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I got all excited

Indeed, I was all a dither.

No, no, not with the football, that was to come later.


It’s not a myth, my sink does have a bottom

I actually got so carried away that I did the dishes.

Yes, I found the bottom of the kitchen sink… it’s still there.

Such a rare and momentous occasion, I took a photo, because I know by comments, that some may actually doubt that the bottom of my kitchen sink is ever visible.

Anticipating the cup already

Anticipating the cup already

Later, I got all excited again. This time it was the football. Brazil vs Chile. I wore my new investment.

We had a good crowd at the botequim. I wasn’t the only one dressed in his Brazilian finery. We had our funny hats too.

Esstential tools for football watching

Essential tools for football watching

Following the win, I broke out my bottle of Johnny Walker reserved for such occasions.


We settled down for the two hour wait for the next game Colombia vs Uruguay, Colombia sent Uruguay packing 2-0.

So Brazil plays Colombia in the quarter finals.

Much merriment, as can be seen in the following video clip.

So, I got all excited twice yesterday.

Now, I’m off to watch the rest of Holland vs Mexico…


To Sir With Love

Yes, I had my 'To Sir with Love' moment

Yes, I had my ‘To Sir with Love’ moment

I am irked by a news item this morning. Calling teachers Sir and Miss ‘depressing and sexist’ on BBC News.

What a load of bullshit!

Admittedly, Sir and Miss are not equivalents, but would you rather have your students calling you ‘Madam’? The correct equivalent of Miss is Master, which is no longer used, it died a natural death about 50 years ago.

In NZ schools, we referred to our teachers as Mr X, Mrs X or Miss X. So the Sir/Miss issue seems to be more English.

Giving your teacher a title is a sign of respect, there is nothing depressing or sexist about it.

When I taught in a Peruvian Catholic college in Cuzco, I had a title, one that I was duly proud of.

Teacher in Spanish is Profesor, with the stress on the last syllable, so you got profeSOR. But I was never called Profesor, I was called Proffy. Profesor was used respectfully for most teachers, particularly the nuns, whereas Proffy was used for liked teachers. Yes, even Grade 3B (the worst behaved class in the school) called me Proffy.


Grade 3B parading ready for sports day

When I left the school, due to a change in policy which ousted non-accredited teachers, these ‘bad’ girls lined the path to the school gates as a guard of honour and cried as I left that last day.

I don’t care if they called me Proffy, Sir or even Miss, I was proud of those girls; none of the other teachers in the college could say that, they were ‘bad!’ I still get teary-eyed when I remember this.

‘degrading and sexist’ what a load of bullshit! Another example of PC (political correctness) gone mad. Things like this get right up my nose!

Now back to today.

I have to pay the rent today. I will probably time it so that I have lunch in town.

Remember my problem yesterday (well, most days actually) with the dishes? I did them, all. And this morning the kitchen sink looks as though I had never been near it. Dishes are the bane of mankind.

All that pondering yesterday, I ended up with crumbed sole fillets pan fried. They were a delicious!

I belong here, I'm an English text book

I belong here, I’m an English text book

Last night Clorinha wasn’t well. I went to bed early and nature called equally early, 1am. Clorinha had been a little sick on the kitchen floor, I cleaned it up. Then, I discovered the main act on the carpet in the living room, I cleaned that up. She was definitely out of sorts, because she accepted hugs and pets without biting, she even purred. Finally sleeping on my our her bed because it had the warm.

I stayed up and posted on some blogs. Later she mewed plaintively from the living room, I got her to the dirt box in time for another little chuck chunder. After that she was asleep on the bed again. 3:30am I finally went back to bed, and she was so lovey dovey and finally bit me… she was coming right.

My little girl becomes a football (soccer) star:

Watch out Cristiano Ronaldo!

Taken in the carport yesterday morning.

While talking about football, only 30 days left to the opening game of the World Cup.

And they discover…


I should blog along.


To Scale a Mountain

No, not Mt Everest

No, not Mt Everest

Yes, I have to scale a mountain.

No, it’s not a Mt Everest type mountain, I am referring to the pile of dishes that is htaunting me from the kitchen sink.

