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Intelligent… you’re kidding!

shock-me-say-something-intelligent-499x330You’ve read my blog.

You know that would be difficult.

Really, expecting a blogger to say something intelligent.

Mind you, the blogs I read are  cut above Twitter, FaceBook, etc in the intelligent stakes.

*Thinks* Say something intelligent…

I know! Bruschetta. Does that sound intelligent enough? Today at the supermarket I bought a jar of asparagus bruschetta. Imported, therefore correspondingly expensive. Even the girl at the checkout did a double take at the R$14.95 price; then asked me what it was… Fortunately, I was able to display my intelligence and told her.

So tonight, I am looking forward to Provolone cheese, Camembert with bruschetta on toast for supper while I muse at the rights wrongs of the world on the news and drown myself in Sauvignon Blanc.

Life is a bitch!

twitterlogoAnother example of my ‘intelligence’. I twittered a tweet yesterday like a real twit. I made a spelling mistake, actually it was an honest typo and I didn’t proof before posting. It was in relation to my dishes ‘seering’ (sic) at me. Now here’s the rub, it has turned out to be my most retweeted tweet. All the world now knows I am a twit and fully qualify to have a Twitter account.

The most expensive set of teeth in history. Not even your Harley Street dentist would be so brazen to charge this much. Suarez, the biter of Italian football player fame, has been sold to Braca for  a whopping £75m; that’s an expensive set of teeth. Liverpool wanted shot of him for obvious reasons. It’s believed that a season’s supply of muzzles were included in the deal as well as team-sized rabies shots to protect the Barca players in the event he takes a liking for Rioja with his players.

The concession stands in the Brazilian stadiums have apologised for over-pricing the popcorn putting it out of reach of Suarez’ pocket, causing him to snack on Italians.

Remember yesterday, I was lamenting the ability for proper rain… Well, I walked to class and stayed dry. During class it rained so hard, I was expecting to see cats and dogs floating in the gutters. Rua Olinda Ellis (the main drag hereabouts) was a river on the drive home. Had I not had a corona (lift) home, I would have been looking for a canoe.

My trip to the supermarket wasn’t without problems. Clorinha decided to follow me out and to the corner where I wait for a van. It began to rain, I had one wet pussy meowing at me; too stupid to go back home in the dry.

Nap time…



Have you Flonked your Dwile?

No, I haven’t gone mad.

I just read about Dwile Flonking, and simply had to do a google, hence a wiki…

“The non-flonking team joins hands and dances in a circle around a member of the flonking team, a practice known as “girting”. The flonker dips his dwile-tipped “driveller” (a pole 2–3 ft long and made from hazel or yew) into a bucket of beer, then spins around in the opposite direction to the girters and flonks his dwile at them.”Wikipedia

So there, dwile flonking exists. Read more on the link. It’s interesting, just full of swadgers, gazunders and wantons.

This is dwile flonking for your edification…

Now back to more mundane matters.

The temporary filling I had back in February appears to be about to give up the ghost. So off to the dentist I went. Tuesday, he’s closed. So I went to the screw shop, which was nearby, and got my screws.

Just before going to the dentist, my PC died. Dentist was more pressing.

I got back and tried to recover PC problem. It didn’t want to be recovered. So I am on my laptop. I have never used the laptop on the net at home before, so I was very pleased when I plugged it in that all seemed to function well.

I still have the problem with my PC. It started off okay, better than normal in fact, then it decided it didn’t want to read the CD-ROM. I let out a decisive ‘Bugger!’ and after changing ROMs ( I have four) and none of them worked, I cranked up the laptop.

So I can now finish this post.

Which I have now done.

The headline news… Kardashan and West are doing something; getting married, I think. Who gives a shit, give us some real news, something important.

I have to organise myself. As I am using my portable table, I am side on to my normal position. I just caught myself having lit a cigarette only to find one is already burning in the ashtray. I am really unsettled with this PC problem.

I’ll go and make something for lunch.





New Zealanders are Tough Bastards

Sustaining a shark bite is probably most people’s idea of a living nightmare, but junior doctor James Grant was not going to let it get in the way of him and a cold beer. Image - Guardian

Sustaining a shark bite is probably most people’s idea of a living nightmare, but junior doctor James Grant was not going to let it get in the way of him and a cold beer. Image – Guardian

Read a story on the news yesterday about a New Zealander who got bitten by a shark.

