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Delerium Tremens

Or the DTs, literally means shaking frenzy, and are usually suffered by those dependent when deprived of alcohol.

Drink deprivation in my case is not the problem; I have more alcohol in the house than food. (I’ll have to figure out what that says about me…)

halfwayBut going cold turkey for two days without football, is driving me to drink. Now I’m not sure where Drink is, but according to the sign, I’m halfway there.

I’ll let you know when I arrive.

This morning at 7:15 I was seriously trying to go back to sleep after rolling over. I suddenly had a terrible urge for fried eggs. Sleep was forgotten as I bounced out of bed.

Then I discovered there was no ‘yesterday’s coffee’, which meant that I had to make fresh. As a result of being pre-Coffee, I was a little terse in my reply to a comment on yesterday’s post. Belatedly, I apologise. I have fresh coffee now and the world is looking wonderful, despite the fact that it is MONDAY!

New plants

New plants

I did do something constructive yesterday.

A new plant that I bought a couple of weeks ago was in a small pot and the size indicated that it would be getting root-bound. So I got it out, attacked it with my old kitchen knife and hacked it carefully in two.

I now have two new plants. I have no idea what it is they are, but they’re pretty. Perhaps MWPG, who knows lots about plants, will recognise it and put me out of my misery.

At least I didn’t kill it. This morning they are still standing.

Monday, sunny, sunshine reflecting on my monitor through the window, means it’s time to make my eggs. By the time I return I will be able to continue without this nasty glare.

A comment overheard in the botequim yesterday as I was having my afternoon bottle… “The Brazilian team has three problems when they play tomorrow’s game against Germany, Tiago Silva (Captain) is out with a second yellow card, Neymar is out of action, and Fred is fit to play.”

redFurther, briefly, to my comments yesterday about Krul, the Dutch goalie substituted at the last minute of extra time. “Tim Krul was playing mind games, walking up to the Costa Rica players, taking his time to get onto his line. “ – a sports commentator.

This is not gamesmanship, it’s evil and he should have been red-carded.

Just watching the news while eating my eggs, they were delicious. According to FIFA, Neymar has been the most persecuted player in this cup, suffering more fouls against him than any other player. He was hunted.

This post means that I have completed half my blogging today. I wonder what the rest of the day holds. But I’d wager that a nap and beer are involved.


Oh, just before I go… Clorinha having a Bedlam Moment during the football on Friday.





Well, it wasn’t quite as spectacular, more like a slow fizzle really.

If the ghost was this pretty, maybe I wouldn't have minded

If the ghost was this pretty, maybe I wouldn’t have minded

My LCD monitor finally gave up the ghost. It has been threatening to for a couple of months, and the techy guy hasn’t returned my standby monitor yet. I’ll have to waddle around there soon and have a chat with him. But that will be after copious amounts of coffee to offset the angst that has beset me.

So, as fortune would have it, I had the temerity to bring home the laptop from work for the weekend, and here I am stuck like Gulliver in the world  of Lilliput, everything is in miniature with no numeric keypad; so damned fiddly.

I have nothing in particular to write about, this post is just venting my frustrations… really.

I just went to get more coffee, and because having the little ‘puter table in my room makes things so cramped, I stubbed my little toe; caught it on the wheely thing and tried to offset it 90º to the right of its normal position.

Little things like that don’t do an iota to improve my already jaundiced disposition this morning.

Did I tell you that I have a new brick… (Now I can’t find the damned question mark, English keyboard set for Portuguese screws things up). Anyway, back to the brick.

The bricks in my kitchen

I have two already, so the addition of a new brick is newsworthy (the type of news that mainstream media put out instead of real news).

I use them to organise my kitchen utensils in a rather haphazard fashion; it stops them from cluttering up my one drawer.

The new brick has to be modified. I have to remove some of the partitions and line them with cardboard to accommodate my larger bladed knives and protect their finely honed edges.

Kitchen knives without a good edge are as much use as tits on a bull; and brick will take that edge off.

Our dear ‘friend’ the biter has become a global household name with his nefarious act and subsequent suspension.

Image - BBCNews

Image – BBCNews

Tourists in Rio have been flocking to a beach-side billboard in Copacabana to have their photos taken beside the toothy gawp.

Another showed Suarez with his teeth removed, which I personally thought would have been a fitting punishment.

Part of his punishment ban is that he can’t enter stadiums even as a spectator during the ban period.

Obviously FIFA think like I do, and suggested yesterday, that he might well develop a taste for fans having been deprived of his normal fare of players.

He has lost one sponsor and Adidas is considering too.

Cooking lesson!

I mentioned my bacon and egg plans a couple of posts ago, here’s how I do bacon and eggs:

First, fry off the bacon and drain the excess lard off into the deep fry pan (I know, I’m a Scrooge; waste nothing)

Then heap the bacon in the middle, like this…

Pity, I managed to break two yolks

Pity, I managed to break two yolks

But once it’s on the plate, it doesn’t look to bad. ..

Add some parsley

Add some parsley and salt and pepper

Hey ho, scrumptious…

The only thing left to do is nom nom nom.

This Orc didn't get a part, too cute

This Orc didn’t get a part, too cute

Three nights ago, I decided to watch The Hobbit, a film that I had downloaded on Emule. Wonderful! At least it was until we got the the big chase by the Orcs… that was when I discovered that I had downloaded CD1 of 2. Back to Emule, found CD2 and watched the second half the next night.

I had heard a lot of criticism about the film, which is why I had procrastinated watching it.

I enjoyed it, the critics were blowing it out their arses. Yes, the photo of the doggy came up in Google amongst all the ugly orcs, as the file was named orc, I can only assume that is his name.

The Sudanese woman sentenced to death for apostasy, then released, then rearrested… is now free again. Let’s hope she remains that way. Apparently she was rearrested for using false documents; a trumped up charge. She had a South Sudan passport with US visa. Her husband is South Sudanese, but an American citizen. The South Sudan confirmed the docs were legitimate.

Laws like the Sudanese death penalty for apostasy show how ridiculous the extreme elements of Islam are.; and that they will never be taken as a serious religion as long as they exist. It’s not a matter of bashing Muslims, it’s just common sense. Most religions in the world have evolved as society accepts changes; there are only two that don’t extreme Judaism and Islam. That’s as I see it, if you don’t like it, then evolve. You can add extreme Christians to that as well.

Severe deprivation… there is no football today! In fact, none until Saturday, oh woe is me.

Now, I must get more coffee and go for that waddle around to see about my standby monitor.

I still haven’t discovered where the question mark is. Am I doomed to post question markless blogs today…




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