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Gherkins, Gouda & Garlic

Comfort food.


Gouda cheese

I had gherkins, Gouda, Gruyère and garlic pretzels during the Holland vs Costa Rica game, along with two litres of guava juice. Funny how life can be full of alliteration.

I happened to ponder, while eating the Gouda cheese, yes that’s the one with the holes. Does the air in the holes weigh something, are we paying for air content?

I’ve been slow with comments and visiting the blogs of commenters the last couple of days, but I have been out of sorts, a bit. The good news is, that my mail box is now empty, I have caught up.


Krul, the arsehole

Krul, the arsehole

The Holland/Costa Rica game left a sour taste in my mouth. I really hope, now, that Holland get sent packing in the semis. The behaviour of the Dutch goalie Krul was reprehensible. He was put on just before the end of the extra time so that he faced the Costa Ricans, I am sure this was planned. He approached each of the Costa Rican shooters and threatened them, psyched them out and the BLOODY REF, once again, did NOTHING! He should be hung drawn and quartered.

I have never seen anything so deplorable on the football field, ever.

Another example of the abysmal standard of reffing in this World Cup. FIFA needs to be pulled up and taken to task over this bullshit.


No football until Tuesday… oh woe is me. I’ll have to find something constructive to do. The dishes are done, the plants dewiltered, played with Clorinha in the praça… now what?

Let me check my SD card and see if there’s some inspiration…

Dead cow experience on Friday afternoon.

Dead cow

Dead cow experience


Preparing the dead chicken.

Preparing the chickenless wings

Preparing the chickenless wings and thighs


A fregües (regular) at the botequim

Fregües during the afternoon game

Fregües during the afternoon game

Our big screen slung between two trees in the praça in front of the botequim.

Great view of the game

Great view of the game


And the first Brazilian goal…


Now to find something constructive to do… hmmm!


A Bit Sluggish

My current tipple

My current tipple

I’m taking a break.

I fired up the BBQ at 11:30.

Some beef, pork, liver,  garlic bread and…. beer.

The BBQ is now recovering, me too.

Got more to go once the coals are right, it’s going to be one of those days.

I drank the last of the Bavaria, and am now back to Brahma. It was a welcome break, taste-wise and pocket-wise, Bavaria is R$3.00 compared with Brahma’s R$4.50. It’s not a bad drop.

Just been out to check, seems the coals recover quicker than I do.


Nearly ready

I have just woken from a mid-BBQ nap and threw some more charcoal on the embers. I figured at least I would have time for a post, or two. But, I am barely done.

Clorinha is a sadist, at least she has a sadistic streak. I’ve mentioned before that she loves to bite, it’s more fun than being petted. Well, I’ve discovered that she purrs when she’s in a biting mood. Not at all like her father who purred like a little Cummins diesel motor when he was petted. She’s going to have some serious psychotherapy over this.

I learned a new word the other day, fartiferious; now I have to learn how to use it. I mean, I know how to implement it, but to use it in language. At least I’ve won at google… no results and no images. Stick that up your algorithms!

I should go and Brahmaficate and put some more dead cow and other morsels on those lovely coals.

Later… it’s beer o’clock, again.




coffeenate_1313_9_lIt’s Monday…

I have been here since Clorinha woke me at 6:am by sending a CD-ROM crashing to the floor, of course it couldn’t have been one of the old ones. It had to be the only SATA one I have. It is more than likely fornicated, thoroughly.

So far coffee has staved off anything further untoward.

*Makes mental note to brew more coffee*

Posting on my blogs is almost done for the day.

I must consider removing something from the freezer for lunch. I have a choice, sole fillets or catfood. I finished the flounder yesterday, pan fried, wonderful; I’ll be buying more of that.

Surprise, I found a piece of dead cow in the fridge. If I slice that up as a stroganoffy type thing, it should thaw nicely so that I actually have a chance of lunch rather than dinner.

Can’t remember if I have classes today. I’ll have to fire up the laptop and check my schedule.

Clorinha has discovered that she can climb out the bedroom window and jump or fall (not sure which yet, I haven’t caught her in the act) to the ground, then run straight around to the front door and mew to be let back in… She thinks it’s fun.


