and have probably got through Christmas relatively unscathed. Although, can the same be said of your wallet?

I have been through with Christmas presents for some years; I get none and I give none. Now some may think that to be soulless, but it’s practical. I don’t have to compete in shops with the milling crowds, I am not held to ransom by inflated prices and I remain sane and unstressed, if not a little tiddly.

The world economy is in the shit. Governments want you to spend to boost the economy. But what have you got to spend? Certainly not money. So put it on the credit card and spend the next year paying off your excesses, just in time to do it all again.

Using credit cards is a fool’s game. It keeps you permanently in debt. Oh sure, it’s nice and easy, but can you control your spending. If you answer ‘yes’, then you are self deluded. The only way to control your spending is to cut your card in half. I did it, and now all my money is mine.

Next we must brace ourselves for New Year. How will you survive?

Just had a break, neighbours are having a BBQ, and I always get asked to make the garlic butter, they supply the ingredients and I make it. Most Brazilians believe that garlic butter should be made with mayonnaise, and as a result it tastes like shit, well burnt shit actually. I make it with margarine and it makes beautiful golden garlic bread.

So, I am now about to enjoy the fruits of my labour, it’s beer o’clock…

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