Had BBQ, was delicious.

I am going to delicious again today with the leftovers. But I have to conquer Mt Dishes first.

I was going to take a photo, but I decided I was too ashamed to let you see the devastation.

A comment yesterday, gave me something to think about. Sean expressed a level of envy at my lifestyle. I had never thought about that before. I had always considered that my lifestyle was rather mundane, soaked in wine, but ordinary. That someone could be jealous, never occurred to me. Perhaps, my eleven years travelling around South America and having all sorts of adventures, could make some jealous. But the tedium of beer, BBQ and dishes… nah!

It’s going to be another tedious day.

Cloudy, but not the rainy sort of cloudy, just the type of cloudy that takes the heat out of the sun type cloudy.

I am behind in replying to comments, again. I’ll have to get on with them after this post. It beats doing the dishes for another 10 minutes.

I saw this the other day…


Then I saw this…


Really makes me wonder what is happening on this planet.

And then some idiot did this…


And now we have…


Well, I hope you had a laugh, it’s good for body and soul.



I know it’s time…

food-forkandknifeYes, I’m not stupid. I know it’s time to do the dishes when I run out of knives and forks. I only have three knives and four forks, so I often get to do the dishes. I must buy more, that way I can put off the inevitable.

I haven’t blogged much today, yet.

This is only the fourth blog I’ve posted on. This just goes to show that I don’t always leave you to the last minute before I panic out the door to go to class.

The order in which I post on my blogs is fairly random; a lot depends on inspiration and images that give me ideas that I have saved recently.

For example, yesterday I saw this wonderful image. Some Oscars and a Pictus Catfish. It behooved me to post it, because I had both these fish in one of my many aquariums many years ago.


There, aren’t they beauties?

I love fish, to sit and watch them is so relaxing.

In fact, today’s lunch is fish. Peppered Sole (Halibut) fillets in a macaroni & parsley white white sauce casserole. It was going to be a lasagna, but I didn’t have any. Have to make do with what’s on hand.

Remember a week ago I made a Shepherd’s Pie…


I did take a photo of it before I ate. Look at that lovely cheese crunch on top. That served me four meals.

Overcast today, no rain, but cool. I needed a cover over me last night, mainly to avoid the mosquitoes, but it was very cool overnight.

No classes today, so after lunch it will be beer o’clock.

I just went out to check the mail, the botequim is closed… So I have substituted beer for wine… Sip Happens!

CandelaLegendExtThe wine that found its way into the freezer before lunch is a Candela Legend Sauvignon Blanc/Semillion 2003.

The legend – “The legend speaks of a shadow of light, dancing through the vineyards in the heart of the night. Everyone knew her name and many were captivated by her splendor. Candela, a magical enigma, igniting passion and inspiration with the light of her dance”.

There is very little on the net about Candela Legend wines from Argentina, some info about reds, but no whites.

Produced by Bodegas Escrihuela Gasgcón, which returns no results, although I have managed to track the bodega to the Cuyo area of Mendoza.

This wine will feature on my new Wednesday Whine feature tomorrow.

Well, lunch is in the oven, This post was written between the keyboard and the kitchen.


After lunch, disappointed with the wine, wouldn’t make that casserole again.

Time to renap, I’ve already had one today; it’s great being old…



It’s Noon

Hand check mark the listSo far today I have…

  • Drunk one mug of coffee
  • Posted on one blog
  • Opened the back door.
  • Peed twice

Looks like it is going to be  a productive day…

I’ve also wasted two hours looking for new stuff to post. Now I am sitting here looking at the screen wondering what to do next.

First the news:

They have developed Boob Deodorant. I didn’t think that was necessary. Actually ‘Boob’ is probably the best designed word in the English language; The B looks like a top view, the oo looks like a front view, and the b is the side view. Think about that.

Bieber, need I say more?


followed-blog-500-1xLifeGood news, I got another award from WordPress.

This blog now has 500 followers.

Now I have to figure out where they are hiding.

As we go through life, we hear all sorts of jokes, but among the most memorable are ‘Little Johnny’ jokes, Englishhas them, Portuguese has them ‘Joãozinho‘ too. They always show Little Johnny at his worst. I found this this morning, it made me spill my second coffee.