Clorinha’s private entrance to her dirt box

She feels it gives her some privacy.

I feel a nap is about to happen…



I lost my Underpants

The Evening Post

No, it’s not the newspaper one. Just me running late.

That was yesterday’s post, at least that’s as far as I got. Apart from running late, I got sidetracked, then it became bedtime.

You see a few years ago I was very involved with IRC (International Relay Chat) and had several rooms to monitor and participate in. For those of you not in the know, IRC was one of the earliest forms of chat, after TelNet, then came ICQ, and much later other forms like Skype, GoogleTalk, etc.

icechatI saw the mIRC logo yesterday while googling around, and it piqued my interest as to what was happening these days. So I downloaded a copy only to find out that I now had to pay, it gave me a 30 day trial. I felt like a real newbie, I even had to think about what nickname I used to use. Eventually I connected, and found a couple of rooms that I recognised, and chatted with the occupants, both of whom remembered me from 2009 days. One reminded me that I didn’t use mIRC as a client, and eventually I remembered IceChat, downloaded, and started chatting about old times, before I realised, it was bedtime and I was nodding off at the keyboard.

I started with 3, I had 7 and then 10

I started with 3, I had 7 and then 10

Today, I have been struggling with another problem; how to get CorelDraw 10 loaded on my revamped PC, because yesterday’s failure bugged me. My CD ROM didn’t want to read the CD, but my laptop did and I installed CorelDraw successfully on it.

Later versions of the programme (today’s version is x6 – 16) simply had too many whistles and bells  that I would never use, so after looking at x3, I never upgraded 10.

This morning I copied the CD onto my external memory and used that to install it, but it gets hung up on the final stages and doesn’t install. There are more ways than one to skin a cat; I will win!

But in the meantime, my blogging has gone by the board. This is my first post of the day at 1+pm.

Only thing I have done today apart from drinking coffee, is water the plants.

My neighbour above the botequim has invited me to burn meat (BBQ) with them today, so my time is limited, and I could’nt leave you lovely people wanton.

There is the smell of a meat burning ceremony wafting through my window now, but it is my other neighbours between my house and the botequim, and they never invite anybody. They’re not very social, I mean, we talk and such, but they don’t get ‘socially’ involved, and both are teetotal, and I suspect evangelicals,  which is a social barrier. During the week I had a brief chat with them as they sat outside their gate as many Brazilians do in the evening; during which I mentioned that I was an atheist, that created a big lull in the conversation.

During the week I read on a cocktail blog I visit, a recipe for caipirinha, Brazil’s national drink. The recipe calls for lemons, but nearly every blog where I read the recipe makes the mistake of using limes. This cocktail blog, correctly, used lemons. I commented on it, and congratulated the blogger.

Then I saw another on Friday, that used limes! AAArrrggghhh! I left a comment somewhat venting my spleen, after which I felt guilty. However, I received a civilised reply thanking me for the correction, adding that he had heard about our green lemons.

There is a huge difference in the flavour between lemons and limes, lemons are sour whereas limes are almost sweetish.

These are Brazilian lemons, they are NOT limes

These are Brazilian lemons, they are NOT limes

The problem arises with the colour.

Here in Brazil lemons are green, but typically from outside Brazil anyone who sees a Brazilian lemon goes “limes”. and that is totally wrong.

This photo shows the lemons I bought at the supermarket last week.

I know they are lemons, because they are sour, they are so sour that they will invert your nipples and send ripples through your teeth. But they make wonderful caipirinhas.

Carnaval is all on, it’s all you hear about on TV. During carnaval the world outside Brazil ceases to exist.

Now I must blog along, and complete my quota before I go to the dead cow party.

Oh, the title… nearly forgot. On Friday night I took my underpants off for bed as normal; and they have disappeared. Perplexing; it’s Monday and I still haven’t found them.


Yesterday, I did a bunk!

I got some blogging done earlier in the morning, and napped. It was about midday when I roused myself, and discovered that everything edible was frozen.

Snap decision: Let’s eat out!

Rusty Nail100

Rusty Nail

And that was the last the PC saw of me for the day.

