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Oskiz for cats

I had a sleepless night, finally making coffee a little before 6am.

The sad news is that the neighbour’s cat died too last night on the way to the vets.

Andrew suggested that she was a star. I never thought about that before, a Blogstarlette… She was as was Cloro, her father before her, and Lixo before them. They were all stars over the blogger world through my blog.

I’m sure those hieroglyphics on the base say “Oskiz for cats”. They deserve one.

Thank you all for your kind words, they are appreciated immensely.

I can’t decide whether Clorinha is rolling around in that big catnip field in the sky with a delirious look, or that she’s found the eternal fridge and waiting for her mincemeat or corned beef to be served.

She was always hopeful.

Full of hopez

Haz cornz beef?

Clorinha is the fifth cat to pass on since I have lived here. Meow Meow and da Meow were both poisoned, Lixo was killed by a teenager with a slingshot, Cloro we suspect was catnapped because of his terrible good looks, and now Clorinha.

I am not down, as I expect another wanting kitten will cross my path, maybe one of Kitty’s kittens. She hasn’t been around for two days, I expect she is a mother by now.

I was raised by a large ginger Tom, who slept with me in the bassinet and then my cot. It was he who taught me Meowese and turned my life into a catperson. Like Rachel who substituted her deceased cat with dogs, I couldn’t; I’m not bowlingual.

Except my travelling years, there has always been a cat in my life, or short periods expecting one.

Last night one of the regulars at the bar suggested the world needs more people who have the Dom (way) with animals; the world would be a better place.

I replace my grief for passing pets with the philosophy that I am here to care for them while they’re here, once they go ‘over there’, my job is done. I do not own my cats, heaven forbid, cats won’t be owned.

The old story that “A dog has a master, a cat has staff” was never so true.

Every Saturday is Caturday on my blog Some Animals are Crackers, there you can get an idea that I think animals are fun. When we laugh together with them, we care.

Now I have to go plant a tree.



The planting is done. Clorinha has her very own guava tree.

Clorinh's guava tree alongside the palm of my other neighbour's fox terrier

Clorinha’s guava tree alongside the palm of my other neighbour’s fox terrier

Have you got a Dorgie?

No, that’s not doggy spelled wrong, or said being posh.

Basically, a Dorgie is a Corgie with withered legs.

The Queen breeds them, apparently.

A dorgie is a corgie with truncated legs

A Dorgie is a Corgi with truncated legs

In his book Dogs, Desmond Morris reports that the secretary of the Kennel Club at the time commented: “The Dachshund was evolved to chase badgers down holes and Corgis to round up cattle. If anyone loses a herd of cattle down a badger hole, these are just the dogs to get them out.”

I’ll remember that if a herd of cattle ever read Alice in Wonderland…

Apparently, today is Happy Oceans Day.


Considering how we have polluted and abused them, I can’t imagine that there’d be many at the party.

broken-pencilI just scratched my back with a good pencil, like I have done many times before.

It snapped in two, now I have two back scratchers pencils.

It was a clean break, no surgery required, it was pointless.

The mayor of Rio has finally admitted that Guanabara Bay will not be depolluted and clean before the Olympics in 2016.

    The place is a bloody sewer, 10m litres of sewerage each day - image: Globo

The place is a bloody sewer, 10m litres of sewerage each day – image: Globo

To even think that it was possible is impossible.

He stated that there is no problem, no health danger.

What a load of bullshit!

Any contact with raw sewerage poses a health risk.

Rio should never have been awarded the games on this promise.

Maybe I'll have to resort to pills again

Maybe I’ll have to resort to pills again

Beautiful sunny day out there, the washing is on the line, blogging is almost done, one more to go; and I have absolutely no idea what to post about on Tomus at the moment.

*Waits for inspiration to strike*

As I finally got to the supermarket yesterday, there are a number of options for lunch, pork leg chop, T-bone, or I might disembowel some sausages and mix the guts with some mincemeat and make a meat loaf. I may also destroy some synapses to repair in the night. I didn’t destroy enough last night, only had one bottle of beer and a Kiwi liqueur.

But first, a nap, I need to keep my Nap-fu skills finely honed. Clorinha is practising hers.

My back scratcher doesn’t reach any more.


SLEEP-KEY*Hits ctrl+alt+sleep key*


You’ve probably all heard the expression “Get knotted!” But very few would actually know what it refers to, we certainly didn’t when we used it freely as kids.

One of the neighbours trying to discover the intricacies of our dogs Pexote and Pivete being 'knotted'.

One of the neighbours trying to discover the intricacies of our dogs Pexote and Pivete being ‘knotted’.

It was only at some subsequent time in life that I discovered it referred to the copulation of dogs where the male’s penis gets a knot that ties it to the bitch for some twenty minutes after the act, for what biological purpose I am still at a loss, but I have a vivid imagination, so have never sought to research the idea further.