That kid in front just has to be Little Johnny.

On a more sober note, still no sign of Cloro. Today I will clean his corner and put the dishes away, a painful task that I have been putting off all week.

I might also do the dishes. Note the use of ‘might’ indicating a week possibility.

We got rain last night, not enough, but the temperature did go down and I got a good nights sleep, well deserved after going out for a sushi dinner.

A nap is high on the cards, lunch will be crumbed chicken, eventually and I really must do some more posts.


I’ve Lost it!


Poof! gone

My favicon has disappeared from this blog.

It’s still on all the others, but it’s gone from here; and I don’t know how to get it back.

I have googled it, and it tells me how to install, but the details are much more complicated than when I originally opted to use a favicon and I can’t figure out how I did it.

Anyone with any ideas is welcome to comment.

I felt like this

I felt like this

Yesterday, I had planned to make fizzy mango juice for lunch, but I opted to make a mango slushie.

It was so yummy, but numbed my frontal lobe totally, oh the headache.

I have finally managed to catch up with the dishes from New Year BBQs.

Then my ex suggested a BBQ today.


When I replied “okay, but you make the salads and do the dishes,” the phone went [Click!].

Cloro spent the night on the town. When I arrived home, he was nowhere to be seen. Fears of his catnapping again… But this morning when I opened the gate, he came running across the road from under the bushes in the park; paused before he came in, he looked at me and meowed with a “Well, I hope breakfast is ready” look, sauntered in rubbing against my leg as I closed the gate.

Much cooler today, overcast, tolerable.


My latest creation for my Fizz blog.

Most of my blogging has been done, just two posts to go and I have no idea about what yet, but the day is young, inspiration may/may not strike at any moment.

So, while I am waiting to be struck…

A nap.




The Silly Season is over. I have five days to prepare for the first classes… I can do it!

I am tottering around the house having had only one coffee, I don’t really feel like doing anything.

Yesterday belonged to the wine.

LambruscoBiancaapaltagua-gran-verano-carmenere-rosadoLambrusco Bianca, a frizzante (slightly fizzy) from Italy and some Chilean Apaltagua rosado carmenere; ideal for quaffing.

Both good wines. Went well with BBQed pork and rump steak and my famous ‘what’s-in-the-fridge’ salad.

This time it was chopped gherkins, olives, capers, crystalised fruit, cheese cubes and someMaille à l’ ancienne mustard with a little olive oil to moisten.

You can make wonderful salads this way, just whatever is on hand, chop, mix and stir.

The rest of the day was uneventful, and remained so until bedtime, although I was able to get a couple more blog posts in.

Now I have to face the dishes. The sink is full, they are on the stove, the side board. In fact, I can’t turn around in the kitchen without dishes.

I’ll have a nap, they’ll be there when I wake.


It’s Gone!

Something like this

Something like this

Yes, all that hard work , a brief glimpse of the bottom of the kitchen sink, and it’s gone.

This morning I woke, took one look at yesterday’s dishes, made my coffee and fled from the scene of the crime.

Raining hard again today, Threw all my plans right out the window. Although there is a pause right now (just as I started a post…. shit happens) I could make a dash to pay the bills, but that means gulping down good coffee, putting my pants on, and deserting this post. I’ll have to think about that.

Yesterday I read an article in the news that teachers are the most valued in China, even NZ only gets 10th place but above the USA, Canada and England; Brazil didn’t even get on the short list.

It made me think, when I was at school, I didn’t understand why; teachers were a necessary evil and school a great place to eat lunch. I didn’t really like school, it was a place that you had to go five days a week; so, begrudgingly, I went. I question now, did I actually learn anything? Probably, but most of my learning in core subjects came from my home activities; I read a lot. Something that most kids don’t do today, unless it’s involved with FaceBook, or chatroom-type things.