I taxied to Brazeiro BBQ restaurant for a ‘dead cow’ experience, chose my wine, a 2002 Cab Sav from Uruguay, and proceeded. I opted for a Rusty Nail* instead of desert and taxied home.

Again, I was thwarted, because the taxi stopped in front of the botequim (bar next door). Now it would have been churlish not to have acknowledged the fregües (regulars) in attendance, and equally churlish to have refused an offered beer.

Some (denoting an unspecified number) beers later, I had a snow freeze for dessert and got home after 7pm, feeling somewhat seedy and ready for bed.

I woke at 11pm, read e-mails, and returned to bed.

End of story.

*Rusty nail = Drambuie and whisky ½ ‘n ½ on ice.


Hence, not a lot of blogging yesterday.

This is what I like doing

Yes, this is what I like doing:

Fine dining

Fine dining

It also happens to be what I can’t afford doing.

The above photo was taken at my favourite restaurant a few weeks ago.

I am sitting here, totally stress-free, still waiting for my BBQ delivery.

Last night on my way to work I called in to the store and inquired about my new BBQ. Mad rush around office. It was a case of, “Ah, yes” and then we forgot to enter it in the system. Followed by, “Don’t panic, it’ll be there in the morning!”

Which leads me to wonder why I am sitting here at 2:30pm still BBQless.

I know it’ll get here, it’s just a matter of when. As I explained yesterday with Brazilians it is often ‘whenish’.

I had things planned yesterday. I put them off until today, which means I had things planned today. Now it looks as though I am putting those things off until tomorrow. That’ll be three days wasted.

I have to be at work at 4pm, if it’s not here, I’ll call into the shop again. Of course there is the chance that it’ll arrive after I leave, which is why I’ll leave the gate key with Raimundo at the botequim next door.

No-whiningOne of the things I was going to do today was to got to the supermarket, because there is an absolute dearth of food in the house due to the fact that I didn’t get there yesterday. Having eaten homemade gnocchi for both lunch and dinner yesterday, I don’t think I could face it a third time; tends to get a bit repetitive.

So to break the monotony, I’ll go to my favourite restaurant after classes and whine wine there between mouthfuls of dead cow.

That’s the plan.




I have a cunning plan

humor162But before we go in to that, I need a coffee refill.


Back with the aforementioned coffee. Now where was I? Ah yes, the cunning plan. It’s a plan so cunning…

Do you remember, or know of Blackadder?

Sir Edmund Blackadder is perfect British humour. I loved the series as it tracked the Blackadders through history.

Here’s a clip about a cunning plan.

Now that you understand a cunning plan. I’ll tell you mine.

Brazeiro, Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro

Brazeiro, Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro

I am going to escape the drudgery of staying at home on a Sunday and blogging. I am going out for lunch. As today is my last day of my ‘beef’ week, I am going out for a rodizio BBQ at Brazeiro, my favourite restaurant at the end of the known world situated on Esquena da pecado (Sin Corner).

It is the perfect ‘dead cow’ experience, although it also serves dead pig, dead chicken and dead sauasages.

Lunch will include a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, or tankards of beer; I haven’t decided yet. I am expecting a fellow teacher colleague, friend to be in attendance as well, although she hasn’t confirmed yet.

Lixo - Baby photo

Lixo – Baby photo

Most of you know that I have a big ginger tomcat named Lixo (Rubbish) named so because of the circumstances in which I found him. The young lady, of Friday’s acquaintance, in formed me on hearing the tale that I should have named him Reciclagem (Recycle) because he was Lixo, but I recycled him to pet status, but Reciclagem doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as Lixo, so he stays my little ‘rubbish’.

The photo is of when he was a little rubbish, he’s a big boy now. Quite a respectable Tomcat, and heavy.

Must away, desmellify, and make myself presentable.



Damned Daylight Savings

The time when clocks go into atomic meltdown

The time when clocks go into atomic meltdown

Saturday night Brazil went out of hora da verão (daylight savings, summer time, call it what you like). Yesterday my PC woke an hour before I did and I spent the rest of the day wandering around wondering when I was.

