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Not as planned

only-reason-i-have-a-kitchenMy lunch yesterday didn’t go as planned, it didn’t even become dinner. In fact, it just didn’t!

I mentioned that I was late in taking the fish out of the freezer, well, with the cooler weather we had yesterday and, I might add, today, it didn’t defrost.

So by 5pm, my stomach was grumbling seriously.

I had some ready-made pastel pastry in the fridge, make pasteis, I thought. Wasn’t a good idea. The filling, despite being in the fridge for two days didn’t taste right. Out they went with the remainder of the filling. Cheese, that’s a good backup filling. Got distracted and burnt them. Not quite to a crisp, but a lot darker than they should have been.


I ate them anyway, I was hungry.

It’s now 11am, and my stomach is feeling neglected.

The fish has thawed in the fridge overnight, so I’ll try, try again.

Things don’t always go as planned.

Rained again last night, and the dark clouds say that it will again today. My first student has cancelled, I just have a group at 6pm.

The kitchen is in shock… I did the dishes. Highlight of the day so far.

Clorinha has just bounced in the window, one leap on to the bed, and instantly collapsed into a deep sleep as only cats can do.

She has regressed. Pooped twice in the shower yesterday, and today I caught her under the kitchen sink about to do the same. I hauled her out by the tail and dumped her with less than no ceremony in the dirt box. It was then I discovered that it wasn’t the only poop under the sink.

I have better things to do with my life than cleaning up poop after a kitty. Her dirt box is clean, I changed the sand yesterday. I have to figure out what’s going on in that little feline brain.

This tickled my fancy the other day.


Meanwhile, back to the kitchen.


A Light Lunch

lemoncakeToday I am having a light lunch.

Lemon cake & sparkling mineral water.

There are two reasons for this; firstly to counter the gluttony of the past few days, and secondly, I want to leave room for tonight’s excesses.

One of the English courses I work for is putting on a ‘do’ at a restaurant. Free food, free beer; they sure know how to generate an interest. They got me at ‘free’.

The lemon cake is nothing fancy, just a slab I picked up at the supermarket. I don’t do cakes, just eat them.

worcestershire-sauce-lea-and-perrinsI have to leave home about 3pm because I have to have some therapy. There are a couple of things I want to buy; particularly to restock on my Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire sauce. I will probably find a bottle of wine or two as well.

Fish and chips just don’t taste the same without L&P’s.

One has to treat oneself to small luxuries. I

Oh, just had a big surprise. One of my students arrived to pick me up for a, you guessed it, BBQ lunch. But they forgot to tell me about it.

The idea appealed immensely, so we have rearranged it for next Friday to add to the New Year debauchery.

I can’t miss this one tonight, because they are raffling two tablets and other prizes. I imagine there will only be about 15 people there so the chances are good.

Now it’s time for lunch and a nap.


No Crash, No Bang!

frozen-fish-2The crashing and banging has stopped, no more broken plates.

I am at present thawing out my fish for lunch… and it is nearly 3pm. Looks like I’m having fish for dinner.

I watched the Brazil vs Mexico game yesterday afternoon, my student thoughtfully cancelled, wasn’t that nice.

I figure that Brazil’s star Neymar is beginning to suffer from old age at 21. The Japanese game last week he scored the first goal at 3 minutes, it took him 9 minutes against Mexico; he’s slowing up. He’ll be on a walking stick before he’s 25 at that rate.

I drank that Stout/Porter (last post) during the game, it’s nothing to write home about, tasted a bit like a caramel popsicle. I discovered that it is a Brazilian brew. When I was at the supermarket I didn’t have my glasses, couldn’t read the fine print. It’s brewed in Teresópolis… the mountain area of Rio de Janeiro state, so instead of having a fancy imported brew, it came from just up the road… massive let down.

I have come to the conclusion that Brazil doesn’t have a decent beer, it’s either lager or sweet black shit. Brazilians get most upset when I tell them their beer is for ladies and gaily overt homosexuals.

Late class tonight, that’s why I get a chance to write something ridiculous for you to read. Hating these split days, I seem to be perpetually tired. Tomorrow my morning student has cancelled, and no evening classes… Hey, I just realised I have a three-day weekend.

My friend Grace is opening her barzinho/restaurant thingy tomorrow. I’m going round to have lunch, taking a bottle of Italian fizzy Rosé with me to wet the baby’s head. Grace complained when I told her of my plan, can’t go drinking at work. I just told her start as you mean to carry on…. she just smiled. I’ll take the camera with me, so there may be a photo of the enterprise.

Now with apologies to the late Freddy Mercury…

Then, I saw this…



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