The panic button

Fartiferious, wonderful word, just rolls off the tongue, it almost has a smell of its own.

To me it has the air of being alone at home farting with delight whenever one has the urge.

Well, today is not so fartiferious. I am fartifearophobic – the fear of farting…

I have crook guts and an even dodgier bowels.

I will not bore you with further details in the interests of human decency.

Draino for use in cocktails

Draino for use in cocktails

I have spent a good part of the day napping trying to nap, but none to successfully.

I am not eating, just drinking water, if I thought the system would handle it, I’d make a Draino cocktail.

But, I don’t like ‘diet’ nor cans.

I have class soon, it’s not going to be pleasant walking the whole kilometre to get there with these cramps. But I have just had 2+ weeks off due to public holidays and I am skint.

I believe in live and let live. I do not kill things unnecessarily, except sodding mosquitoes and passion-fruit-vine-hungry caterpillars.

Last night a honey bee flew in the window. Now many would have been rushing for the Raid or whatever, but not me; bees are good, bees are necessary. I just didn’t particularly want this bee being a bee in my room. So, I swatted him with the back of my hand. Now bees are pretty resilient creatures, he shook his little head, dedazed himelf and realised he should be a bee being  bee somewhere else and flew back out the window.

Mother Nature sent me a ‘thank you card’.

The Blonde Bimbo (Dilma Rousseff, the president) made a state-of-the-nation address on Labor Day, in it she promised tax benefits for the poor and increased welfare. It’s election year this year, she wouldn’t be bucking for votes, now would she?  <—- Rehtorical question

Today, Clorinha seemed to have a change of heart. During one of attempts to nap she became all lovey dovey and wanted to be petted, she smooched and head butted me, it was lovely… until she bit me fiercely on the nipple! It was all a poly to distract me.

Undo/open any bag, package in the house and there she is doing her Dora the Explorer impression:

Turn the volume down, the laundry lady can’t stop talking.

Here’s something to think about, the future…