Take English, I hated English. English as a subject made me hate it even more. I could speak English well, my vocabulary was better than most of my peers. I also wrote well and used punctuation correctly. English at high school was a tedious bore. I couldn’t see the point. As for the mechanics/grammar of the language, I had no more idea of grammar until I was 50+ when I had to learn it to teach the language in Peru around 2001. That opened my eyes and I now, 10+ years later, see my language as a passion, I understand it; better than most teachers and I have never been to university.

Maths was a little different, algebra was handy when I began using Excel, and other snippets have been useful throughout my computer dealings.

Science, was cool, but I learned more at home than I did at school. In chemistry in particular I was streets ahead of my classmates.

I was more interested in dinosaurs, lycanthropy (generated by Bram Stoker’s Dracula), astronomy, palaeontology, archaeology, and flying saucers and life elsewhere(through Eric von Daniken’s books).

Encyclopaedia_BritannicaI also had hobbies, I collected stamps and coins, both create a keen sense of the world. Aviation was also eagerly investigated and through it and my collections I learned history. Geography was always a top subject. My parents also sought to expand our horizons, we had a 1963 set of Britannica Encyclopedia at home, it was a Christmas present; the same year as I read the entire Bible and discarded it as rubbish at the age of 12.

I never understood the necessity of school. I just knew that my mother was happy to see the end of us for the day as we filed out the door.

Now, looking back, the most important thing about school is never taught. That is the reason why we have school, probably considered too philosophical for kids.

The rain is still holding off, so I am off to pay the bills.


Haven’t Quite Finished

hump-day-funnies-makes-me-walk-funnyThe dishes are piling up faster than I can reduce the pile.

Does that sound familiar?


Yes, I woke up at 7, looked out the window and it started raining, so I went back to bed.

Only logical thing to do.

Got up two hours later, still raining. I fought the urge to go back to bed, luckily the need for fresh strong Brazilian coffee overcame the urge.

The news is not good, well, actually it is; the USA is closed for business. Could this be the beginning of the end, the self-correction that global markets are doomed to make? Personally, I hope so, it’ll make the world sit up and take notice  of all the shit that has been created by the banker bastards.

The pope is in the news again, making more saints. Hell, don’t they have enough? Saints will soon outnumber adherents.

followed-blog-20-1xI got one of these, for followers on Some Animals are Crackers, but while I have the followers, the blog only gets one or two hits a day.

Still, it’s nice to see.

Generally, the recent perk in hits on most blogs has been sustained. Makes it worthwhile blogging again, after so many months of doubt.

Drugs have hit the headlines again. Two top people, one a top cop, have recognised that we are not winning the drug war, it’s only getting worse. They are both calling for debate on the subject. Basically, they are saying what I said twenty years ago; “prohibition doesn’t work!”

Actually, we may not have to worry about it much longer. The Fukushima situation is worsening. The authorities have lied again, and the truth is coming out. Fukushima has the prospect of being 15x Chernobyl if it goes bang! The politicians have their heads in the sand once again, and are ignoring the problem.

If Fukushima does go bang, the USA will be the first country to suffer after Japan and surrounds. The resulting release of radioactivity will render much of the northern hemisphere uninhabitable for thousands of years. What could make it go bang? Another earthquake or tidal wave, the collapse of one of the cooling towers, or simply two of the ‘rods’ touching during the extraction process.

Bang, bye bye humanity!

On that happy note… I’ll get along with Humpday.




Nearly Finished

Yes, I’ve nearly finished the dishes from Sunday’s BBQ.

Yesterday was interrupted by blogging, work and another BBQ, thus generating more dishes.

The Monday BBQ was a case of disposing of the meat leftover that couldn’t be refrozen after Sunday. Vicious circle. But appreciated by the fregües (regulars) at the botequim. Justice was seen to be done!

After a cool weekend, today is sunny, not hot, just enough to raise a film of sweat. There is a slight breeze that the forecast promises will turn to rain later today and tomorrow, As long as the rain holds off until I walk to class,

I have coffeed, I have blogged, I have washed some dishes, I have napped and played with Cloro.

Sunday, was a big day for Cloro, his first day with the gate open all day. He could come and go as he pleased; and indeed, he came and went. He crossed the road for the first time and discovered the praça (park) where I found him exploring.

Here’s the film: Cloro in the Junglz



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