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coffeenate_1313_9_lIt’s Monday…

I have been here since Clorinha woke me at 6:am by sending a CD-ROM crashing to the floor, of course it couldn’t have been one of the old ones. It had to be the only SATA one I have. It is more than likely fornicated, thoroughly.

So far coffee has staved off anything further untoward.

*Makes mental note to brew more coffee*

Posting on my blogs is almost done for the day.

I must consider removing something from the freezer for lunch. I have a choice, sole fillets or catfood. I finished the flounder yesterday, pan fried, wonderful; I’ll be buying more of that.

Surprise, I found a piece of dead cow in the fridge. If I slice that up as a stroganoffy type thing, it should thaw nicely so that I actually have a chance of lunch rather than dinner.

Can’t remember if I have classes today. I’ll have to fire up the laptop and check my schedule.

Clorinha has discovered that she can climb out the bedroom window and jump or fall (not sure which yet, I haven’t caught her in the act) to the ground, then run straight around to the front door and mew to be let back in… She thinks it’s fun.


Clorinha’s private entrance to her dirt box

She feels it gives her some privacy.

I feel a nap is about to happen…



Caught Short

The first puddle

I did a puddle

I did a puddle

Maybe Clorinha was caught short, or had a temporary lapse of memory, or maybe the dirt box was simply too far from the bedroom.

A small puddle appeared this morning, at least it was accessible to be cleaned up.

So far she’s been pretty good, the sand in the dirt box gets shifted around regularly, so I must assume that she’s using it.

Maybe I’ll have to up her morning coffee… ūüôā

Major disaster


The last great MS product

XP support finishes today!

Further proof that MicroSoft is a fool.

The report that I read states that 20-25% of users are still using XP. I refute that figure, 100% of the people that I know are still using it. They have refused 7, 8 & 8.1 categorically. Two that I know bought new 8.1 PCs recently, and immediately reformatted the drives and loaded XP. I think MS’s figures are pie in the sky, wishful thinking to justify the decision to stop support. Here is Brazil there are PC stores that will do that for you, so there IS a need.

From my point of view, the fiasco with Windows Vista, destroyed my confidence in any newer MS product and until they come to their senses and restore XP, I will continue to look at avenues to rid my life of MS products.

15_captain_america_600I see headline news that Captain America has broken records.

Not in this house he hasn’t.

I wouldn’t walk across the street to see it, even if it was free.

Further proof that the world needs to get a life.

These films are a waste of time and space; and the media needs to show real news.

Turns out that the train driver that crashed in New York was found to have “severe obstructive sleep apnoea”. I understand that’s a chronic dropping off to sleep anywhere, anytime… How the hell did he pass a medical to drive a damned train?

Britain: A secret sensitive document from Michael Grove has surfaced. One which outlines the limiting the fallout of¬† failures in his precious academy school system; it’s too embarrassing. Quite frankly, Grove is too embarrassing and should be sacked for trying to hide the truth from the public. MPs are supposed to be protecting the people, not covering up personal embarrassments. He has clearly demonstrated that he is not competent to be a politician.

I really wonder that the world is full of these wankers. Mind you, the fault is basically ours… we put them there.

No classes on this fine sunny day. A trip to the supermarket has been mooted. Clorinha is asleep on the arm of the sofa. The world is as it should be, at least in this household. Lunch will depend on what I find at the supermarket, no plans there yet.



The Door

Behind this sinister looking door lurks... my pay!

Behind this sinister looking door lurks… my pay!

Off to visit ‘the door’ today.

I’ll be off presently, so just enough time to dash off a few words before loping off to catch the bus to Far Far Away.

Barra is about 45km (32 miles for our American cousins who have not been recalibrated), quite a stretch in the bus, actually three buses under this new BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) system. The trip used to take a half hour longer with one bus. The price is the same, if you use one of the rechargeable cards. Sometimes I catch the more expensive air conditioned buses to avoid the bus changes and have a guaranteed seat. R$9, compared with the BRT of R$2.75.

Last night Cloro had a new toy. He retrieved a cockroach from the previous night outside. How do you explain to a little kitty, that NO, we don’t need a dead cockroach in bed for the night.

Cloro peed again yesterday, but so far has not peed on the sofa today. I have a new dirt box for him with lots and lots of lovely sand. It’s so funny watching him carefully dig a hole, then miss the hole, but he dutifully covers it up anyway.

Today, I will be away longer than ever before, 10am to about 4pm, a real test for the wee mite. When I get home he makes such a fuss when I open the door; he hears me opening and closing the gate and is waiting at the door for me to unlock it. Then it’s full on ‘pleased-to-see-my-human’!

On the way home I will stop at the supermarket for some therapy… and some food. So I won’t starve this week.

Must away, I’ve done some blogging. The response to my plea for visits to my new blog was good, thank you to those of you who felt pity on me.


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