I raise the subject today for curiosities sake when I read a headline on BBC News “Stuck on youWhy ‘getting stuck’ during sex may not be an urban myth“. I didn’t bother clicking on the link to find out, but it raised the spectre of our liberal use of the saying as kids as a reply to anything from the mundane to the serious disbelief.

valentinecupidValentine’s Day draws nigh.

Another chance to waste your money and feed the corporations.

All these “X” Days are purely commercial bullshit. They are all designed so that you will part with your hard earned money.

Chocolate makers and florists love it.

It raises false hopes in men all over the planet.

I say ban Valentine’s Day.

justinidiotI am worried, there was no headline about the Bieber today.

Mainstream media had to come up with some real news.

Sceptics say that global warming is a myth; explain that to California, they gave literally run out of water. “California’s water agency has announced it may for the first time be unable to deliver water to local agencies, amid a worsening drought.” – BBC News.

“New Jersey Governor Chris Christie knew about the closures of local lanes leading to a busy bridge to New York City while they were happening, a lawyer for a former ally has said.” – BBC News. Christie obviously will make a perfect presidential candidate, he can tell lies.

Super Bowl is over, no more headlines about Super Bowl.

I agree with Crabby Road’s Maxine, a super bowl would be a self-cleaning toilet.

The biggest gaffe of the week is the refusal by British parliamentarians refusing to allow pubs to open late on the opening and closing games of the FIFA World Cup. British pubs close at 11pm, which is the start of both games. In 2010 four million Brits watched the matches in their pubs, not a small number. Idiots, but then they are politicians. Prime Minister David Cameron has put his big-boy boots on and weighed into the fracas. Brownie points there. It might even be enough to get him re-elected.

Weather continues to be hot and dry. At least today is cooler than the previous 40+°C days, but the humidity remains low, 20%, which means lots of water. I have two litre bottles in the fridge being rotated constantly.

It is now more than two weeks since Cloro disappeared. I have despaired of any further hope of his return.

Lunch today, cold left over pizza. It’s too hot to reheat it.

Then a nap; it’s the only sensible thing to do.






A Little Furry Butt

Lots of rain

Today – Lots of rain

Okay! That’s enough!

Day 1 – Rain: Lovely and cool.

Day 2 – Rain: Refreshing.

Day 3 – Rain: Great for the garden.

Day 4 – Rain: Wetting everything.

Day 5 – Rain: This is getting boring.

Day 6 – Rain: That’s enough already!

Yesterday, I commented how Cloro has learned to turn on the printer. It lead to a comment from Shana, “I hope your printer isn’t a scanner as well…hundreds of copies of Cloro’s butt lol”

Well, you guessed it, it is…


Cloro’s furry little butt

Of course, it was contrived, Cloro hasn’t discovered the scan button yet. He wouldn’t stay still long enough for a full scan, that long purple light rippling along under ones buttocks can be quite unnerving.

i-need-a-prozacI read a post today about a poodle on Prozac. I can’t see the point. It was prescribed by a vet for aggression; it bit the owner once.

I mean poodles are neurotic beasts, but Prozac, give me a break. Just give it coffee, that’s how I survive.

Is this AnimalBigPharma?

Man flowers, ever heard of them?

No, me neither.

Man flowers

Man flowers

But I saw this on Wine Wankers.

Want to see what it’s all about, click on the link.


News Flash!

There is a pause in the rain… It’s too early to say it’s stopped, but at the moment there is no rain!

We return you to our regular programme.

Yes, I know, but guaranteed it’ll start again at 3:30, just as I step outside the door to walk hobble to work.

I am still having breakfast at 12:30. I started breakfast at 8:30 and have been drinking coffee since, so it’s still breakfast time.

I need a nap…

cassetteLeaving you with this thought:

“Young people of today will never know the joy of having a cassette stuck in the car stereo & listening to the same 12 songs for 20 years.”

Dizzy Lizzy Pills

I need one of these

I seriously need one of these

Despite my having taken the dizzy lizzy pills as prescribed at regular +/- give-or-take intervals, I still have the occasional dizzy lizzy.

Like last night, the final ten minutes of class threatened to send me into an embarrassing collapse in mid-flight. Then again during the night, I woke at 1, something, o’clock and tried to sit up in bed… whoops, wrong thing to do; I fell back in an amoebic-like heap and lay still letting the fan play across my sweating form until I finally fell asleep waking two hours later feeling fine +/-.

My head feels a little thick, okay, thicker than it normally feels! But I think (ouch that hurts) I’ll get through the day; especially as it is a day off.

Today, I attempt a god-like miracle. I will attempt the resurrection of my beloved little saucepan (see yesterday’s post). I haven’t got a fancy rock to roll away, and Mary Magdalene hasn’t stopped by, yet.