I did, however, enjoy my ‘dead cow’ experience. A leisurely three hour ordeal stuffing myself with the best Brazilian beef beyond what would normally be called one’s capacity. I was back home at 3pm, and the only sensible thing to do was have a nap to escape the heat; so I did the sensible thing.

Today, I woke better adjusted, although it was still dark, I rose with the sun. Everything was fine until I got a snotty remark comment left on my Eco-Crap Monday Moaning about the use of another site’s post. In nine bloggerful years, I have never been chastised in that manner for reposting a post. So, I am miffed, and not entirely disposed to blog further today. I have just rewritten the post and bypassed his references. Part of the reason I am miffed is that I am not entirely certain that I didn’t over react; I don’t feel I did, but will it be perceived that way?

I have given up all thoughts of lunch today. I am still on a ‘beef roll’ from yesterday. Talk about overdosing… I have class at 4pm, I’ll be home about 8pm, by then I should be famished.

Yay! Something to look forward to.

Side Tracked

adogpeewaterbowlThat’s why I didn’t post yesterday.

I found a new meme.

A philosophical Labrador.

It cost me almost the entire afternoon, but then you understand, dear blogger, how easy it is to get sidetracked.

I post Foul Bachelor Frog on my Nether Region each Tuesday, and Philosoraptor on my Genes on a Phriday; I’m wondering where I can post the Dog Philosopher.

The Pope has all but gone, bombs are going off everywhere, asteroids and meteors have been causing havoc, the Moonies have had a mass wedding of thousands… how utterly absurd. The world is in bad shape.

Me? I am well coffeed this morning, I have posted on all my blogs. I am still worried about the drastic fall in visitors since 26th Jan, something happened/is happening. New visitors just don’t stop for no reason, and when I say drastic fall, I mean drastic. My five best blogs visitors have fallen to 20%. Fizz and Nether Region were getting nearly 200 hits daily, now struggling to get 40. The fall happened overnight. Something changed, it’s almost like my blogs have fallen off the blogosphere. After my experience with Google, my faith in the blogosphere’s impartiality was not left entirely intact. Yes, I’m a cynical suspicious bastard.

Having said that, I thank all my regular visitors for their loyalty and regular Likes and Comments, I appreciate it all immensely.

We have returned to hot hot weather. Yesterday, my private students came for their class 12:00 – 14:00 (that’s noon – 2pm for our American cousins who only have watches that go to 12); we got a bar table and sat in the shade of leafy tree in the park. My head, remember my hair colour is ‘bald’, got sunburnt. It was quite tender and delayed any previous thoughts of a hair cut. So I remain hairy.

I am seriously considering another ‘dead cow’ experience. I have pig parts in the freezer, but lunchtime is not the ideal time to think about thawing them out. The other problem that I am faced with is that both my pairs of shorts have just been washed and are wet on the clothesline. It’s too hot to wear jeans; and while it’s acceptable to wander around the house in my underpants, I imagine a classy restaurant would take a dim view.


Bucket List Bullshit & BBQ

<rant>Why is everybody so obsessed with bucket lists?

Honestly, I find it pathetic.

Just because some clown made a movie, everybody jumps on the bandwagon

Bugger the bucket lists, try living for a change!</rant>

Felt a bit seedy this morning. Yesterday we had Monday’s planned BBQ. Started at 2pm ran through until the meat ran out at 11pm. Dead cow and pig mainly, sausages and garlic bread, plus salads.

Naturally we had beer, wine and bubbly too.

The last piece of pork before the second round

The work bench

The work bench

We were in front of the botequim, ensuring a steady supply of beer

We were in front of the botequim, ensuring a steady supply of beer

Lixo was non-pussed, cooler to sleep inside - image Emmylee

Lixo was non-pussed, cooler to sleep inside – image Emmylee

One of the regulars and his hat

One of the regulars and his hat – image: Emmylee

In fact Emmylee and Ellen took all the photos, they had fun. When Emmylee wasn’t talking photos, she was on the swings.


Emmylee not taking photos – image: Ellen

Ellen Suelen not taking photos

Ellen Suelen not taking photos

So it happened.

Now, I must go to the bar and pay the rest of the bill, I was R$9.50 short last night.

Logically, when one goes to the bar, it would be prudish not to consider it beer o’clock.






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