His first thought was, “Bugger…” Read the full story on the Guardian link.

Stabbed the shark, which apparently lost interest. Stitched himself up on the beach from his first aid kit.

Went off to the pub for a beer.

Chuck Norris, beat that!

There’s a campaign to send Bieber back to Canada and cancel his green card. Good move. The campaign has 45,000 supporters compared to the campaign that wants to keep him with 500. I wouldn’t be surprised if Canada doesn’t want him back.

Another hot day. Haven’t been outside the front door yet; that will happen in an hour when I go to class.

Made a wonderful mind-numbing mamão (papaya) slushie today, totally froze the brain. Ow owo ow! They say that all pleasures have their price.

Dentist was first up this morning, a brisk walk before the day got too hot. Got a medicated filling, and a come back next month for a root canal. Walked back home and had a nap, it was the only sensible thing to do.

Must get a move on, time to begin to look like a teacher.


Still Doped Up

27-funny-ironic-irony-picturesYes, I’m still on the paracetamol. It’s Monday here, normally Monday is my dentist’s day, but being Monday it’s a public holiday today, so he’s closed.

He opens again on Wednesday.

Yes, today is a holiday in Rio state. The patron saint of Rio is São Sebastião, so we are celebrating… me with no beer. My one planned student for the week also has lessons on Monday, guess what? It’s a public holiday, no lesson. Mondays are set to try our patience.


Yes, Mondays stink

I’ve been sitting here playing with my mental blocks because being Monday I have no idea what to write, yet.

Sole fillets are out of the freezer, they should be ready for mid-afternoon. Of course, being Monday I only discovered that there was no food for lunch at 11:30.

I should be doing useful things, like the dishes so I can make more dishes to wash after lunch.

I should be watering the plants because they’re wilting in the heat. I’ll go and do that while I’m thinking…

Plants are now unwilting.

No inspirational flash…

screensplashI am waiting for something amazing to leap out of the screen, spur my imagination, set the wheels in motion for a brilliant post; but all I got were gritty feet when I splashed water on them while outside.

Maybe I should just give up and do the sensible thing… have a nap until the fish has defrosted.


In Dire Need of Therapy

Mondays are always the same. Yesterday was no different. I didn’t post, except on Bullshit Corner, and that was a good one.

Between waiting for my daughter at the bus station for more than an hour so I could take her to the dentist to have a tooth restored, only to find out that she had an exam at school and couldn’t come, and internet interruptions of service, and a change of my daily routine; it was a normal screwed up Monday.

So, after finding out that my daughter wouldn’t arrive, I decided that I needed therapy. The best therapy in the world is shopping! Every woman knows this. I went and brought a new pair of shorts, which I badly needed. On the way to get the Kombi home, I passed an electrical store. Better check that out. You see I have promised myself a new camera. I had seen one advertised for R$299 with internal rechargeable battery. This store had nothing under R$399, which was more than my ceiling price,

My little ‘puppy’

As I walked out the door into Passeio Mall, I saw a small photographic place across the way. I was drawn as though by a magnet to their modest display of  digital cameras… and there was my dream. A little Vivitar, just begging like an eager  little puppy pawing at the window in a pet shop to be taken home; and the price… R$199. Ten minutes later I was walking home with my little ‘puppy’ feeling quite happy with myself, that I had saved R$100 on the one I was thinking about. Forgotten was the morose feelings of not seeing my daughter and my annoyance at having gotten up early for naught.

Therapy is a wonderful thing.

Here is my first photo, a long awaited update of my Lixo…

Wot iz dat fing?


Update… reminder, must set the date/time correctly

Stupid Little Socks

Stupid little socks

Yes, stupid. I have never seen them before I came to Brazil. Sockettes, they’re like normal socks, but only come to the ankle instead of comfortably up the leg a little. Stupid little, damned uncomfortable things.

Last time out shopping I got caught unawares, and didn’t realise until I had opened the pack that they were stupid little socks.

Caveat emptor… Let the buyer beware

I am of an age (rapidly approaching 61, 12 days to go) when I like ‘normal’. Yes, I know it’s difficult to define normal, but I mean, I like things as I have known them. I don’t like change. In this case, I like socks to be socks, not poncy little stupid socks. Am I asking too much?

