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I Felt Like a Randy Lover

If you talk in Spoonerisms as I am apt to do on occasions, then you’ll understand that I am referring to feeling like a Land Rover, not a Casanova.

The days when men were men, and Land Rovers got dirty

The days when men were men, and Land Rovers got dirty

Do you remember these?

Wonderful toys, every farmer had one.

They also had a ‘cold start’ button instead of a ‘choke’.

This morning I needed to use my ‘cold start’ button.

It was difficult to get up and get going. Which has upset my whole day.

One of the few days in which I actually plan something, and everything goes wrong.

It’s 9:30am already, and I am only on my second coffee. I had planned to be out and about town at nine.

It's going to be something like this with 5 burners

It’s going to be something like this with 5 burners

Today I am going to buy a new stove. I’m so excited, there are tingles all up my spine and goose bumps along my arms.

For the last five plus years I have had two stoves in the kitchen, both had only one burner that worked and the oven only worked in one of them. Both were well past their ‘use by’ date.

Cooking stuff on one burner is a bit of a juggle and has lead to some decidedly not healthy dishes. I mean, everything has to be either fried or boiled, or cooked in relays.

So today is the BIG day.

So now that my second coffee is finished, I’m off into the wild blue yonder!


Crash, Bang!

Irish coffee with chocolate

Irish coffee with chocolate

That was it, crash – bang!

5:30am, and the neighbour’s cat had knocked one of my heavy ceramic dinner plates to meet its demise off the prep-table to shatter the edge on the slate floor.

This is NOT a good way to wake up, it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the day. It takes more than coffee to repair the damage.

A strong Irish coffee with chocolate could have gone part way to repairing the damage, but I was so furious that I couldn’t make it.

Quote –

My Monday moaning could well be about the fact that I didn’t get to moan on Monday.

I am suffering a terrible affliction at the moment, it’s called work. Not just work, but it’s worse than split ends, it’s split days. Split days do not bode well with my post load.

It’s now Tuesday late p.m.

That was my opener on Eco-Crap a half hour ago, it applies here too, to explain my absence yesterday, and on other days when I don’t get here.

Looked so good, just fell into the shopping cart

Looked so good, just fell into the shopping cart

A trip for therapy helped me after class, yes, I went to the supermarket; the one that has a whole aisle of drinky-poos.

I got three bottles of wine, a bottle of Cointreau, and a bottle that looks like a Champagne bottle but with Stout Porter in it. I have absolutely no idea what Stout Porter is, except that I like stout.

I bought some food too, but I won’t bore you with those mundane details.

Except the cheese, got some stinky fancy cheeses.

Oh, I got two new knives as well. A carving knife and a bread knife, they are matching and looked so nice, that they fell into the shopping cart too.

Talk about impulse buying, but that is the best part of the therapy.

Should I mention that I bought some dirt? Maybe not, you may think I am silly. Yes, I bought some potting mix, okay?

That’s a rhetorical question, there’s no need to answer.

By the time I got home, put my treasures away, ate the puff pastry cheesy thingies and read the news, it was time for a nap; so here I am late on a Tuesday catching up.

I am not a ‘blogger’, I have discovered. Bloggers are common, I am…

wait for it…

*raises nose 30° to the horizontal*

I am an “artisanel publisher”, there, doesn’t that sound nifty, even a little snobbish? Not part of the hoi polloi anymore; I am separate from the masses.

Thunder pot

Thunder pot

My discovery of the day; chamber piece.

I always thought a chamber piece was a potty, or as some would call it a ‘thunder pot’.

Apparently not.

It’s do do with music in a restricted place…

that takes all the fun out of it.

That means that chamber music isn’t what you’re listening to when you do your business.

Just before I rush off into the wild blue…

Another quote, not mine –

“I have never had a prouder moment as a mother. This is by far your most ridiculous post.” – Dawn’s mother commenting on Fit to Teach


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