I have, I have also been inattentive, lazy, procratsinating…

Yes, all those things. I have been busy trying to recover my blogs off the bastard google, trying to find a back door, so to speak because there was so much content lost.

I also had to create a blogspot blog so people could find my new Eco-Crap II as one of my regular readers pointed out that it was not available when they clicked on my name in comments that I left on Blogger; WordPress blogs aren’t listed on my Blogger profile. I solved that one, and got to thinking, trying different things. I restarted my They Say it’s in the Genes. That was my philosophical blog, where I put thoughts and ideas, things that make us tick. It was a blog that wouldn’t work on WP, because… well go there and read the Opening Blurb.


I have just finished watching a programme on TV. Now mostly Brazilian TV is shit; I only watch the news and football… okay, and the occasional movie. But Friday’s Globo Reporter is sometimes good. Today it was about the lesser known hydro projects for the Rio Tapajós and tributaries in the state of Para. Most of the world knows about Belo Monte on the Rio Xingú, but I didn’t know much about the Tapajós. I do now and I am shocked. Until 2019 there are plans for 19 or 22 (I forgot the number, but it’s too many) hydroelectric dams in the area, flooding parts of two national parks and an area 3x the size of São Paulo (Brazil’s largest city).

Panaque armbrusteri - Only found in the drainage of Rio Tapajós. Image Aquaifonet

The destruction and demise of unique flora and fauna, including species that are only found in that area and nowhere else on the planet is appalling, not to mention the displaced people.

Of course, they’re indians, so they’re not important.

Just one more instance that makes me really wonder just wtf we are about.

It leaves me saddened.