I so wanted smoke out of his ears, but couldn't find one

No, Bradley, I will not be calling you Celeste

Bradley Manning has, or at least, wants to be Celeste, the big question is, now that he has been imprisoned for 35 years, will the army let him?

You see, I was right again; the army judge didn’t award him the Medal of Honor which he justifiably deserved.

Obama really has his panties in a twist over these guys.

I bet he’s fuming over Snowden.

I so wanted smoke pouring out of his ears, but couldn’t find one. Google is really so slack.

Fish for lunch, baked, poached, fried, I haven’t decided… yet. Snap decision when I open the fridge. It’s times like these that I really miss my Lixo, he so loved the trimmings of the fish as I prepared it. Gone but not forgotten my little friend.

There has been a suggestion, that the use of nerve gas in Syria, was a deliberate attempt to escalate the situation to armed conflict, in effect a ‘false flag’ situation. These seem to be prevalent wherever America is involved, almost so prevalent as to be totally discarded as a coincidence. It really makes one wonder WTF is going on? And, personally, I find the answer scary!

Think of it like this…


The dogs represent our traditional enemies and fears, whereas the cat represents our security… America.

I think that is a brilliant analogy… of course, I would, it’s mine!

Must blog along, much to do today, despite the woolly head.




How to Pet your Cat

funny-cat-dog-petting-guideI found this yesterday.

I know I didn’t post, but I was here.

I went shopping in the morning. Had to buy a cable for printer, a carpet square and some food.

All achievements unlocked.

Lixo allows me more liberties than the chart. Like I get to play with his tail and I can stick my fingers behind the pads of his paws and tickle in the hollow.

Sometimes, just sometimes, if I catch him waking for a nap and he rolls over, I get to tickle his chest and tummy.

As you can see, dogs just aren’t at all fussy.

This morning I had wargames with PC. I had to install the printer.

I cannot connect the E drive and the CDROM at the same time. The E drive disappears, and it won’t connect to the net. I can connect one or the other, but not both drives. One day, I’ll get it figured out.


acorelPrinter installed and working; all to print one official document.

I also took the opportunity to install CorelDraw 10, so I’ll be able to make my own funnies. I know CorelDraw v.Umpteen Dozen is out, but too many whistles and bells I’ll never use. I like 10.

So it has been a productive day. I have posted on all but Shit Happens blog, although I have an idea after Obama’s visit to Palestine.

I’ll think about that over coffee, while I’m getting ready for work.


A Wet Day

When I was a kid, about 11 or so, my mother had me off to take speech therapy lessons because I talked fast. Didn’t work, because it was a case of my mouth trying to work as fast as my brain. I have posted about this before. But the one thing I remember was having to repeat endless nonsensical phrases like, “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.” Well, that may be the case, but today it’s falling in my backyard; buckets of the bloody stuff, and it’s cold.

Lixo and Lady

Lixo and Lady in the front yard

Lixo has lost his Lady love.

Last week someone in the neighbourhood spread poison around, resulting in the deaths of five dogs and two cats, all pets. The two cats were Lady and Fred. Lady wasn’t mine, not sure who the owners were, but she came from down the alley beside the bar. Fred is the Tom of friends and constant antagonist of Lixo who was the younger Tom in the neighbourhood. With Fred’s demise he has now risen in seniority. But it was Lady, Lixo’s mate that was also poisoned. The pair caused endless amusement in the bar by screwing on the veranda of the bar. I got the blame for not educating them properly.  My reply was that they’ve never seen me screwing on the veranda, so they didn’t learn it from me! Lady was really quite a trollop, she’d lay herself flat in front of Lixo and raise her butt right under his nose. I mean what’s a fella to do? <—– Rhetorical question.

It’s sad that people resort to this kind of thing. The neighbourhood is ready to lynch them if and when they discover who it was because it’s not the first time, but the third. Both Meow Meow and da Meow, my two previous cats succumbed, this time Lixo was lucky. *Touch wood*

If this rain keeps up, I will get wet going to work this afternoon. It began yesterday during beer o’clock. Only had time for one beer to celebrate St Paddy’s Day, then the drops got heavier, so I watched the second half of the the football from the comparative comfort of my sofa. It has rained heavily since, more than 18 hours.

Must blog along.


Immense pest frenzies dog

Did you get it?

Keep saying it to yourself, you’ll discover it.

Today is Monday, it’s that day, you know, the bus trip, money, sushi, pay the rent, supermarket… and get home exhausted and broke.

So you’re not going to get much.

I didn’t post Sunday Travel Tales yesterday, my light fitting decided to have a fit and left me in the dark. There must be a short in there.

I have managed to post on all blogs this morning, this, as usual is the last. There’s some heavy shi ah stuff and some funny stuff, so check them out if you feel hard done by here.

Time to get desmellified…


Leave a comment if you discovered the title…



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