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How Big is Your Nurdle?

Have you checked lately?

Surprisingly, the size of your nurdle is of vital importance.

Toothpaste manufacturers want you to have a big nurdle, where as a small nurdle is sufficient. It’s a bit like penis size, not important, it’s the job it does that counts.

You’ve still got no idea what a nurdle is, have you?

To paraphrase William Shakespeare, would a nurdle by any other name still be a nurdle?

Cricketers know what a nurdle is; a case of nudging the ball into a vacant area to score runs; the ocean is polluted with plastic nurdles, but these are not the nurdles I am referring to.

I am referring to your everyday, domestic nurdle.

As parents you should be very concerned with the size of the nurdle your children use. Children’s nurdles tend to be bigger than adult nurdles and to no greater purpose. Children tend to squeeze their nurdles harder which leads to waste. Some children even squish their nurdles on bathroom walls. You have to watch the kids, they have all sorts of unseemly traits.

A nurdle, 5x bigger than necessary

A nurdle, 5x bigger than necessary

A nurdle is the small pea-size blob of toothpaste that you apply to your toothbrush. Manufacturers always show big nurdles, when a nurdle the size of a pea is sufficient; you do not need to line the entire length of your bristles with toothpaste to be effective.

Toothpaste manufacturers always show a long nurdle, because subconsciously this makes you use more toothpaste. You use more, you buy more.

English is a wonderful language, you can have so much fun, nurdles are a bit like your wenis; and you cant lick your wenis.

I am coffeeless, but the water is on.

I wrote the above last night while I was running on all cylinders. At the moment I’, not.

My coffeelessness has been resolved, now I need that all important second cup.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow, will they, or won’t they? Yes, I am referring to the Americans. Not all Americans just the myopic politicians. Will they raise the debt ceiling and prolong the agony, or will they make the world suffer a sharp, tooth-wrenching bite-the-bullet shock that will all but destroy the world’s economy, but put us back on the right track?

The more the raise the ceiling, the more damage will be done.

The world has considered the Americans to be the bullies of the planet for some decades, so their reputation was already crap. Then it was their trustworthiness that is in question over the NSA communications spy scandal, their reputation got crappier. Now it is their dependability as to being trading partners who pay their bills. Quite frankly, the USA is well and truly stuffed, their reputation just got even crappier.

the_world_in_a_nutshellI have no money in any institution. I have a bank acct just to transfer money to Brazil, then I spend it or take it out. If I had money, it would be in gold; and waiting until Friday to buy it will be too late because from midnight Thursday, the price will sky rocket if the debt ceiling is not raised.

Here in Brazil, the Blonde Bimbo (president) is saying Brazil is insulated from all these problems. LOL Two nights ago on TV we hear that Brazil has its own housing bubble. The prices of properties has doubled in five years, that’s faster than the rate that caused the US bubble. There is a collapse due here too.

To put it in a nutshell, we’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t.

It has been announced that Brazil is setting up it’s own encrypted e-mail service to by-pass the American communications harvesting. Of course if you have an email address with any of the big five like Google, they’ll still capture it, even if your email is addressed to someone in the big five. The world needs to abandon these big five services in favour of services that don’t collaborate with NSA, and quickly.

The coffee is slowly sinking in, ready to blog for the rest of this rainy day.



Pee Free


Not Cloro, but a great idea

Note, that’s pee free, not free pee!

I wish I’d seen that photo before I threw the old toilet seat out after finally changing it.

Yes, more than two weeks since we have had pee in the wrong place.

Cloro is doing well.

Next stage is to move dirt box outside and see how he goes.

I saw an interesting video today. A cat trying to con its owner with boomps (head butts) that it was dinner time. The result was that the owner told the cat it was still three hours away.

This is where Cloro sits while I am blogging

This is where Cloro sits while I am blogging

This set me to wondering. Cloro has food all day, it’s there when he wants it. This idea of a cat has mealtimes, seems strange. Mother Nature didn’t control them; “Sorry you can’t catch that mouse, it’s not dinner time!” Just imagine it.

Today, I finally did it. Yes, I caught a quick glimpse of the bottom of the kitchen sink. I even scrubbed it. But the glimpse was a brief one, then I cooked lunch, and guess what?

Lunch was good, mashed potatoes with a pool of butter on top, a liberal sprinkling of white pepper, accompanied by two thin pieces of dry seared rump steak, salted with rock salt, and olive oil dribbled over at the end. I ate this with a bottle of iced Chateau Guandú (chilled tap water, search on this blog to find the full story).

I see that Fukushima has had another little accident, more radioactive water spilled.

The USA is still closed for business.

I wonder what’s going to happen on the 17th of this month with the debt ceiling? That could be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back with the global economy going into a downward spiral.

I shudder to think of the ramifications.

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