All week, I have been stewing on this post. It was supposed to be Monday’s, then all of a sudden it was Tuesday. Then that disappeared, followed by Wednesday and Thursday. Yes, they just disappeared… into the abyss of time gone. Went!

Today, I have early lesson, then the dentist. After that, I should go and pay the rent, but that hasn’t been decided yet. It depends on whether I like the new geography of my buccal cavity being helped or hindered by a partial plate.

I should move along, things to do before I go. Things like put my pants on…





He’s going to stick something like this in my mouth

6:45am :: Waiting for my student to pick me up for work. Didn’t arrive, didn’t answer phone, so I heeded the call of the coffee pot at home.

8am :: Off to the dentist, as planned. I had an appointment, I think to fit my partial plate. The plaster choppers had only arrived the previous afternoon and he hadn’t had time to make the partial plate. I heeded the call of the coffee pot at home.

8:50 :: Blogging & Coffee

10am :: Nap

11am :: Do dishes so that I have the space to make lunch.

Make lunch.

Slapdash Meatloaf

Comes out looking a bit like that

Open fridge, see what’s in there.

  • 500gms mince (½lb ground beef for our American cousins)
  • Peel & grate one potato
  • Peel & grate one carrot
  • Peel & grate one onion
  • Slice & chop one big tomato
  • Generous splash of soya sauce
  • Healthy squirt of garlic extract
  • Good sprinkle of parsley flakes
  • Big pinch of pepper
  • Bigger pinch of salt

Combine all of the above and make thicker with breadcrumbs. Roll into a loaf put in the oven for an hour.

See, cooking is easy. Don’t need a recipe, just do it!

12:00 :: News

1:15pm :: More news

2pm :: Re-nap (needed to finish the first one)

3pm :: Water garden, we’ve had no rain for three weeks. Before that we had too much rain for three weeks.

3:45pm :: going to shut down PC and change drives.


Brass knockers, not exactly as I visualised the search

I was searching Google for Brass Knockers. I was hopeful of find a hand that I used some years back for a welcome to my blog Tomus Arcanum, but it was to no avail. I was presented with this as an option, they are indeed brass knockers.

This week has not been kind to me. Two visits to the dentist; I have decided to get a partial plate made to fill in some gaps in my lower jaw and to stabilise a front tooth that has become wiggly. It should become unwiggly next Friday.

Thursday was a disaster. 5:30am I discovered my net connection was down. Okay, that happens, I waited (because nothing happens before 8am). Finally at 11:30 I rang my provider; Okay, we have a look. 3:30pm I rang them back; Okay, he’s working on it. Friday… I finally went round to the LAN house with a ‘WTF is going on?’ attitude. I mean, I was a tad more then miffed at 30+ hours and no net.  The guy gave me another link, I went home and the net was back on… until 5:30 and it went down again. Stormed (as much as one can storm on a walking stick, it was more of an irate hobble) back to the LAN house; ‘WTF is going on?’ Turns out it wasn’t their fault this time, their provider was off the air. The LAN house was full of noisy annoyed kids who couldn’t play their games, which verified his excuse.

The connection resumed later in the evening.

I got several posts done for Saturday, then I decided to go shopping. Regulars to this blog will understand that I like shopping, it’s therapy. Got a shock when I found out the price of a new element for my shower head, R$12, it was almost half the price of a new one. I got a new mouse to replace the new mouse that I got three weeks ago. Then, I went to Leader; I had to get some socks, a couple of T-shirts for work and a cover for my mattress. Now, on the surface, that seems simple enough. An hour browsing around the store and waiting in line to get served, only to discover that the shops system was down and I couldn’t pay by bankcard.

Isn’t technology a wonderful thing? <—— rhetorical question, it doesn’t need a reply.

So, I went to the competition and made my purchases there; their system was working.

Then to top it all off, I was having a delicious caldo verde (green soup) from the kiosque in front of the botequim last night and a sizable piece of tooth broke away……….. Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh! More expense.

I am firmly of the opinion that last week should have been canceled.

I have plans later today to add a ‘button’ with link here, so that those of you with half a mind to do so, can grab the html and add my button to your blog. I try to add buttons when I find them on followers and commenter’s blogs, or at least add their link; so I would appreciate the effort.

I’m off to blog, today is Sunday Travel Tales day, so I will post that later. I have no idea what I will choose, so you’ll have to come back and see.


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